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Having seen a bunch of examples of these that other people on the internet had made (that although awesome, were waaaaaay too expensive) I had a crack at my own take on the idea.

I made some prototypes a couple of years ago, but the colours didn't pop as much as I'd hoped, and I've got more tools now.

Here's how I made mine....

Stuff I used:

  • Table saw
  • Steel rule
  • Squares
  • Knife
  • Router + dovetail bit
  • Dovetail Jig
  • Wood glue
  • Paint
  • 12mm MDF - 8ft x 4ft sheet
  • 3mm MDF - 6ft x 2ft sheet
  • PPE - dust mask / googles / ear defenders

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Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
When you think about it, each Tetris block can be broken down into four equal squares.

I decided each square would be 160mm2, and be 150mm deep (good for CD's).

*UPDATE* After making a few more sets of these for other people the ideal unit size is 224mm, as this fits DVD's n' stuff */UPDATE*

I took to AutoCAD and drew up some plans.

I chose to use 12mm MDF, and they'd be backed with 3mm MDF. The joints would be dovetailed as they're nice and strong, and not that hard when you've got a router and a dovetail jig. (you can get away with rabbit joints though)

Once I was happy I wrote all the measurements down as a "shed reference sheet" and took to my little workshop.
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Do you know what exact brands and colors of spray paint you used?

cdevildevil1 month ago

Putting a square block right on top of that hole at the top would really drive people crazy. I think I might do it :D

tomas75a1 month ago

What are dovetails?? Never heard about that. Cool project though! I like it:)

JohnnieT1 month ago
Really nice!!
kjsrocks1 month ago

Be sure to screw them together and screw them into the wall.

You wouldnt want it to fall over

Cotixtof1 month ago

Great! If all possible, where can I get the autocad files? Chris

Cairdy Crafts2 months ago

A very well documented, commented and photoed Instructable! The geek in me loves the way the Tetris pieces stack together, and the CDs storage part looks so good! I'd love to give something like this a go sometime, but until then, great job introducing, recording and explaining the steps!

starforest2 months ago

Wouldn't the shelves be some what unstable because they're just stacked on top of each other? If one shelf at the top had more weight on it then the ones at the bottom wouldn't it fall off?

paverphalange9 months ago

Thats fabulous

dan30089 months ago

I want now :D... Just droped you an email requesting a quote. I dont really have the needed tools to do it myself lol

motherprune10 months ago


cobbledbeard10 months ago

Its exceptional

mousepaper10 months ago

Its exceptional

mousepaper10 months ago

Its exceptional

Thats fabulous

amazedgreen10 months ago

Thats exceptional

fastbobble10 months ago

Thats astounding

gorgeddamp10 months ago


clearedeager10 months ago

Its spectacular

illrings10 months ago


airbugger11 months ago

Its phenomenal


headlymph11 months ago


tealrink11 months ago


grousebandit11 months ago

Its breathtaking :)

harechubby11 months ago


clapfilk1 year ago




Thats exceptional...

Thats calme

gazumpglue1 year ago

Awesome project! Looks like I will be making a set. One question, I didn't see any dovetails, did you mean rabbet's?

wish i had the room to get a set!
Excellent design, love it so much.
BunnyRoger1 year ago
So cool!! Wish I was a bit more of a handyman or carpenter to do this for my kids' room.
This is amazing, Love this Instructable!!
MAApleton1 year ago
Oh wow, I absolutely love this!!!! It looks so incredible.
Don't lower your standards! You've done a really good job there.
p3jawors1 year ago
Are the different blocks connected at all or are they just stacked onto each other?
HicksCustomFurniture (author)  p3jawors1 year ago
Stacked, so they can be rearrange for different spaces...or if you're feeling playful!
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