Introduction: Sugru Printer Door Fix

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The small plastic piece that holds this printer door closed snapped off some time ago. Tape has been securing it for a while now, but Sugru might be able to do it better.

What you'll need:


A narrow tool for shaping (I used a tool for shaping clay, but even a butter knife would work)

Step 1: Place the Sugru

Picture of Place the Sugru

I put some Sugru right on top of the base of the broken-off piece, extending upward. I ended up using more than I expected to reach the next piece.

Step 2: Mark Bend

Picture of Mark Bend

Here, you can see where the Sugru came through the hole in the piece that secures the door. Mark where it needs to bend or bump.

Step 3: Shape

Picture of Shape

I bent my Sugru piece where I marked it in the previous step. I imagine adding a small bump would also work, as long as it still fits through the opening in the printer wall.

Allow the piece to cure for 24 hours.


seamster (author)2014-10-31

Very clever sugru fix! Does the door stay shut now?

210teenlibrary (author)seamster2014-12-17

It does! And thank you!

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