It feels great to wear handmade jewelries and feels greater when you make your own jewelries :) In this instructable I'll show you how to make embossed (look alike!) gold and silver pendants in 5 easy steps. I'm sure you'll have fun making these pendants.

Lets start!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these pendants you'll need:

  1. Card-stock paper,
  2. Pencil,
  3. Scissors,
  4. Glue,
  5. Awl,
  6. Jump ring,
  7. Gold acrylic paint,
  8. Stones.

You might also need pen or pencil and paper to draw some designs for the pendants.

<p>Wow! This is awesome!</p>
<p>This is fantastic...I wanted to make the Aztec pendant,the one shown in The Pirates of Caribbean.You are really helpful...</p>
<p>Thanks! you can make almost any embossed pattern using this technique! all the best :)</p>
Do you have to use that specific paper for the cone? and where do you get the jump rings? <br>
Thick polythene paper will do. you can make jump rings from wire by using the looping plier, here's a tutorial- https://www.instructables.com/id/Paperclip-Jump-Rings-No-way/ <br>or you can simply buy them from craft stores or online stores.
Using contrasting paste or even liquid SHOE POLISH will help to give you the &quot;aged&quot; look on these---use a SMALL amount on either the high or low spots--you will want to try each!---and buff off. <br> <br>You can also use sheer color markers---not Sharpies unless they come in a less coverage version than I have---to color these---prob work better on the silver ones. And SEAL THEM! Use hair spray or clear Krylon or else you will have paint and etc all over your clothing! <br> <br>Great idea! I can also see adding things to these with &quot;rivets&quot; easily made from office paper fasteners---and other items. Hmmmmm-----
Thank you for the suggestions! I'm glad you took your time to see my ible :) I'm going to keep them in mind next time :) Thanks again!
So beautiful! You are very talented! Thank you for sharing this. :)
Thank you! no problem :)
congratulations... you are a winner
Thank you sir!
Congratulations... You won!
Thanks! :D
congratss to win,,, u really deserv thiz <br>
Ohww, thank you sooo much :)
Thank you emily!
I just saw, that you won, too! Congratulations!
Thanks! same to you :)
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Congratulations!! I am very happy to know that you are a finalist in the 3D jewelry contest, I wish you win the grand prize (trying to tell some fortune :[) LOL).
Thank you! very excited about it but not sure about winning it! nice to hear the fortune from you, lets see what happens (but I don't think I'm a grand prize winner, I'm guessing it could be jallwine!).
You know, contest results and finalists selection have been extremely unpredictable based on my observation, so you never know. I wish you the best.
Ah, my fortune telling gets better and better! jallwine did win the grand prize! :)
OMG (Amazed &amp; speechless) :) and congratulations on your win :[)
Since you already have the black background, you could carefully try to just rub the raised portion with the gold/silver paint and leave the indentations black. This would make the gold/silver paint design really pop. Very nice and quick pendant!
Thanks for the suggestion, I tried to do it as you're saying but couldn't. but I'll definitely keep that in mind next time. Thank you :)
Finalist! Congratulations!
Thanks! same to you :) I didn't thought of being a finalist because most of the entries were awesome! very excited!
so clever! great job!
Thank you! :)
Brilliant! Thanks so much for the great Instructable. These are gorgeous!
Thanks! no problem, that's what I like to do :)
I can't believe you made these out of a piece of cardboard! I swear, these look store-bought! Ingenious!
Thank you so much! I'm very happy to know that :D
very creative, look beautiful.
Thank you!
Wow, these are so pretty!! I love the square one the most!! I could even make brooches with these!
Thank you! brooches sound great, post a picture if you make one :)
I will try this! They are so pretty! The designs are super! <br>sunshiine
Ohww, thank you sunshiine! I hope you enjoy making them :)
adding a bit of paint to it on top and wiping of the excess after the last step will give it a nice antiquated look, though i'm sure you know that
Yes, that's a good suggestion, I realized it after posting the ible, I'll update the final step whenever I get time :) Thanks!
these look great :)
Thank you so much Zeyani :)
this is very easy and beautiful! quite good!
Thank you! glad to know :)
Very Artistic Muhaiminah! you must be a super mehendi artist! I bet all ladies Que around you during mehendi functions at weddings :-)
agreed u n muhaiminah awsom

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