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Introduction: Sushi Roll Dog Costume

This is a easy costume for your dog. :)  I noticed there were a couple of nigiri sushi costumes out there, but had never seen one that was a maki roll so I decided to try making one myself.

Step 1: Sushi Roll Dog Costume

First you will need your supplies:

Sherpa Fleece (I have a medium dog so I used 1 yard)
Fabric (I like the backside of faux seude because the shiny side looked right to imitate seaweed)
Thick elastic (I also got 1 yard of this)
Velcro (I use the iron-on kind)

Step 2:

Next fold the fabric into itself until you have a long strip. The width will be the final width of the roll so you want to make it a size that will fit good on your dog. Once I was happy with the width I sewed the two ends together in the center.

Step 3:

Now roll your strip of fleece together into a tight roll and sew the end of the roll to the main part of the roll at the end. It doesn't have to be pretty because it's going to be covered with the "seaweed" anyway.

Step 4:

Next you want to sew the elastic to the bottom of the roll near where the end is.

Step 5:

Now you can sew the "seaweed" fabric on the outside of the roll. I folded over the edges on the sides and just did big stitches into the roll, but you can also hide the stiches in the fold of the fabric if you know how to do that (I did that on the left side of the roll).

Step 6:

The fun part!! Decide what kind of sushi you want to add to your roll! I made little pillows of three different colors using fabric scraps and a little batting and then sewed them onto the roll. But you can do this part in many different ways! You can color paper to look like your favorite fish and glue it to the roll, or you can get foam and make it more fancy. Since everything else on the roll was fabric, I went the fabric route myself. The last thing to do is to iron on the velcro to the ends of the elastic. I forgot to take a picture of that, but the iron on velcro works really well if you are okay with the smell of hot elastic and velcro while you are doing it. Sew velcro would be less stinky, but I was in a hurry to finish since it was already close to Halloween.

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    My dog would kill me if I put that on her but it is still super cute

    Dag if only it only it corners his hole body but you still did a good job

    Love that dog!

    Soooo adorable I will do this right now


    much sushi

    shibe like

    so funnez

    such rice


    Such sushi
    So amaze
    So costume
    Doge sushi


    such sushi

    good rice


    amaze nori


    happy hallowens

    gonna be on "hell's kitchen doge"

    such amaze

    Haha the look on that dog's face, a little irritated lol
    Considering the breed is Japanese a sushi costume is really apt

    1 reply

    Just what I was thinking....
    He's saying, "Are you done publicly humiliating me yet?"

    So cute! I wish I had a do because I would totally make this for him. :3


    Shiba Inu, i had one of these dogs before :-)

    Very sweet. It would be great to use the final picture as your main image too so people will see it in the recent feed!