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If you can get over the fact that they are kind of tacky, toilet paper rolls are quite handy to organize cables.
A friend showed me years ago how she uses empty tp rolls as cable wraps. I have liked them for that since, I find them easier to work with than velcro, zip-ties or twist ties.

If you don't know how to get a tp roll :-), check out pigsnfish's instructable.

Step 1: Wrap the Cable

I like wrapping my cables by folding whatever is too long in half, in half again (repeat as necessary), and finally either in half again or into thirds, whatever fits into the roll better.
Wrapping the cables like that doesn't get them all twisted up like wrapping them around something will over time. Also, I find the result is usually neater.

Step 2: Slip Over the TP Roll

Not much to describe there - slip the roll over the wrapped cable.

Of course, any good geek has more than one cable to deal with. So, for an extension of this idea, see my [TP Roll Organizer Box instructable].

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Genius! - I am going to use this idea to store all my spare cables. I realised I can leave the connectors hanging out one side so I can find the one I need easily.

    It will be MUCH easier than untangling numerous cables in a box!

    Thank you :)

    1 reply