Tesla Free Energy Air Circuit Design and Testing


Introduction: Tesla Free Energy Air Circuit Design and Testing

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This video demonstrates a circuit design I found on YouTube called a Nikola Tesla Free Energy Air Circuit. That video showed a hand drawn circuit diagram that looked simple so I decided to build one. Actually, I ended up building a few. This instructable will demonstrate two of the circuits I made. One is just the basic design and the other is two circuits wired in series with a push button to control an led. I connect the circuits to my house ground and an antenna that was already mounted to the top of my house. The antenna was not being used and had been there since I moved in years ago.

Step 1: First, Follow the Schematic to Build the Free Energy Circuit

First you need to build the "Tesla Free Energy Circuit". So find a breadboard and follow one of the diagrams above.

The first diagram shows the basic circuit and the second shows the schematic for two wired in series.

You will need at least the following to build the first circuit:

4 diodes ( I used 1N34A Germanium Diodes)

2 100pF ceramic capacitors

2 100uF electrolytic capacitors

Step 2: Now Use Antenna and Ground Connect to Test Out the Free Energy Circuit

1. Find a good antenna

You can use whatever you want for an antenna. I use the one mounted to my roof. It's large and works well. Any antenna will work. However, the larger the better usually.

2. Get a good ground connection.

You can use your house ground connection which is usually really good. I've also used a metal stake in the ground (works best if the soil is wet).

3. Connect a multi-meter and start testing

a. Test the AC voltage of the ground and antenna

b. Test the DC voltage of your circuit (after connecting the ground and antenna to the circuit)

Step 3: After Hours Testing

I left both circuits connected to the antenna / ground for a few hours while I processed the video. Later on that evening after dinner I checked the voltage on the first circuit and it was near 20 volts! Keep in mind it's still not that much actual power. It would light an LED for a little while but the voltage would drop off quickly. Just being connected to the multi-meter caused the voltage to slowly start do drop. But over time, if dumped into a battery or larger capacitor bank, you could accumulate enough energy to do something more useful than lighting a LED.

Step 4: Testing With a Wimshurst Machine

These tests demonstrate that the circuit receives more than RF (radio) signals. Any electromagnetic radiation can be received. Any electronic device produces an electromagnetic field. These circuits can pick up this energy and convert it to DC power. This video demonstrates the circuit receiving energy "through the air"; otherwise known as induction.

Step 5: Testing With Fluorescent Lighting

Another observable repeatable test done with fluorescent lights. This test demonstrates two Tesla Air Circuits being tested with fluorescent lights. Proving that these circuits receive more than just radio (RF) signals. These circuits will harness energy from anything that produces a strong enough electromagnetic field. Anyone with the desire to build the circuit can demonstrate this proof of concept by repeating the tests.

Step 6: The Story Behind the Testing

More Tesla Air Circuit demonstrations and tests. Plus, the story behind the project and testing. I noticed that the circuits performed better at night. Find out why in the video.



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    any idea what sort of power you can get out of this?

    I was actually wondering recently if you can get usable electricity from an antenna, so this answers it for me. I'm guessing the stronger the signal and higher the transmission power the more electricity. Cool project, thanks for sharing

    12 replies

    After a few hours the single circuit reached nearly 20 volts. The double circuit reached over 8 volts. I had been pushing the button so it had only charged a couple hours; less than the single circuit.

    I posted a "Step 3" that shows another video and picture to demonstrate.

    We are awash in radio wave many of which come from high power sources such as commercial radio stations. Tapping into this sea of energy is of course possible and by no means mysterious - If you include a tuned circuit, a coil and capacitor you will get even higher levels of power "sucked from the air"

    On a small scale this is no more than what a crystal radio does, on a larger scale, large enough to be useful your going to upset a lot of people by creating black spots in their transmission pattern, it won't take them long to find the source of the problem.

