These lights bring a nice warm light to your outdoor living area. Terra cotta is a durable material that can withstand the elemets and it still adds a relaxed garden feel to your evironment.

Step 1: Materials

-Terra Cotta Pot: 4 inches
-Terra Cotta Saucer: 5 inches
-Small Candle

NOTE: you can also choose a larger pot and saucer, its 100% up to you.

-Dremel Tool
-Grinding stone bit (#84922)
-Tile cutting bit (#562)
cool ;)
thaank you
what a cool idea ! these would also make great faux jackolanterns
Yea that's definitely a storm-trooper helmet
you got that right my man
Looks like it creates nice ambiance.<br> <br> Is it just me, or does the pattern resemble a <a href="http://bored-bored.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/stormtrooper-helmet.jpg">stormtrooper helmet</a>?<br> <br> <br>

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