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Introduction: Subway Strap

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Being on transit making your arms tired?

This little device seeks to allow those who are shorter to comfortably ride transit standing up and hold on to the bar on the ceiling of many buses and trains.

I thought i invented this device myself but it looks like a company is selling some under the name Transtrap, check those out here:

But of course here at instructables we make it ourselves!

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need:

4 feet of "Seat Belt Fabric" : I got mine at REI for .50 cents a foot. You could try fabric stores or salvage yours from a car junk yard. You could use more fabric for this project if you want something for someone shorter.

1 "Closet Hook" : I found mine at a hardware store, there were many different kinds i chose the most heavy duty one.

Tools you will need:
Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Step 2: Cutting the Hook

First you need to cut the second hook off of the closet hook,  I used a dremel for this, but if a dremel is not available, use a hack saw.

Step 3: Sewing the Hook Pouch

Once the hook is cut, it's time to sew together a pouch for it.

Take one side of the seat belt fabric and loop it around so it would cover the hook. Then sew down each side to create a little pouch.

Step 4: Feed the Hook In

Once you have the pouch sewn, feed the hook through. Then you can sew off the open end to keep the hook in there.

Step 5: Sewing the Handle

Then you want to take the other end of the seat belt fabric, loop it and sew it. This will be the hook's handle

I tried to do a little box with an x on it, but my sewing skills need some work...

Step 6: Finished and Final Thoughts

When done the hook should look something like this, then it's time to try it out on transit!

The best way to improve this project would be to make the inside of the hook more grippy, by adding rubber or something. This would prevent slipping on metal poles which can happen.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!



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    Great project! If you're not going to wrap the strap around your wrist, how about embedding a section of pipe in the webbing to make a rigid horizontal handle?

    What a great idea! Much better than using a strap that every nose-picking slob has clutched in his grimy mits.

    on a bus they may look illegal

    What are these? I don't recognize it.

    It's a fishing gaff hook

    I would never have guessed that. Wouldn't that be a bit too pointy to carry around in close quarters? But then, maybe that's the idea?

    This is great! I really could have used one on the subway this morning--rush hour-packed trains make it pretty much impossible to hold on if you can't reach the ceiling!

    You could add a sucker to the back of the hook, then you could strap-hang from windows or corridor walls as well.

    This is a great idea. On the train here they move. There is never one when you need it and I always have one hand on a bike. I'm not shy, I'd latch on where I need to! Thanks

    Be sure to make a few extra and carry them on the train or bus with you. People are going to say "Cool! Where can I get one?" and then you're all like, "Well I just have a couple extra here for say... $14.95....How many would you like?"

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    Totally, i support this idea!

    clever, but they have these permanently attached to trains here, and i would be sooo embarassed to have my own. still good job.

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    I think the problem is that if you're short you can't reach the ones already on the train. In SA we don't have much in the way of public transport but in Germany I could barely reach the ones in the train. My tall boyfriend could reach, but I would have to hold onto him and hope he stayed steady. If I needed to commute on public transport regularly, I would have to make one of these! :) Well done! You get anti-slipping mat that they put under carpets to stop them from skidding that might work quite well on the inside of the hook.

    oh, i like this! some of the buses around here have straps and some don't... very clever, frenzy!