Picture of Sturdy Quadcopter Build
This is my first instructables that I decided to post. I was obsessed by these amazing flying machines for quite a while until I ended up coming across some fantastic How-To guides on YouTube that made me realize building a Quad wasn't as hard as it sounded. After many days of in depth research and creating my detailed shopping list I ordered all of my parts (mostly on but I also ordered  some other small items such as the bullet connectors and Velcro straps off eBay and amazon) and then I decided to share my own build. I hope this helps other eager Quadcopter pioneers in making their own Quads. 

Prerequisite skills:
- Basic Soldering
-General Electronic Knowledge
-How to operate a Dremel (this is optional)

This guide should be pretty simple for any beginner Quadcopter designers because most of the construction and programming is almost all plug-and-play meaning that you don't have to worry about building your own flight controller and receiver to operate the Quad! 

All the programming that is done in this project (If you follow the shopping list) is done by the flight control board and a Ready-Made programming card for the ESC's.

Another option you have in this guide is the choice between soldering your own power distribution set-up or buying a compact power distribution board. The power distribution board really simplifies life because it cuts down on the amount of soldering required and its then incredibly easy to swap out broken ESC's if you have a wicked crash. 

!SAFETY! The last thing I want to say before we jump into building the Quad is that some of these steps require inferno like heat and razor sharps blades! Therefore please be CAUTIOUS I actually cant stress this enough after almost slicing my foot after not properly calibrating my ESC's and then testing my Quad. 

Any and all feedback/comments would really be appreciated :) 


Edit #1

Added prop balancer to the parts page.
- Added Gorilla glue option to the optional supplies list.
- Added new explanation to the final paragraph in wiring/programming page.
- Added explanation on parts page about prop & motor problem.

GOPRO Mounting has received a fair bit of questioning lately so I figured I would give a little bit of an explanation as to what is and isn't possible. And answer some frequently asked questions.

Can this setup carry a GOPRO camera?

Yes it can. This setup has more than enough power to take a GOPRO up into the air.

How do I mount my GOPRO on this particular Quadcopter?

Right now you can't.

Why can't I mount my GOPRO on this Quadcopter?

Because currently I do not have the time to think up or figure out a way to attach a mount on the baseplates.

This summer I plan on figuring out a way to mount my GOPRO on the Quad but for now (to me at least) it's really not that big of an issue. If this seems like too long for all of you "FPV" and video enthusiasts then by all means you are free to find a way to do it yourself, or you can buy a Quadrotor with pre-installed mounts.  But I unfortunately do not have the time.

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Engin3333r7 months ago

By the way, it is indeed capable of carrying a gopro.

Chris_Schroeder (author)  Engin3333r7 months ago

That's incredible, really nice looking Quadcopter you built. Glad you figured out a way to mount the gopro! I'm very impressed.

Engin3333r7 months ago

Hi! I built my first quadcopter with the help of your instructions. Thank you! Greetings from germany!!

Chris_Schroeder (author)  Engin3333r7 months ago

Congratulations! That's looking awesome!

bluem66 days ago

The flight controller, Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board, is no longer avaialble, can you suggest a replacement?

msteed28 days ago
Would these parts work on a hex frame obviously 2 more motors etc would be required would there be anything else? Thanks
BartS219 days ago

Did you have any problems attaching the motor? I am trying to use model Turigy L2210A-1650KV motor on the Talon frame. The bolts that came with the Talon frame are size M3, but when I pass them through the plate at bottom of the motor, they are too far apart to pass through pre-cut long oval hole on the aluminum mounting plate on the Talon frame. In effect, the bolt holes on the motor are too far apart to allow the bolts to pass through the mounting plate on the frame. Looking at the photo you posted, it looks like you may have used thinner bolts. Is that what you did?

AndrewH71 month ago

The instructions are great and thanks for taking time to write them! However, I know this has been asked before & there isn't any exact answer but you did comment (about 1 year ago) saying that the quadcopter could carry a DSLR if it had to. What approximate weight did you have in mind for this? I'm planning on adding a raspberry pi + point and shoot digital camera to one which will weigh about 400g in total. Do you think it will be able to comfortably take this load? Thanks!

kingWu20141 month ago

would like to go one notch up and get the Turnigy 9X Transmitter would that work?

mmar22 months ago

Hello Chris,

Thank you for this wonderfull tutorial. Sadly enough i misread and forgot to buy 4 speed controllers and bought one. I'm looking for a replacement and found this one: Could this be a good replacement for all of them?

jsierra42 months ago

How much weight do you think the quadcopter can hold?

viktor.hromyk3 months ago

Flying =)

Chris_Schroeder (author)  viktor.hromyk3 months ago

Congratulations! This is fantastic! Great work.

