• Inner Triangles: Mahogany
  • Inner Triangle Edges: Purple Heart
  • Outer Middle Parallelograms: Mahogany
  • 3x Hexagon Edge: Walnut
  • Outer Octagon: Red Oak

Table Base:

  • 3/4" Birch Ply
  • 1" Steel Bar Custom Brackets

Designed in Rhinoceros 3D

The concept for this tabletop came from a floor design for a geodesic dome. I wanted to geometrically transition from 3 (the triangle in the middle), to 8 (the octagon on the outside). I started by cutting shapes from scrap materials, and the project transformed into the following table design with a complimentary base. I consider the base a prototype, as I'd love to redo it in a nicer wood someday. If I were to build a similar design again, I would definitely consider attaching the table-top pieces with biscuits for added strength.


Step 1: Table Top Design

No fancy code or algorithms used. The geometry is all designed by hand, using Rhino's snapping tools.

The Rhino (.3dm) file is attached if you want to explore the design, or make one yourself.

grrrrrrr its suuuuper cooooool!!!! <br>im going to try this one. thanks for this guide :)
<p>This and your other Instructables are Mind Blowing man !</p><p>You are an artistic Genius sir.</p><p>If you were closer I would love to meet you &amp; study under you.</p><p>Thank you.</p>
<p>I really like how you took the time to mock up your tablesaw jigs in the software. That's some intense planning.</p>
Yeah a bit over the top. I eventually want to make a mitre jig with adjustable knobs, and this was sort of a test. Of course, now that I have access to the 5-axis Waterjet at Pier9, it's almost moot. :)
<p>bravo &quot;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/gabrieldunne/" rel="nofollow">gabrieldunne</a>&quot;, i enjoyed this project</p>
<p>I LOVE IT! How big is it? like in terms of height and length, I was wondering if you could share the Rhino file you made or the cut file I am planning on making this as a housewarming gift for a friend. Much appreciated. </p>
Hi Mahaa1,<br>My final design is 16&quot; in height, and ~40&quot; wide from tip-to-tip.<br>I updated the Step 1 by uploading my Rhino file.<br>Thanks for looking!
<p>Very abstract!</p><p>What is its weight?</p>
<p>It's pretty heavy! I'd say the top is about 20lbs or so, and then base is even heavier, including the brackets. Thanks for looking!</p>
<p>I wanted to make one for my mother, but cleaning days could be a problem. Anyway cool table, keep sharing with us wonderful projects like this one :-)</p>
<p>Great looking table! I love the types of wood you used.</p>
<p>Great Model</p>
Great work, thank you
Nice, I like it.
<p>excellent model for creativity . i like it </p>
Great work Gabe.
<p>Really nice result!</p>
awesome concept, and work.
Wow! That turned out great! I love seeing beautiful wood pieces like this!

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