Step 3: Arms and Legs

Sew the white ends onto each arm and leg piece as shown in the photos.

I tested out sewing some stripes onto a practice arm (at the point shown in the third photo), but I didn't like the way the machine-stitched stripes looked on the completed arm. I decided to complete the entire Hobbes doll without stripes and sew them all on by hand at the end. This proved incredibly tedious, but allowed for very precise sizing and placement of stripes, which I appreciated.

Please examine the last three photos carefully if you have any questions on how the rounded ends of the arms and legs are accomplished.

Turn the arms and legs right side out, and fill with stuffing. Do not sew them shut at this point.

For anyone having trouble finding the link to the pattern, here it is:<br> <br> <a href="http://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F64/GAC3/H994XNS2/F64GAC3H994XNS2.pdf" rel="nofollow">seamster's Stuffed Hobbes Pattern</a><br>
<p>Thank you so much! I was indeed having trouble with instructables asking me to &quot;go pro&quot; and charging me on a credit card! I said... wasn't this free? But, never mind, I'll have to go buy my supplies, this Hobbes would make the perfect Christmas present my kid! Thanks again! ?</p>
<p>Hi there,</p><p>I am just starting my Hobbes (yay!), and I am wondering what 'place on fold' means on the pieces for the arms and legs...</p><p>What I understand is that I should double the lenght of the arms and legs pattern (so it is twice as large), and then sew the larger sides together to have a tube... is that right ?</p><p>I hope I am clear, my english is a bit messy :)</p><p>thanks for your help !</p><p>Marion</p>
<p>You are correct! :) </p><p>Your arm and leg pieces should match the way mine look in step 3.</p>
<p>thanks for answering so fast!</p><p>I did the body yesterday, and will be doing the rest of the body tomorow... so far so good :)</p><p>Looking forward to finishing it and sending you the pictures... this is awesome !</p>
Sorry i missspelled Calvin... :)<br>
Sorry i missspelled Calvin... :)<br>
Wow this is the most amazing thing ive ever seen!!!!!! I LOVE calcin and hobbes and ive thpught aboit a hobbes doll for a while now... this is perfect and just what I needed!!! Thank you!!
I made a Hobbes completely by hand for my husband as a Christmas gift when we were dating. It took over 24 hours of work. Your patterns and instructions were amazing! We just had a baby girl and I just bought my first sewing machine. I still have fabric left over, so I plan to make her one as well. I think it will go a lot faster with the help of the machine. Thanks!!
My amazing mother in law is making the Hobbes doll for my son. The one thing she is really struggling with is to get the neck stiff. It's quite floppy even though she has sewn the neck quite widely onto the body and stuffed it as full as possible and according to the pattern. Any suggestions?
<p>You can always add another layer of stitches around the neck joint, which will tighten things up. </p><p>With each stitch, grab the head fabric about 1/8" above the stitch line, and the body fabric about 1/8" below the line (or even more, if needed), and draw the stitches tight. This should pull the head and body tighter together. </p><p>Hope that makes sense! Good luck :) </p>
<p>Hi-I made my son Hobbes for Christmas and he was so excited. For Valentine's Day I want to make accessories. Does anyone know of any accessory patterns?</p><p>thanks, Kristin</p>
<p>Hi there,</p><p>I love your pattern (and the result of it!) and, after a couple of years wondering if I could make it, I finally decided to get started !</p><p>I have a question though, is Fleece what is described here: <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polar_fleece" rel="nofollow">https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polar_fleece </a> ? </p><p>(I am not a native speaker ;)</p><p>thanks in advance for your answer, can't wait to start stitching !</p><p>Marion</p>
<p>and also, if you wouldn't mind sharing how much grams/m2 the fleece should be ;)</p>
<p>Hiya!</p><p>Yes, that is what polar fleece is.</p><p>I can't say how much grams/m2 the fleece should be. I'm not even sure what that means! :) I just used whatever fleece I could find at my local fabric store.</p><p>Good luck with your Hobbes. Be sure to post a photo when you've completed him! </p>
<p>Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! It was so easy to follow and turned out so well! My brother and I are huge fans of calvin and hobbes, so of course I had to make this as my first sewing project :)</p>
<p>First sewing project! That's fantastic! </p><p>It always makes my day when people find my pattern and make their own Hobbeses. Thank you so much for sharing the photos :)</p>
I'm going to give this my best try!! Thank you for your detailed instructions!
<p>I made Hobbes for my boyfriend for Christmas. His mom always said he was Calvin growing up and she even got him a little stuffed tiger at one point. Now he has his very own authentic Hobbes. He carried it around all day yesterday and showed him off to everyone. Thanks for the pattern! </p>
<p>Wow, your Hobbes looks great! Glad you found the pattern and were able to make one. Thanks for the photo! </p>
Such a fun pattern. This is my first sewing project ever!!
<p>Very cool! Glad you found the pattern and took a shot at it. Sewing is a great skill to pick up. Congrats on completing your Hobbes!</p>
<p>I am in a hurry to make this for Christmas... I bought tiger striped fleece to use on legs, back of head, arms, and body... I will let you know...</p>
