Yes, it is bigger on the inside.

You would not believe how much Fn stuff you can put inside one of these things  Although, it's fun to hang out at the customer loading area to see how people will try to jam a couch into the backseat of a convertible and drive it home.

Made of a nearly indestructible woven polypropylene fabric, this reusable tote is totally awesomesauce amazeballs. And in a pinch, can transport you through time and space. 

And once you schlep your stuff to your homeworld, fend off a few Daleks, you can put your things away in the TARDIS bookcase cupboard.

It has handy side pouches for storage of small items like keys and lights up as if it were ready to dematerialise.

DISCLAIMER:  The TARDDYS BJAG is a modification of an actual IKEA product. You will not find it in their stores or in the catalog. Don't ask. Well, maybe at the Torchwood Soho branch store.

Sorry, the camera I shot the vid on output in a .mov file which needed conversion for Windows Movie Maker to make the TARDIS takeoff so no dematerialising. No sound edits either. Next time.

Fascinating trivia: Did you know the sound of the TARDIS is made by rubbing a key across a piano string?

Step 1: Sonic Screwdriver Batteries Not Included...

Things to gather on your journey:

For little more than a buck, get two IKEA FRAKTA shopping bags.

and for a few more bucks, a plate of their delicious meatballs...wait

I used the large version as I have also seen them sell a smaller book/grocery tote in the same style which you can do the same modification.

A bit of white felt or similar transluscent fabric for the windows.

A bit of fiberfill to diffuse the LEDs.

Something to replicate the top dome light.  I had the plastic packaging from an electronic component that was cup-shaped and looked like the TARDIS light.

You will need to have some basic sewing skills.

I suppose you could hand sew but a basic sewing machine makes short work of things.

WARNING: Learn how to sew. Scissors and needles are sharp. Sewing machines can be dangerous. Learn proper use of your sewing machine so you know if you are going beyond the bounds of the warranty.

Electrical dohickeys:

- (6) blue LEDs, more needed if you plan on more lights
- (6) 100 ohm resistors
- a microprocessor controller board or similar chameleon circuit consisting of 555 timer ics, some capacitors, resistors, switches,  diodes, batteries and maybe a few transistors.
- wire
- external battery pack

CAUTION: Know how to solder correctly and safely, work with power and electronics,  know how to program and debug code, all not necessarily in that order...

You will need to print out a few graphics.

Some clear contact shelf liner or clear vinyl plastic laminating paper.
<p>I think that my nephew will surely fall in love here.</p>
<p>This is so funny! IKEA should totally find a way to feature such flat pack ideas! I personally find this one as hilarious! </p>
<p>Hilarious :)</p><p>IKEA need to loosen up tho. Last week I told them I'd been repeatedly shown a DNS redirection error saying I was undoubtedly not looking for this site (fake Ikea.com/uk) Staff tried to get me to make a call to someone else in the company to warn them of commercial website hijacking!? I think after seeing this, a &quot;Travel in or Wear your Ikea bag to the store&quot; competition is called for to help restore their perspective :)</p>
<p>Every time I go there and they have a working computer kiosk for customer feedback, I like to lodge my concern that in the kids play area, there is a workbench with a working vise. I would imagine one day you will find someone's head stuck in there or someone's hand seriously crushed. But I guess they are still waiting for me to keep on playing with the vise until it breaks, like the drawers we slam to &quot;test&quot;.</p>
Nice one with the meatballs! Fawesome hobo TARDIS. Another great instructable by caitlinsdad. Thank you, sir.
hobo tardis lol
You Sir, are correct. It is de rigeur for the consummate bag-lady.
What the...
yes, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Kentucky-Fried-WTF-on-a-stick/" rel="nofollow">indeed</a>...
What's the significance of the police lights and the ikea bag?
The TARDIS from the popular TV series Doctor Who is in the form of a blue British Police call box.
right up there with &quot;Beam me up scotty&quot;
WOW that is so cool :D Thanks
:-) that's nice!

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