Picture of DIY Swirly Paper Flowers
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I found instructables more than a year ago while I was searching for paper flower tutorials and I was amazed to find out all these amazing flower tutorials in this site.

After a long time I've finally decided to post a paper flower ible as soon as I saw these paper flowers on a facebook page. I wasn't sure what to name this flower, though it looked quite similar to Saccharum spontaneum (kans grass), but as this flower has a lot of swirls I named it 'swirly paper flower'.

They're really easy and fun to make, hope you like'em!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
To make this flower you'll need:
  1. Colored paper,
  2. Customized colored paper,
  3. Scissor,
  4. Glue.

Step 2: Preparing Paper Strips

Picture of Preparing Paper Strips

You can use single colored (usual craft paper) papers for making these flowers but I liked using the customized colored papers for making them. You can paint the papers with the colors of your choice and create beautiful shades to make the flowers look prettier.

First, you have to cut the colored paper into strips of at least 2 inches width and length of your choice, I kept the paper strips 2 X 8 inches.

Make a thin fold along any one of the vertical edges (of the strips).

Step 3: Cutting Fringes

Picture of Cutting Fringes

You can fold the paper strip into half to save your time cutting fringes on it,
Cut the paper strip horizontally, but not all the way through. Leave 1 cm of the strip along the vertical edges, or more clearly leave the thin folded area (the vertical fold made in step 1) intact.

Try to cut all the fringes equally, no pressure, I'm sure you can do it,

Also try to keep the fringes as thin as possible, the thinner the fringes the prettier the flower :)

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mebissima made it!3 days ago

Another version of these bad boys.

curly flowers 2.JPGcurly flowers 3.JPGcurly flowers 1.JPG
mebissima made it!3 days ago

I adore this tutorial! I've made them several times.

flowers 1.jpg
Simie1 month ago

fantastic! Nice flowers for my mother.

REESE51221 month ago

this is so cool!! im definetely going to try it

animeguard1 month ago

the paper flowers look awesome, nice work

sherry19542 months ago

I do not know what craft paper is. Where can I get it ?


RanyaA2 months ago

Looks like a Hyacinth...

GMDoDo3 months ago

have not made yet , I always love to use Babybreath (cheap at grocery store)with all my artificial flowers makes them look so mush more real . Just an idea .

echagnon3 months ago

What type of paper works best??? What is "customized colored paper"?

Love the paper flowers
NazeemB3 months ago

what kind of paper you using? is it normal construction paper?? or kite paper??

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  NazeemB3 months ago

Neither construction paper nor kite paper. You'll have to use craft paper, the usual colored papers. But you can use kite papers, they turn out great as well!

I can't wait to make these! Beautiful idea and thank you so much for sharing!

kieora.porter3 months ago

such a fun project!

LainiK3 months ago

Really love your paper flower...give me an idea with my class.

This is great love them
KatieL23 months ago

Hey, that was really cool and easy. Thanks for sharing!!

We are definitely going to be making these. Great idea thanks for sharing.
BigRed19733 months ago

This is so cool, and you make it so easy to follow!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your ible.......

KatieL23 months ago

That is really cool!! I am for sure going to make one!! Thanks!!

mbrennen4 months ago

This would be great for Easter!

MajaK made it!4 months ago

Thanks for the idea. My students really enjoyed making these flowers.

lucycartledge365 made it!4 months ago

I really enjoyed making these flowers. I didn't have any craft paper, but I cut coloured paper strips from an old magazine and I used 80 gram printer paper for the green. Hope you like them.

paper flowers.jpg
SRLee19845 months ago
They look like my hyacinths that are in my garden. Beautiful! These will last longer

They are

Hyacinth's, Google them..I think they look just like them, I am going to make them today for a birthday party center piece...

yone.maruyama made it!5 months ago

Love it !! Here's my version of those swirly flowers !!

alpana.deo5 months ago

Beautiful. You have described all the steps so nicely that the whole flower making process looks so simple..

ersi marina made it!5 months ago

I had such great fun making these paper flowers, thank you for sharing!

I made mine with tissue paper. I created two layers for each flower, using white tissue paper in combination with pink, lilac and red. The process was a bit longer, since I curled the petals of each layer separately. I wrapped the petals around a wooden skewer and had to hold them tight with my fingertips for a short while before moving on to the next petal, since tissue paper is very thin and would uncurl if I didn't insist on it. So I wrapped it while watching TV and never minded the extra delay. You can even do it while reading :)

When I finished curling I glued the two layers together along the flat strip and then wrapped them around the wooden skewer, turning it into a stem.

What I really love about the tissue paper is that it's so delicate. The 'flowers' bob and tremble every time I touch them! I still have to make the leaves but here are some pictures of the finished flowers. Thanks again!

tissue paper flowers 01.pngtissue paper flowers 01a.pngtissue paper flowers 02.pngtissue paper flowers 02a.pngtissue paper flowers 03.pngtissue paper flowers 03a.pngtissue paper flowers 04.png

I forgot to say that stick glue is more than enough to hold the layers of tissue paper together and onto the skewer. I think that any kind of liquid glue would mess up the thin paper.

farahmatrepal5 months ago
deba1687 months ago

Thanks for sharing my video :)

deba168 made it!7 months ago

Thanks for sharing :)

I made this flowers for my recycle cardboard vase.


Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  deba1687 months ago

Wow, the colors are so bright and the flowers look beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

reba.m.mihok7 months ago

I love these flowers. I use to do quilling all the time, But I never made anything this pretty. Thank You for sharing. I'm having trouble getting it to download so I'll have to try and remember..........Hope I do!

haha, yeah, it's real hard if you cut the fringe thin..my curls are half as tight as yours xD

If you cut thin' it would help to use a pencil to wrap the fringe around at first, then try to tighten the curl by pushing your hand gently over thw curl to try to push it up...its real hard to do without folding the paper xD

heather.cecala10 months ago

I made these for my friends baby shower to put on the cake table. I hope she likes them enough to put in the babys room.

TIP if you want to make one flower more than one color- after you roll both colors glue them together before you roll onto the stem. It worked great for mine.

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  heather.cecala10 months ago

Oh, they look super cute! and thanks for the suggestion... :)

VenuthurlaA11 months ago


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