Sword (Light Saber)





Introduction: Sword (Light Saber)

This is a cheap way to make a sword, light saber whatever. Kids love it!

Step 1: Supplies

1. 3' of 1/2 PVC pipe
2. 1 colored Pool noodle
3. 1' of 1/2 foam pipe insulator
4. Duct tape (not shown)
5. 10 minutes
6. Tape measure (optional)

Step 2: Foam Pipe Insulator

First, you need to slide the foam pipe insulator up the PVC pipe about a 1' so that when you finish, it looks like pictures 2,3, or 4.

Step 3: Noodle

Then, you need to slide the noodle down the PVC pipe so that it meets with the foam pipe insulator. See pictures below.

Step 4: Duct Tape

Finally,0 you will need to tightly duct tape the foam pipe insulator like in picture 1. Do the same thing with the noodle like picture 2. The finished product will look like picture 3.



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    Beat my little cousin up with these things. He beat me back though so it was all fair.

    hahaha...my dad and i used play with these untll he gave me a black eye...


    It looks a little like a cricket bat.

    paint it blue with a gold handle and it looks like a struggle bat(from kingdom hearts II)

    omg, i love that game. i finished it with lvl 99 ultima keyblade and the best armor for everyone, summon 7 and all forms 7 to. i am now trying to get my hands on kh1. aside from that, nice project im going to try and get the materials (twice, then i can battle with my brother)

    lol, i beat 1 and 2 but my bro left to university with my old memory card. in KH 2 i beat it like 10 times but on the last part it messes up and i have to restart againt him again. im also planning on making a real keyblade.


    you could make it a larp style weapon! then you still can hit ppl

    i dont now why but hitting people with wood seems to bring pleasure to me and those watching

    When you whack somebody with this, does it hurt?? I mean, like a FAST whack. Will it hurt?? Because I really want to make one of these, but if battling with my friends means pain, I'll pass.

    nahh not really, i guess it depends on your pain threshold