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I have used toilet paper (TP) rolls for a while to keep cables wrapped up and organized. During my last organizing spree I realized that they can actually be used to organize boxes of cables and wires quite effectively, too.

Step 1: Parts

- a cardboard box a little higher than the width of a TP roll (shoe boxes work great, I spray one end with primer so you can read writing what's in them)
- a bunch of TP rolls
- optional tape or glue if you want to secure the rolls together as an assembly

How many TP Rolls do you need? Well, not quite as many as we had collected for crafts for a friend's day care. :-)
The number would depend on
- how many cables/wires/etc do you want to store
- how many rolls would fit nicely into a row or column in your box
- whether you want to tape the rolls into a set assembly, or have them loose in the box so you can take out a cable in its roll.

Step 2: A Box With Loose Rolls

Picture of A Box With Loose Rolls

The box had a sturdy piece of card board just the right length, so I filled half the box with rolls and left the other for some bigger stuff.

Step 3: A Box With an Assembly of Rolls

Picture of A Box With an Assembly of Rolls

Another option is to secure the rolls together with tape or glue. They will stay in place better but you loose the flexibility of removing one roll.
Also an option is the arrangement of the rolls, here it's more like a honeycomb whereas the other was square (I am sure there are more appropriate names for this...).


radagenais (author)2013-04-21

No, no no no no. Do NOT wrap cables this way. This is how you destroy cables. Use an over-under wrap and velcro.

berserk (author)radagenais2016-01-10

Pls explain over-under wrap, or add link.

jacksonhpeters (author)2012-11-07

Now take a can opener to an empty pop can, and use the lidless cans instead of tp rolls...

berserk (author)jacksonhpeters2016-01-10

That is an interesting idea. Does the average can opener leave any sharp edges on pop cans? I'd be worried about that...

Pop cans are bigger, which wouldn't work as well for me. If you are concerned the rolls breaking down, I have not had a problem. I access these every few weeks (or months), and at that rate I still use the same rolls 5 years later.

Bobby T (author)2015-10-08

Using this already, ace tip for cables.

LeoWorks (author)2015-05-21

Just Brilliant!

davidbarcomb (author)2014-11-19

Simple but very helpful idea. Thanks

RobertGoldring (author)2014-08-20

great idea, my wife's always moaning about all the toilet rolls i leave around, now i have the solution.

Tuna_Hacker_101 (author)2013-09-20

This is a useful idea, I'm so making this for all those cords that I have laying around my house. Thank for the post

Kelly02 (author)2013-06-26

I always get tangled. Nicely organised.

kiwiinoz (author)2012-07-14

I've been hoarding TP rolls since I saw the photo on Pinterest. I hope you don't mind - I've linked to your instructions in a blog post located here:

judihodgkin (author)2012-01-15

You could always cover the tubes with a layer of decorative paper of some description. Using slightly thick paper would also contribute to the sturdiness of the tube. Great idea as I'm sick of hunting through a tangle of spare cables to get the one I want. Thank you.

hotsaucedaily (author)2011-11-21

I love this! As a Hoarder of Boxes, this will help me convince the Wife as to why I should keep those boxes around.

This system could certainly be adopted to all those 5 oz. bottle of hot sauce we have.

justinotheruser (author)2011-11-10

Takes a little bit ot time, but if you put contact paper on the tubes they will last forever.

gatanasov (author)2011-10-01

Hi. Do you close the backs of the TP rolls so that the cables don't drop when you lift them or just leave them with both holes open?

l00p1n (author)2011-05-26

how long will the cardboard last?

berserk (author)l00p1n2011-05-27

The cardboard is holding up well. I am only accessing this stuff maybe once a month, though.
I have come to prefer the box where the rolls are not taped together because it allows me to take out a cable and keep it wrapped till it arrives where it is going. That means rolls get lost occasionally, but the supply of replacements is pretty unlimited, so that's OK.
If you wanted something sturdier you could consider plastic pipe.

damien381 (author)2011-05-05

double solve. cleared up my cables and did something with the ton of tubes I had laying around. Might go for a variable version to handle different cable sizes. Thanks!

bumzurama (author)2011-01-07

Another idea would be to use PVC pipes. I use one for my MacBook's power adapter extension. The white color matches the cable, too. n_n

berserk (author)bumzurama2011-01-07

Yes, I have thought about using something nicer, more solid. I kind of also liked how this version is recycling and free. Nice for a prototype. So far I haven't upgraded, and the rolls are still working fine.

soleta (author)2010-03-02

Easy, simple and really wonderful.
My boyfriend is a disaster with all his gadget cables, he wont make much effort to organize them but when I showed him your instructable and gave him a few rolls he smiled and inmediatly decided to follow the project. I didn have to say a word. Really smart idea, thanks for sharing.

urbanmari (author)2010-02-14

Hear, hear, berserk!  Nice 'able.  I also have many tp tubes left over from craft-collecting, and have many cables and cords that are all an indistinguishable mess.  Thank you!

Joe Martin (author)2009-08-06

I wasn't expecting much from this but after just seeing the picture of the cables all nice and neat in the tubes means I have to make one sometime for my pc repair kit! 5 Stars!

berserk (author)Joe Martin2009-08-06

Yes, the name kinda makes you go "eewww". I wanted it descriptive, but it isn't very sexy. Suggestions?

"anal retentive" poop tube rack ? purel panic pigeon holes ?

You are being nice, right?
I guess it does takes some anal retentiveness to keep enough stuff in enough order to make it useful.

just being silly
"anal retentive"=Organizer+TP

budman0312 (author)2009-08-12

this is a really good idea. but if you don't have that many tp rolls, you could make some out of paper. or use something stronger like construction paper or cardstock.

it's a slow project , use a roll, save it in a box, ... and then there are 42 oz. oatmeal boxes , perfect as a recycling container for CD/DVD "coasters"

amakerguy (author)2009-08-11

awesome Idea! I do have lots of cable for my cameras and gadgets! I've been just throwing them in a drawer.

thegrimace1234 (author)2009-08-09

Such a good idea, I've been fighting all my cables for years.

loricollins (author)2009-08-07

I really like your work here. Great job!

Runeshai (author)2009-08-06

It'd be great to mount this on a wall or put it on a shelf or something... save floor/closet space. Some way of using it at a desk would be awesome too...but that's a pretty constant battlefield.

JakeTobak (author)2009-08-06

Great idea, I have a loose box of cables that could use some organizing. I'll get right on making some used up TP rolls.

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