Picture of Switch Throwie!
Have you ever made a LED throwie? If you have you know that it will just keep on shining for ever and ever (Or until the batery dies) unless you add a switch. This instructable will show you how to make a LED throwie with a switch. You can use any kind of swich but I used a momentary lever switch. Let's begin!
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Step 1: Get the stuff

Picture of Get the stuff
You need:
1 3v Button cell (CR2032 works well)
1 momentary switch (I used a lever swich)
1 3 inch lenghth of wire (stripped at the ends 1/4 inch)
Electrical tape

Step 2: The circut diagram

Picture of The circut diagram
A very siimple circut

Step 3: Build the circut

Picture of build the circut
instructable 1 LED2.png
Tape the Annode of the LED to the positive (+) terminal of the battery. (See pictures1-2) connect the cathode of the LED to the positive (+) terminal of the SWITCH. (See pictures 2-3) connect the negitive (-) terminal of the SWITCH to the negative (-) terminal of the BATTERY. Test the circut by pressing the lever (or flipping the swich). The LED should light up.

Step 4: Making it smaller

Picture of making it smaller
Fold it so that the LED is ontop of the battery. Fold the switch on top of that. Now tape the entire thing together to hold it together.

Step 5: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
Congrats! you are done!

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yukthi4 years ago
not so cool....... bt use ful 4 beginners !!!
pclark8 yukthi1 year ago

It became a handy night light for my daughter. very useful i’d say!

blackghost2 years ago
be cool if it would turn on when it stuck to a metal building , just have to position the switch so the level is pressed when the magnet part is flush with the metal siding.
Question about the momentary lever switch. Do you have a part number? I don't know what to google to find these kind of switches. I'm an absolute newb to playing with LEDs and want to use this switch with small edge lit display.
kcls5 years ago
Don't forget you need a magnet for a LED Throwie! That's the whole "Throwie" Part. So you can throw them onto buildings to light it up!
techturtle2 (author)  kcls5 years ago
But it is a momentary switch so you have to be holding it for it to light up. also I live in Mississippi, USA, and there arent very many big buildings to thow them onto. and if you do the super strict cops would probably arrest you.