Sugru Paracord Zipper Pulls





Introduction: Sugru Paracord Zipper Pulls

I made these zipper pulls for my son’s lunch bag using ½” electrical conduit, paracord, and sugru. The sugru was textured using poly netting. It’ll make for a good conversation piece during lunch.

Step 1: Machine the Conduit

To start I machined and sanded off the zinc coating.

Step 2: File and Drill

Next I marked out the rings for the zipper pulls and cut them with a pipe cutter. I filed off any sharp edges. I then marked and drilled 2 holes in each ring. That was followed up with a buffing wheel.

Step 3: Thread and Melt

I gutted some paracord and threaded it through the holes. After cutting the ends I melted them so they would no longer slip out.

Step 4: Texture the Sugru

To texture the sugru I used the mesh netting on the back of a jogging stroller. First I wet both the sugru and netting. I then pressed it in-between my fingers to set in the pattern. After sitting overnight it was ready to go.

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These are awesome. Love the lathe work. The texture is great also. I've added a link to this insturctable at

Please please please show this at I think the team there will love it! Hack of the month in my opinion.

Thanks! I post the link there but I don't think I did it up to par with others. Is there a way to edit?

You did a great a great job and they LOOK GREAT. Where can I get SUGRU I have never work with this product. What kind of lathe do you have and are you a machines by trade. I,m looking for a small metal lathe like 7x 12 what is a good one to start off with. I make custom pens for gifts and XMAS. And I never used a metal lathe.
P.S. hope to see more of your work in the future.

You can buy Sugru at the instrucables store. I have the mini lathe from harbor freight. It cost me $400 on sale. I think it was worth the money. Thanks for the comment.

I think the best thing would be to post some pictures up in a reply! That's the best way. You can't edit once you've posted. It's a great little forum there but you can't edit what you've posted :(

Great, simple (sort of) and very good looking!

Thanks for the lesson.

Now to whip out the hacksaw, files, drills and wet/dry sand paper. ;-)

As always, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Best zipper pulls I've seen on instructables! very nice!

I'll have to buy new sugru soon I guess xD

Awesome! I couldn't even tell it was sugru in the picture! I love the texture you added to it :)

ABSOLUTELY GENIOUS!!! If one does not have a lathe, or fancy machinery to machine the conduit, can we use a high-speed dremel tool to cut, "machine", and finish the conduit?