Picture of Tardis Pull String Pinata
For the avid Dr. Who fan in your life, nothing livens up a birthday party like a pinata in the shape of the iconic Tardis phone booth. Luckily it is a very simple shape, so here are instructions on how to make a good looking, tardis which you can use over and over, OR, if you want, just to make a sculpture.

Since we knew she would much rather have the Tardis to keep afterwards instead of smashing it into oblivion, I opted for the pinata to be a pull-string, allowing it not only to remain intact for enjoyment, but also reusable if so desired!

This project took about 5 hrs. I was charged with helping do a surprise party for a friend who is a Whovian, and I knew that a Tardis Pinata would make her day. It was made from:

-1 Cardboard Box
- Scraps of foam core board
- Packing tape
- Brown Paper
- Corn Startch
- Paint
- Misc. details
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Step 1: The Box

Picture of The Box
Find yourself a box that you deem to be adequate enough to be phone booth shaped. Tape up the flaps into it's closed position so it is nice and tight. Leave one end open. This will become the trap door for the pull tab feature later.

Step 2: The Trim

Picture of The Trim
The Tardis has three levels of depth on the sides. Now, you are welcome to just paint the details on, but it you want to go that extra mile, here is how you can do it:

Using the foam core, cut four strips, each the width of two rulers side by side (to make it easy), and then scored down the middle so it folds around the edge. Using a hot glue gun, or tape if desired, attach these to the corners of the box.
OjoeMDC1 year ago
obviously it holds more candy because its bigger on the inside... o is it smaller on the outside? Abd in traveks through Time and relative dimension in space. I mean... what?
jkestes2 years ago
This is awesome! How do you secure the bottom flap so the goodies don't fall out before the correct ribbon is pulled? Also, you mentioned it being top-loading - how did that work? What is the advantage compared to filling it before securing the bottom flap closed? I'm hoping to do this for my son's birthday party in 2 weeks - he would be thrilled!!
Teddz0r2 years ago
Why hello! This seems like an awesome craft, certainly fit for a theme party of some kind! I've featured it on Geek Crafts, please check out the post at: http://geekcrafts.com/tardis-pinata/
Donfay112 years ago
I'd love to see a Dalek piñata!!
Mostlymade (author)  Donfay112 years ago
Me too! That'll be my next one!
M.C. Langer2 years ago
FANTASTIC PIÑATA!! I love Doctor Who, and your piñata would be fantastic for a party! I have to share this with the Whovians!
More Candy on the inside?
Mostlymade (author)  RocketPenguin2 years ago
Like you wouldn't believe.