<p>My 27 year old brother is a HUGE Calvin and Hobbes fan, and when I was struggling to think of a Christmas gift for him this year, one of the topics I searched for was Calvin and Hobbes. He already owns the full box set of the comics in book form, and I found relatively little in the way of C&amp;H related gifts. During my searching I happened to find this page and decided to try making one of these for him. Here is my result, and I have to say I'm very pleased with how it came out!! I made the pattern about 50% larger, which is why he looks bigger than the one pictured in the guide. And the box shown in the picture is what I'll be gifting him in. :)</p><p>Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern, and for helping me to make an amazing personalized gift for my brother!! ^.^</p>
<p>Awesome! You're very welcome. Glad you found the pattern and were able to make a Hobbes for your brother. I guarantee he will love it!</p><p>Thanks for sharing the photo. Putting him in a transmogrifier is a brilliant idea! </p>
<p>I was so glad to find this pattern. 26 years ago I babysat for a little boy that I always called Calvin. He had short legs and blonde hair that stuck up. He never minded me calling him Calvin (his mother said he liked it) but he didn't really know what I was talking about since he was only 3. I saw him a year later and told him how he had grown so much and his legs were getting longer. He said, &quot;That is why I'm four.&quot; As he grew up I still called him Calvin. When he graduated I gave him two of the cartoon books. He finally understood. He is now 29 and had his first child. You guessed it. He named him Calvin. So he needs to have a Hobbes. I better getting sewing.</p>
<p>Yes indeed, all Calvins need Hobbeses! :)</p><p>Good luck, be sure to post a photo when you're done!</p>
<p>Sorry to keep bothring you but I'm a bit confused on the arms and legs - do you sew the white parts on with the points on the orange or with the points above the orange? In general, how do you set up the arms and legs? </p>
<p>No worries!</p><p>Examine all the photos in step 3. (Be sure to hit the button that says "Show All Items" to expand and show all of the photos I've included in each step.) </p><p>If you're still having trouble after examining all of those photos, let me know :)</p>
<p>So I've looked at them again and I think I understand that you put the points down and stitch it together that way, but how do you get to the next photo where it's folded down to only 2 peaks?</p>
<p>How do you get the arms and legs set up? I'm so confused! </p>
<p>I'm very sorry that this is giving you trouble. I wish I could offer more guidance than what I've already documented in the steps, but I have to refer back to them myself to recall how I did various steps whenever people ask for help! :)</p>
I made him for my 11 year old daughter for Christmas. He turned out so well! I wish you'd do more patterns like this and write a book! Thank you?
<p>Ah, you're very kind, thank you for the nice compliment.</p><p>Your Hobbes turned out looking swell! Thanks for sharing the photos, I really get a kick out of seeing everyone's finished Hobbeses!</p>
<p>Many-many thanks for this awesome instructable!!!! :)</p><p>Hobbes is sooo awesome, so I made two simultaneously! :D (one for a present and one for myself, because a Hobbes doll is a must-have!!)</p>
<p>Fantastic! Very well done. Thank you for sharing the photo of your Hobbeses! :)</p>
<p>What kind of stitches did you use?</p>
<p>See steps 7 and 11 ;) </p><p>Depending on the part, I used a slipstitch and a whipstitch. In the steps noted, I've linked to another instructable that details how to do those stitches. Good luck if you make your own Hobbes! </p><p>Be sure to share a photo once you complete him. I always love to see those. Cheers!</p>
<p>Spotted this a while ago and I still haven't gotten around to making it! So cute! This may be my favorite instructable ever. I am a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan. Thank you for the amazing, easy-to-follow instructable!</p>
<p>You're very welcome! Glad you found it and hope you get the chance to make your own Hobbes soon. Please be sure to post a photo when you're done! :)</p>
<p>I cannot sew but I want one of these so much that I'm thinking of printing out this Instructable along with the pattern to see if anyone takes the hint. :)</p>
This is so pretty and amazing! I'm not sure if you mentioned this; how tall/big does it end up being?
<p>Hi! I'm really new to sewing and I was wondering if this pattern already has a seam allowance or is it needs to be added on. Thank you so much for your wonderfdul pattern and I look forward to making it! </p>
<p>Seam allowances are included. So just cut the exact shapes of pattern pieces (note where they indicate to be placed on the fold) and you should be good to go! :)</p><p>Good luck!</p>
<p>I love this idea! I plan on making this for my niece soon. </p><p>I was wondering if I could do it with felt? Do you think that would be too stiff?</p><p>Thanks, and thank you for making this awesome pattern! I loved this comic as a kid, and its still very important to me =)</p>
I don't know if felt would be quite as durable, but you could give it a shot. It's also not as stretchy as fleece, so that might effect the way the pieces come together. <br /><br />I'd probably stick with fleece, personally! :)
Thanks! =)
<p>Great job! That looks so professional!</p>
Thanks so much! First Halloween in awhile that I've done it up, and I couldn't be happier.
<p>Nice! Thank you for the photo. Did you win a prize?! :)</p>

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