    Free energy? 1. this isn't really free as the transmitted signal has to be paid for 2. Free energy doesn't, as such, exist. energy can neither be created or destroyed, only changed from one type to another. If anyone wants to extract "free" energy they will be bett off looking at solar, wind or water power.

    Tesla was doing this before radio and the electric grid

    I was about writing just the same xD Really spooky how people turn science into abracadabra. Recently I saw those chemtrailers. I did not know whether to laugh or to run and cry.

    Unfortunately you should cry. The level of idiocy is higher every day, and growing.

    People that have no basic knowledge claim ''over unity'' ,''perpetuum movement'' or ''free energy''. Less and less people try to read a book. We are going down, and fast.

    nnadine: there is free energy and there is free energy, both with different meanings. My assumption with this instructable was that it was referring to energy that didn't cost anything, hence "free", rather than an over unity type impossibility. From the comments being written it seems that a lot of people haven't considered this other, more common, meaning of the word "free", and frankly have voiced that fairly rudely.

    This isn't free in any sense other then your not paying for it. The transmitters, and the users of that transmitted energy would be very cross with you for blanking out their reception if you were to try to draw any amount of power from the air.

    Whilst on this type of "free" energy you can get 50 volts from your phone line. It's free in so far as you won't pay any more for tapping it;. - The phone company take a dim view though.

    Actually I had this discussion in a similar i'ble: there is no free energy (in the sense of available, but you must not pay). What you harvest is electromagnetic energy and there is plenty out there. Unfortunately the part not originating from humans compared to the part made by humans is nada/almost all. So you will just harvest energy made by humans. And it is NOT the case that this will just "float around" and needs to be gathered. Most of it is from radio stations and what you take away must be put in additionally at the radio station. So, if you harvest that energy on a larger scale it's simply stealing. Nobody will care if you operate a LED with that energy. But doing this serious is: stealing. So don't start talking about free energy. There is none.

    Yeah, I should have said doesn't cost anything to the guy at the end with the circuit having a play around. It's what I meant when I wrote the above post, and like I said there it's what I figured was meant the whole time with the term "free energy" in this and other instructables.

    My real gripe really is that people don't need to say it rudely, there is a be nice policy on here (not referring to you here). Nothing wrong with saying it though

    You got inspired by the comment from bodo below, I guess :o)

    There are quite some of those i'bles here. Unfortunately it's true - less people care for truth. "I read that on the internet" seems to be enough.

    it depends on he sumation of thecirquits asmach as you can connect in paralle you gat asmauch power


    which antenna did you use?

    Thank you


    which voltage rectifier you used ?

    Thank you.

    Nothing 'free' here. You made a receiver. I used this 30 years ago to power up a small bulb, nothing more. The energy is coming from the radio stations around so, theoretically, with a very long antenna and decent earth plug, may squeeze out about 1or2 watt .

    Cool Demo. The energy is however not really Free. It is being radiated by from RF sources in you area. For example you local FM rock station. what you have built is a radio receiver. If you added a oscillator to the circuit and tuned it, you might be able to hear Air Supply or Tay Tay if you're lucky.

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    While the circuit does convert RF signals to DC power, radio frequencies are NOT the only source this circuit can receive. In Step 5 of this instructable the circuit is tested with fluorescent lights( https://www.instructables.com/id/Tesla-Free-Energy-Air-Circuit-Design-and-Testing/step5/Testing-with-Fluorescent-Lighting/ ) The circuit will pick up and convert the frequency emitted by the fluorescent lighting ballast.

    20 volts or even 1000 volts is not energy, it is potential energy. To get energy out of it you must have charge flow, or current. Since current is charge/time, current * voltage = power.
    Allow some current to flow, measure it, do the math, and let us know how much power you are able to harvest.

    This is free energy in the sense that you do not have to pay for it ( except the capital cost of the device ). It does not violate thermodynamics, or extract the so called "vacuum energy"

    Nice Idea and execution, let us know some more results please.