Nothing really new, nonetheless I share the technique I used to make a new grip head to my keys.

Many of you already know Sugru, the silicone-like material to fix things and make nice rubber parts. Since it's a very resistant material you can add a thin layer around your key heads and make them coloured and rubbery.

Step 1: Modeling

After opening your sugru pack divide the sugru in small parts, depending on the number of keys you want to cover. Usually with a single Sugru pack you can cover three normal keys. Clean with alcohol the keys surface.

Divide again each part in two and place two halves on opposite sides You can both push a Sugru ball on the surface, or mold the Sugru in a cylinder and place it around the hole. I prefer this last method, since in the first case you then have to open the hole and move the paste away. Help yourself with a pen to open and keep clean the hole, then clean all the edges, push Sugru with you fingers on all the surface, especially on the edge.

I used a piece of cloth to imprint a texture on the paste surface. Here is where you can make your keys very characteristic. Depending on the fabric or the object you use, key's head will be more or less unique.

<p>How well do these key heads last? i have a lot of keys that i am trying to organize and sharpie and the plastic covers dont last well enough to have a system</p>
<p>I actually covered a USB key with the Sugru. Thank you for the tutorial: great use for left-over Sugru for instance. For texture, I used a tatami coaster. Although I've used Sugru many times before, I did not find the key-covering process that easy. You have to be careful to keep it thin, otherwise it adds too much weight which can be a concern in your pockets.</p>
<p>Really, it is very simple. I never tried it.</p>
<p>I really, really like the idea, but have no experience with Sugru. (I know, I hang my head in shame.) Does it set up with a rubbery feel, or a plastic feel? If I don't like it after all, can you remove Sugru from metal? </p>
<p>Hi, the feeling is more like silicone than rubber, you can remove it with a little effort</p>
Good to know. Thank you!
<p>&quot;Why didn't I think of that?!&quot; is what came to my mind after seeing these. Great idea!!</p>
<p>thanks Linda!</p>
<p>Perfect idea ! </p><p>Perfect creation !</p><p>Thanks for posting &hellip;</p>
<p>you're welcome :)</p>
<p>I have done this (without the texturing, which looks great btw) &amp; embedded small magnets in the sugru. Now my keys stay bunched neatly togther on my keyring. Also by varying the polarities my 2 front door keys keep together but stay apart from my back door keys as the magnets repel.</p>
<p>that's really smart! congrats!</p>
<p>Look like a factory made grip.is there any alternative for sugru,in our country we have no supply .</p><p>Thank you for sharing.</p>
<p>are you sure? I think Sugru ships worldwide...</p>
<p>That looks so clean. I am definitely going to have a go on my keys.</p>
<p>great! :)</p>
<p>thanks! :)</p>
<p>This was really cool! Thanks for showing me how.</p>
<p>you're welcome!</p>
<p>This was in fact the very first thing I tried to do with Sugru, with a smiley-face imprint on the side. I loved it!</p><p>For <br> as long as it lasted, before the edges wore off and the sides started <br>to fall off - about 4 months in my pants pocket. I'd assume it will last <br> longer in daily use in a less dynamic environment than a pocket, but I <br>think it's a caveat worth making people aware of. It adheres well for a while, but something - whether it's just a lot of little tugs and impacts, or going through temperature swings, or what, I don't know. But it stops sticking after a while, even if you clean it really well first.</p>
<p>Starphire... Did you have it around all the edges? I would expect the ones that are just on the two larger sides to seperate but if it was all the way around the key (and the edges were a little thicker at the corners where it wrapped) I would expect it to last longer.</p>
jlvking - yes, it was a fairly even thickness wrapped around the head of the key, a little thinner than the ones in this instructable. But not much thinner. At first, it wore through the corners/edges of the key and spread along the edge until enough of the two sides were unconnected to each other that they started to separate from the metal and kind of flap around. I did have one side fall completely off before the other side, and peeled away the last remaining adhesion spot on that side at that point in the experiment.<br><br>Maybe wrapping the head with something fibrous and working the sugru in over that might help reinforce the edges, I don't know.
<p>thanks, that's useful to know</p>
<p>Haha, nice one! I take it the Sugru is comfortable to hold as well (I actually haven't really used my Sugru that I won from a contest last year)</p><p>Awesome job Andrea!! :D</p>
<p>use it soon! it won't last forever!</p>
<p>sencillo y facil, gracias</p>
<p>Wow another great one from you Andrea! Love the idea of using fabric to get that textured finish. Awesome. </p>
<p>:) glad you like it!</p><p>thanks Sugru team!</p>
<p>will sugru be harmed by UV light, like sunlight in Arizona?</p>
<p>wow another good reason to come to California... to test the keys!</p>
<p>It is interesting.... I cut those off all of the keys I can (without damaging the internal chip) because they make my key chain too bulky. Different things for different people, and that's a good thing.</p>
<p>Really cool! I love all the uses for sugru!</p>
<p>Those are luxurious looking keys! :D</p>
<p>yup, I like customisation :)</p>
<p>Cloth texture! Genius. Did you need to rough up the key's handle for the Sugru to adhere, or was cleaning it enough? </p>
<p>You're right, I forgot to recommend that... I think it's really important cleaning the surface with alcohol. At least it worked great for me and I also tried detaching Sugru, but it adheres very well.</p>

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