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Introduction: TEA5767 FM Radio With Digital Volume

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A few years ago, I tested a FM module with TEA5767 who is controlled by Arduino Uno. My project was a suscces because it reproduced by more readers of my blog.

Now, I introduce a dual digital potentiometer (MCP4261-502E/P) with logarithmic output and 15 steps & mute.

Step 1: Schematic

Schematic is a little complex and I use:

- Arduino Mega development board

- Nokia 5110 display with hand made logical level interface

- FM radio module

- MCP4261-502E/P dual digital potentiomer (SPI control on 8 bit steps)

- breadboard, 4 pushbuttons and few wires

- stereo PC speakers

Step 2: Info on Display & Sketch

On Nokia 5110 display (who use PCD8544 controller) I put few informations:

- frequency: value with double characters & units of measure (MHz) with usual characters

- symbol for antenna and small graphic for signal strengh

- graphic for mono and stereo signal and volume steps

My original sketch is put on Github: TEA5767_eeprom_i2c_lcdNokia5110_digitalvolume_3m2.ino.

Value for frequency and value for step volume is stored in EEPROM memory of microcontroller ATmega 2560..

Step 3: Conclusion

This FM radio is more complex project than others but with patience you can made it.

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    3 years ago

    Is it possible to save the FM channels on this project ?