Super Quick Last Minute Squid Costume


Introduction: Super Quick Last Minute Squid Costume

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This is just a quick last minute Halloween costume I made yesterday out of office supplies. Yay, an office supply instructable that doesn’t involve shooting things. Sorry I don’t have pics of the build in progress but it’s really simple.

There's something vaguely disturbing about this pic.

Step 1: Supplies

First you’ll need access to a roll of brown paper (should be brown, white would be a bad choice), double sided tape, cd’s, manila folders, and a binder clip.

Step 2: The Mantle

Roll up a doubled piece of brown paper to make a cone that will fit over your head, cut a pair of fins out of manila folders to attach at the top, and make eyes out of the cd’s, everything is held together with the double sided tape. This is the squids mantle. I do realize that squid eyes are not located on the mantle, however it simplifies construction.

Step 3: The Tentacles

For the tentacles a sheet of brown paper is double folded along one edge of strength and the tentacles and arms are simply free hand drawn and cut out.

Step 4: Lastly

Secure the tentacle collar around your neck with the binder clip, slip the mantle over your head and you are done. I did touch up with a little glow paint for effect.



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    This is brilliant, thanks TUA for your creativity! You rock.

    I went for the socialising (access-to-beverages) model which worded well, though I later realised it would have been totally awesome to also stick a long straw to the back of the front tentacle so it could be just dipped into a drink and absorb all the nourishing booze.


    I used your costume design and modified it a little so it is more like a squid hat. That way I could socialize (drink) better. I used poster board and it is very sturdy. I also added a mechanism to the fins so that you can you pull and push a piece of carboard in and out of the back of the squid and the tail flaps like its swimming. Thanks for the great costume idea!


    1 year ago

    Looks like a KKK - not a good idea...)))

    This is a fantastic costume - it really tickled me and it's so clever, yet simple! I'm in Australia and got this after Halloween here, or I would have definitely made this!

    Well done!


    Thanks for the great idea, this was my Fantasy Fest costume that I used for the big parade. I don't know if you are going to be proud, amazed, or disturbed by what I did with it. I went way too tall with it, It stood about 8'6". I added streamers of silver tape and various colored ribbons to the necklace. I added a belt with more streamers. I think the biggest improvement and it stays in the super quick realm is the eyes. I used two paper plates and sprayed the black of the eyes. You can use a sharpie too. I used a can of pink spraypaint to cover everything but leaving some underneath so it looked more natural.

    FYI do not make yours this tall. It doesn't hold up well.

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    i went a slightly different route.....instead of being a squid i decided that i was being attacked by a squid.

    so i made the thing out of poster board, put some menacing eyes on it, and wore it on my bloody head (had a zombie walk last weekend, so it was a zombie squid, squidding up my brain pan). i made the mantle and then a bit of a torso so that i could avoid the whole "the damned eyes shouldn't be on the mantle" thing. i also made a 6.5 foot harpoon out of a table leg, a 1" dowell, and a piece of MDF (not pictured for some reason).  all in all it is pretty easy to wear (had to stuff the inside with news paper so it would sit on my head correctly)

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    so awesome... my 12 year old son is totally using this idea for our halloween party saturday. I love your twist!

    BTW ~ is the squidman about to be shot 'execution style?'

    Or is it a 'thank you, sir, could I have some more, please, sir,' kind of moment?

    I have a Halloween party for kids on saturday so i went squid and on sunday i have a scary one so for that i'm going Jason. Thanks alot

     LOL!!!!! this is hilarious and very efficient and effective.... but LOL none the less.....good show old chap :


    11 years ago

    Make sure to use the brown paper. With the necessary eye placement, a white squid would look a bit too KKK. This is pretty cool, especially for a quickie costume! If you attach a couple of sticks/dowels to the front tentacles you can manipulate them to attack your coworkers.