This version of FM radio with TEA5767 with digital volume use Arduino Uno development board instead Arduino Mega like in previous artilce.

Digital volume in 15 steps is made with MCP4261-502E/P dual digital potentiometer who work as real potentiometer (logarithmic style)...

Step 1: Schematic

This schematic contain:

- Arduino Uno development board or similar (I use VISduino UNO R3, in this case)

- Nokia 5110 display with hand made logical level interface

- FM radio module with TEA5767 chip

- MCP4261-502E/P dual digital potentiomer (SPI control on 8 bit steps)

- breadboard, 4 pushbuttons and few wires

- stereo PC speakers

TEA5767 radio module is put on i2c pins (A4 = SDA & A5 = SCL) and MCP4261 dual digital potentiometer is put on SPI pins: SCK=D13(SCK), SDO=D12(MISO), SDI=D11(MOSI) si CS=D10(SS).

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