Picture of Suitcase Shelves
My wife had been after me for some time to put the suitcases upstairs, so I finally got the hint...

Actually, she got this idea from a magazine -- cutting up some old suitcases and making shelves out of them. We began accumulating a few old suitcases (and a train case and an old wood tool case) and decided to make these and mount them on a wall in our media room.

The materials required for this project were:

- old suitcases
- about 6 square feet of 1/2 inch plywood
- about 10 feet of pine 1x2 lumber
- wood screws
- toggle bolts for mounting the cases on sheetrock
- painters tape (for marking cutting line)

The tools used were:

- scroll saw with metal cutting blade
- drill & bits
- screwdriver
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Step 1: Remove the lining

Picture of Remove the lining
The first thing I did was to rip out the lining from each suitcase. I suppose you don't absolutely have to do this, but I think it could get really messy when you start sawing into the suitcase if you don't. The lining for each suitcase came out relatively easy -- I just grabbed a corner and started pulling.

Step 2: Mark case for cutting

Picture of Mark case for cutting

I wanted to make the shelves 6 inches deep, so I wrapped the area to be cut with painters tape, then measured and drew a line at the 6 inch point all the way around the suitcase. The painters tape made the line easy to see, and kept the shoe of my scroll saw from marring the surface. It also helps to keep the suitcase from coming apart after you've cut most of the way around.

Step 3: Saw off the part you don't want

Picture of Saw off the part you don't want

Cutting the suitcase was easy. I used a metal cutting blade in my scroll saw because most of the cases had a metal band around the middle (where the lid meets the bottom of the case) that I had to cut through.

Step 4: Build a mounting panel

Picture of Build a mounting panel

Next I made a wooden panel to fill the opening of the cut suitcase. This panel has two purposes: (1) it reinforces the opening (keeps it from sagging); and (2) it provides a means of mounting the suitcase on the wall.

I made the panel from some scrap plywood I had left over from a previous project, and outlined it with 1x2 pine (to provide a place to screw the suitcase onto). I could have used thicker plywood and omitted the 1x2 strips, but I decided to use what I had, which was a bit thin to attach the screws to.

I pre-drilled all the holes, but didn't attach screws into the lid of the suitcase until after it was mounted (you need to get inside the suitcase to screw it to the wall).

Step 5: Mount on wall

Picture of Mount on wall

Mounting the cases to the wall involved removing the lids, drilling through the wood panel on the back, and using sheetrock anchors.

Once attached to the wall, I reinstalled the lids and replaced the screws that attach the lid to the wood panel in the back.

All that's left to do is for my wife to decide what she wants to put on these new "shelves." Fortunately, I'm not allowed to do the decorating......!
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Hi.....I've been wanting to do this for a long time but could never find much on "how" to do, thanks! However, I'm not really that "handy", so could you either explain in simple terms or do a tutorial showing "how" to actually mount it to a wall...just telling me what I need to do it isn't enough for my nimble The explanation of cutting the suitcase was great, just need to know how to get it hung up. Thanks again.

knife141 (author)  orlaina.barfield6 months ago
How to mount these on the wall is explained in steps 4 & 5. Thanks for your comment.
parisusa1 year ago
These are Great! They look like something out of a decorating magazine! :)
JFabor2 years ago
Super great instructable! I've been wanting to make one of these for a while, you were just the inspiration I needed! Here's the one I put up last night using your instructable.
knife141 (author)  JFabor2 years ago
Very nice job -- looks great! Thank you for your nice comment.
foobear2 years ago
oh aaaawesome do love it
great instructable
GREAT idea
as sharp as a KNIFE
What a great idea.
hgkjggjgjhg3 years ago
thats pretty neat
That's fantastic work! Never would have thought to use them for that.
knife141 (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks for the nice words. If my wife hadn't saw something like this in a magazine, I wouldn't have thought of it either!
Originality is the art of concealing your sources. Good job.
chicopluma3 years ago
It would be cool if you can open them, so you can store things inside and on them.
And I just have this blank space in my bedroom wall and I was looking for something to put that wasn´t just decorative.
knife141 (author)  chicopluma3 years ago
I suppose you could fix them where they would open -- you could make a 2nd cut across the top and hinge it. You would probably have to slant the cut on the sides a small amount toward the front to allow for the lid to clear the bottom section, but it would probably work. I didn't consider storing anything inside these, since they're designed to be used as shelves. Thanks for your comment.
Awesome idea. I too love to turn trash into treasures....especially when it can be useful. Very unique and creative.
knife141 (author)  blueyedcookie3 years ago
Thanks for your comment! I believe that re-purposing and reusing is the ultimate recycling.
maryan13 years ago
Thank you very much, to me it,s more than just one idea......opened the creativity
Window and also receiving lots of beautiful scene of sharing is another gift .
knife141 (author)  maryan13 years ago
Thanks for the very kind words! What you've said is something I really like about the Instructables site -- I get a lot of inspiration from reading about projects done by others. Thanks again.
raviolikid3 years ago
So cool! Very clear instructions and good photography!

