Picture of T-shirt Quilts
If any of you are like me, you have lots and lots of T-shirts that have sentimental value and have been in your possession for years but you just dont wear them anymore.  Maybe you keep them in dresser drawers taking up valuable space from clothes you actually wear, or maybe they are in boxes in the attic or garage, or hanging in every closet of the house.  Maybe you've even considered finally getting rid of them after all these years...WELL DON"T ... here is a great solution!

Make a warm, cozy, T-shirt Quilt and keep the memories without taking up all your drawer space. 

A personal T-shirt quilt provides:
Tears of joy,
Sparks of memories,
Gifts of love for any and all occasions, and
An outlet for creative thinking and design.

This project requires little money because you are primarily using materials you already have on hand i.e.) T-shirts, a blanket, a sheet, all your leftover thread and yarn from previous sewing projects, time, and your brain. The only expense required for this project is medium weight iron-on interfacing.  This quilt is great because you can just throw it in the washer and dryer.  It can be made any size from a small lap-throw to a king-size bedspread depending on the collection of T-shirts chosen.

I am working on my 4th T-shirt quilt, but I am always learning better techniques for creating a great, usable finished product. By no means are my methods the final say in T-shirt quilt construction and any suggestions are welcome to improve the method. If you are looking for an exact step-by-step pattern for T-shirt quilt creation, this is not it.  Every T-shirt quilt will come out differently so be creative, resourceful, and make a personal heirloom.

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nytowl15 days ago

I don't understand the last step. Never made a quilt b4. I get what you mean by connecting back front & batting but Tying knots on each corner I don't understand. I can't do much with my hands & I have used sewing machine on all. How can I do knots with machine?

knd151027 days ago

Heyy, if you're still looking, I found a whole bunch of them just by searching "The Bomb" t-shirt in google images, clicking on the pictures then following the link to the website of the shirt. There's a whole bunch of colours and sizes. Just take this link

lynncandler made it!5 months ago

All finished!! I loved making this quilt and can't wait to do another one. I used flannel for my backing because my son wanted something super soft. These are the best instructions I have seen.

t shirt quilt 008.JPGt shirt quilt 009.JPG
lynncandler5 months ago

Thank you for the easy to understand step by step instructions and pictures! I just finished my t-shirt quilt top and can't wait to finish this project. Maybe I will post a picture of if.

trowel_gal (author)  lynncandler5 months ago

So glad to hear it!! I would love to see a picture.

dkbwise6 months ago
amaranth071 year ago
I just finished my first T-shirt quilt using my collection of concert and band tees and your fabulous instructable! I am so happy with it! thank you for the helpful instructions!
trowel_gal (author)  amaranth079 months ago
Very glad to hear it!!! Concert Tee's are keepers!
pyromonkey2 years ago
These are so much fun to make:) I made one for my bed, but I used bigger squares since I didnt want to sew many tiny ones:P
kslobodnik2 years ago
How much would you charge to make one of these lol?
Mimi-One3 years ago
Thank you for the inspiration and instructions that are comprehensive, easy to understand and entertaining.  Your quilt appears easy to maintain and comfy too.  Great job. This t-shirt quilt is now on my short list of things to do.
trowel_gal (author)  Mimi-One3 years ago
I hope you get a chance to make will love it!
xrobevansx3 years ago
WOW. This is awesome. You need to start a business. It would be super-easy to base your prices on the amount of t-shirts the customer sends to you.

Great instructable!
trowel_gal (author)  xrobevansx3 years ago
Thank you, maybe in all my spare time:)
paleotool3 years ago
Well done! Very thorough Instructable.
trowel_gal (author)  paleotool3 years ago