Thank you - here are some pics =)

sq49-WrLQI8.jpg2XSb7A2__Oo.jpgDSCN0002.JPG20140901_185129.jpgScreenshot (35).png
cameronhclark3 months ago

I plan on making a variation of this quad, but I wanted to know if GPS (position hold and return-to-home) is compatible with the KK2.0 board. If not, what board should I use?

viktor.hromyk3 months ago

Akhil Panmana3 months ago

what type of remote we can use..

HI CHRIS!! I couldn't figure out how the recieveris to be binded with the transmitter

and where to place the reciever. could you pl help me(you could send me a image).


abhishek.vaka3 months ago

i need ur help ... i have all the connections .. but all the motors are not starting at the same time but one after other when the throttle stick is moved slowly upward ... there is a time lapse between their starting ... how do i fix this ?

JoooostB7 months ago


I'm kinda new to quadcopters so here is my question:

The KK 2.0 isn't available anymore. Is the KK 2.1 as good as the KK 2.0 and does it work the same? Thank you!

Chris_Schroeder (author)  JoooostB6 months ago

I am not sure that I can properly answer this question because I haven't used the KK2.1 but I believe it should work the same.

Thank you for your answer. Gonna order my parts tonight, great instructions btw

did the kk2.1 end up working?

Akhil Panmana4 months ago

is it remote controllable..?

are you serious? no it's not. you'll build one and then it will decide if it likes you or not. just like a cat. it may like your neighbour more and leave you to belong to them or it may fly away to Africa for the winter. you never know, these quads have strange personalities, therefore cannot be controlled. people are strange sometimes, don't you think guys? :D
chewdog3164 months ago

This is a great build, so informative. I have two questions.

1. Do you reccomend any additional videos, like you mentioned above, or instruction links that you may have used.

2. Have you considered adding the gps function, gyro stabilizers, or any other item that the high end drones use. To make it autonomous, if you will.

Chris_Schroeder (author)  chewdog3164 months ago

To answer your questions:

1. I used to have quite a few videos on hand that I used while making this guide. The only one I remember at the moment is this one: Its a tutorial to understand the auto-level settings on the KK2 board.

2. Yes, I have given lots of thought into making this build autonomous but unfortunately I have lots of other ideas in the works that are over-ruling this desire.

Thanks so much for your feedback and questions! I appreciate them.

Chris_Schroeder (author)  Chris_Schroeder4 months ago, The last link didn't work here is the video link.

lburton36 months ago

Thank you for the help on the charger. However i have been having some trouble with flying. It seems that two of the prop are stronger then the other two. (1 and 2 are strong the 3 and 4) Because of this it just spins out and I'm unable to fly it.

lburton3 made it!6 months ago

Hello, Thank you for making this Instructable. I have just finished making the quad copter and was wondering what power supply did you use to for the charger?

Chris_Schroeder (author)  lburton36 months ago

This is the power supply ^ works great, no issues.

And this is the Balancer/Charger ^ for your batteries, also no issues.

Both of these should be in the guide, if not let me know!

Thank you for the help on the charger. However i have been having some trouble with flying. It seems that two of the prop are stronger then the other two. (1 and 2 are strong the 3 and 4) Because of this it just spins out and i'm unable to fly it.

cribmax236 months ago

Do you have any recommendations regarding FPV on your build? Does a bigger battery, like more mAh mean longer flight time? And can you upgrade the range for the radio transmitter/reciever so I could take it farther distances? I'll appreciate your feedback.

Mech_Eng6 months ago

Great guide! Ordered my parts 2 weeks ago and here it is. Had some rocky first flights, but some easy trim adjustments on the flight controller were all I needed to get a super stable, self-leveling quad! It was quite gusty when I took this video and yet the quad flew no problem. I took the video using my gopro hero 3, which I hung from the bottom of the quad using a velcro strap.

First Park Flight.wmv(516x290) 18 KB
Chris_Schroeder (author)  Mech_Eng6 months ago

Awesome awesome awesome! This is fantastic! Very well done. Really glad you had a flawless build.

zach30010 months ago

I am thinking of making this copter and I was wondering what the average flight time of it is?

Chris_Schroeder (author)  zach30010 months ago

I get an average flight time of 15 minutes. Longest I've ever flown is half an hour, this is currently my longest flight on record so far.

can i use a bigger battery

Chris_Schroeder (author)  Coolnventions6 months ago

Yes you can, you just need to make sure that the ESC's can still handle the higher power output if you UP the discharge rate. And if you want to keep the number of cells and discharge rate the same then look for a battery with a higher mAh.


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