This is a easy costume for your dog. :)  I noticed there were a couple of nigiri sushi costumes out there, but had never seen one that was a maki roll so I decided to try making one myself.

Step 1: Sushi Roll Dog Costume

First you will need your supplies:

Sherpa Fleece (I have a medium dog so I used 1 yard)
Fabric (I like the backside of faux seude because the shiny side looked right to imitate seaweed)
Thick elastic (I also got 1 yard of this)
Velcro (I use the iron-on kind)
My dog would kill me if I put that on her but it is still super cute
That is very clever
Dag if only it only it corners his hole body but you still did a good job
Love that dog!
Soooo adorable I will do this right now
<p>wow</p><p>much sushi</p><p>shibe like</p><p>so funnez</p><p>such rice </p><p>wow</p>
Wow <br>Such sushi <br>So amaze <br>So costume <br>Doge sushi
wow <br> <br>such sushi <br> <br>good rice <br> <br>oishii <br> <br>amaze nori <br> <br>wow <br> <br>happy hallowens <br> <br>gonna be on &quot;hell's kitchen doge&quot; <br> <br>such amaze
many costume <br> <br>such sushi <br> <br>much halloween
such amaze<br><br>wow
Haha the look on that dog's face, a little irritated lol <br>Considering the breed is Japanese a sushi costume is really apt
Just what I was thinking....<br> He's saying, &quot;Are you done publicly humiliating me yet?&quot;<br> :-D
So cute! I wish I had a do because I would totally make this for him. :3
so yum
hey...i know that dog! :)
Shiba Inu, i had one of these dogs before :-)
That's adorable! And so simple :)
Very sweet. It would be great to use the final picture as your main image too so people will see it in the recent feed!
Thanks for the suggestion! I thought of that too, but didn't know how to change it. I think I figured it out!! :)
LOL Super Cute!

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