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theanhkc071 month ago

hello! my name Anh.I'm Vietnamese.I need the code of your writing nixie clock on atmega 8 RTC DS1307 + AT24C32 interface, as shown in your posts on You can give I would like to code and hex file to mail Thank you!

Hello Buddy, Congratulations!! for becoming the featured author. Welcome to the club :). I can't believe I did not hit the follow button for you, seems like I was keeping any eye on your projects ;).

andrea biffi (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya4 months ago

Hey Tarun thanks, your projects are so impressive too, you have a talent for colorful art!

jack0025 months ago

I just found you, and thought to follow you. I like your DSLR sensor cleaning instructable. I hope to pick up many photography tips as well.

andrea biffi (author)  jack0025 months ago
Thanks Jack!

Thank you so much Andrea for following me :). It is an honor.

andrea biffi (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya11 months ago

Thanks Tarun!

Xixfas1 year ago

Jeez your stuff looks so professional! Nice!

andrea biffi (author)  Xixfas11 months ago

thanks :D

lindarose9212 months ago

Dai un'occhiata al mio ultimo 'ible...noterai qualcosa di familiare ;D

hunter9991 year ago

Congratulations on being a fianlist in the 123D circuits contest! A worthy winner in my eyes :D

hunter9991 year ago

Hmm, is it me or is there no comment section on your latest clock 'Ible?

You did an awesome job, looks like a fun project! :-)

andrea biffi (author)  hunter9991 year ago
yes hunter, you are right, I think that instructables team is working on that... thanks!

No problem. Check your inbox!

redrooster1 year ago

Well thankyou very much. Mr P.Robot.