I could see these used in some sort of trendy boutique. Your wife is a lucky woman!
knife141 (author)  raviolikid3 years ago
Thank you for your comments, and "yes," my wife is indeed a lucky woman! I remind her often......... :-)
agecker3 years ago
I adore this idea! What magazine was it in....might have some other cool ideas as well! Thanks for sharing.
knife141 (author)  agecker3 years ago
Sorry, but I don't know what magazine it was in. My wife has the habit of tearing out pictures and articles from magazines, and she saw this one in a magazine she purchased while we were on a road trip. I think the magazine probably got deposited in a hotel wastebasket. Thank you for your comments!
I have this SAME magazine! Flea Market Style. Fall/Winter 2011 issue. Definitely a must have issue!
fauxreal3 years ago
Love this idea... I can totally see it in a guest bedroom for wall decor/display shelves...
knife141 (author)  fauxreal3 years ago
Thanks for your kind words and your comment!
Retirement13 years ago
This is fantastic!! Bravo to you and your wonderful project. How fun would it be to mount the other half on the other side of the wall!! I can imagine people walking around the corner and seeing the bottom half (sticking out) of the the wall in the next room.
knife141 (author)  Retirement13 years ago
Thank you for the kind words! Actually, I did in fact mount one over a doorway that is half on one side and half on the other. You can see it here:
I love this idea. Would it be possible to actually put a hinge on the top and use the inside of the suitcase for storage?
knife141 (author)  bright.n.squirrelly3 years ago
I suppose you could -- but make sure there is enough clearance for the suitcase to actually open, since it is mounted flush against the wall. I didn't consider making it where it could open, since I was planning on using the suitcases as shelves. Thanks for your comment.
jlancaster43 years ago
How did you measure it so that the shelf was 6 inches deep all the way around the case? It seems a difficult thing to do since you dont have a single point you could measure from on every side?
knife141 (author)  jlancaster43 years ago
Using a carpenter's square placed on the front about 3 inches from each side, I marked a 6" point at two places on the top and the bottom. Then I used a flexible yardstick to mark the top & bottom lines. I then connected the top and bottom lines using a string pulled tight on each side. I then drew the connecting lines on the side by following the string. Another option would be to set the suitcase down (in the handle-up position), then stack blocks of wood and books until you're at the 6 inch point. Lay a marker down on top of the stack and move the suitcase against the marker until the line is marked all the way around. Hope this description makes sense!
Awesome idea! And are those just books stacked above the door on the left?
knife141 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Yes, that's a floating shelf. Thanks for your comment!
I think we need an instructable on that shelf too! Very clever.
knife141 (author)  Manny B3 years ago
You're in luck! Just search for "floating shelf" and you will find several instructables already posted!
Cool. Thanks!
VERY cool idea! What a great Instructable! Come to think about it, I have a pile of old tool boxes that are no longer needed because I bought one huge toolbox that holds everything (It's harder to steel a toolbox that weighs 7800 pounds, fully loaded, than it is to make-off with a bunch of handled toolboxes! Some old, some new, some aluminum, some with Hammertone Paint finish and all of them varying ages! I'll have to do an Instructable for that one because it will involve metal working! Ooo! Thank you' for the 'Idea' implant!
knife141 (author)  pddonovan20113 years ago
I think doing this with old metal toolboxes would look really great. Nice idea! Thanks for your comment.
Very cool! Well done!!!
knife141 (author)  porcupinemamma3 years ago
Thank you for your comment.
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