Picture of Super quick last minute Squid costume
This is just a quick last minute Halloween costume I made yesterday out of office supplies. Yay, an office supply instructable that doesn’t involve shooting things. Sorry I don’t have pics of the build in progress but it’s really simple.

There's something vaguely disturbing about this pic.

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Step 1: Supplies

First you’ll need access to a roll of brown paper (should be brown, white would be a bad choice), double sided tape, cd’s, manila folders, and a binder clip.

Step 2: The Mantle

Picture of The Mantle
Roll up a doubled piece of brown paper to make a cone that will fit over your head, cut a pair of fins out of manila folders to attach at the top, and make eyes out of the cd’s, everything is held together with the double sided tape. This is the squids mantle. I do realize that squid eyes are not located on the mantle, however it simplifies construction.

Step 3: The Tentacles

Picture of The Tentacles
For the tentacles a sheet of brown paper is double folded along one edge of strength and the tentacles and arms are simply free hand drawn and cut out.

Step 4: Lastly

Picture of Lastly
Secure the tentacle collar around your neck with the binder clip, slip the mantle over your head and you are done. I did touch up with a little glow paint for effect.