With the growing popularity of airsoft it seems that every player is an "expert" on buying gear, guns, ammo, etc.

The problem is that many of these buying guides rely on poor research, lack of understanding on how airsoft guns operate (people that make the argument that airsoft barrel extensions muffle a considerable amount of sound... -_- ).

I've been playing airsoft for about three years spending most of my free time doing research on most everything in the airsoft world.

I'm hoping that this guide will strongly influence your decision on purchasing an AEG. This is my first instructable, so I'll do my best to effectively communicate my thoughts and ideas.

NOTE: This is in no way a guide for purchasing real guns, nor are any of my suggestions even viable for real weapon use. This guide is for airsoft only.

Step 1: What Is an AEG? / a Noteable Avoidance

AEG's (Automatic Electric Guns)

These are the most common skirmish worthy airsoft guns. They use battery power (along with gears and a motor) to propel 6mm plastic bb's. Excellent for Infantry, Assault, Defense, and pretty much every other position (If you're a sniper, then Spring airsoft guns may also be a viable alternative).

Avoid Walmart and Sports Authority:

TRUST ME. I've spent well over $500 on cheap airsofts that break and become useless, since you can't Frankenstein them together. It's well worth it to save the $100+ required for a decent AEG.
The best airsoft brands are definatelty Tokyo Marui, G&G and Classic Army. I also feel Umarex is worth noting and they are super realistic because of their licensed products with H&K.
<p>I have a Umarex USP and it still runs and the fact it has no blowback allows me to get 7 mags out of one CO2 cartridge.</p>
What is a good website to buy airsoft guns that will not break im a week or month and idc if the price is to high or not
<p>airsoft gi is the best place. I think the best starter budget gun is the G&amp;G Combat Machine series. If you have a bigger budget then buy a KWA gun.</p>
<p>The CM RK47 is an excellent gun! Great for beginners though the stock plate is a pain to remove, which is how you insert the battery.</p>
I live in Australia do you know if it's legal
<p>Hey Buck10 How are ya mate I live in AU as well. Airsoft guns are pretty much illegal and impossible to acquire here in AU. Google it there's plenty of info out there that's easy to access about the subject. Importing an Airsoft gun of any kind to a state or territory were it is illegal is considered as serious an offense as importing a real firearm. It differs for each state/territory. Here is an insert from Wikipedia about Airsoft in AU. </p><p><strong><em>&quot;As a general rule, the following types of Airsoft guns are illegal in all states:</em></strong></p><ol><li><strong><em>Guns capable of fully automatic fire.</em></strong><li><strong><em>Guns that outwardly resemble a sub-machine gun or machine pistol.</em></strong></ol><p><em><strong>In addition, each state has its own legislation regarding possession and use of airsoft guns&quot; </strong> </em></p><p>In NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and TAS Airsoft of any kind is prohibited and would most probably be considered a serious criminal offense if you tried to get one there.</p><p>Paintball guns are illegal in NT but airsoft is legal although you would have to acquire a special firearm license. Not sure about WA but it might be illegal as well.</p><p>I think its BS that we can't have these awesome guns here in AU but hey if the Liberals win this election that all might change in the future. The Liberals are supposedly thinking about deregulating and legalizing airsoft and real firearms in our not to distant future. So you never know in a couple of years we might actually be able to freely purchase and own airsoft and real firearms in Australia. Now that would be interesting!!! Cheers mate.</p>
<p>Hi! I'm new to the airsoft community and I was thinking about buying a CO2 (12g) H&amp;K USP medium size (It goes at 350 FPS so I can use it at most arenas). Should I buy? </p>
PajamaDoesSuff you could go to Tac City Airsoft great place.
Buy a colt 1911 co2 or green gas
It's been years since I last played airsoft but if you're just starting off, you ca't go wrong with almost any airsoft gun that you pick.<br><br>If you're anything like me, you'll have another one in no time.
How do i know what brand an air soft gun is? We purchased a few used from someone who was really into it. I know it's all metal but i'm confused where the name or model number is. They never used it so i'm selling it....any help would be greatly appreciated. Im a 43 yr old clueless girl...lol...
Airsplat will fit you or evike or Airsoft GI
<p>Hi! I'm Holden and a frequent airsofter. You should try looking up specifications of the gun. Ex:</p><p>&quot;Full metal h &amp; k co2 pistol&quot;</p><p>That might help.</p>
i s aftermath airsoft any good? thanks <br>
quick question is aftermath a good brand if so i want to get the m4 can you help me thanks
im looking for a good website do you think airsplat is bad?
Not necessarily bad (it just depends on what you end up buying).<br><br>Evike.com or airsoftgi.com will likely have a better selection.
airrattle is boss!!! i ordered an AR-15 from them and it is great <br>
ah nice to see you have the guns insted of geting pics of the internet!!
I have an electric one and its mag is the battery and the scope is the loader.
I used to have one of those, kinda cheapy, you can get a better shotgun than that.
I saw one by the name of Cyber Stryke *Cyber Strike
What I meant by &quot;I wouldn't know though&quot; is that I wouldn't know about the airsoft wapons. I have ordered some gear from them and it looks to be good quality.
Opsgear has some decent looking stuff. I wouldn't know though. But they are kind of expensive, $200 - 378.
so basicly we just want to modify it if our airsoft is bad?
No. Basically you want to save up to something decent instead of buying rubbish.
thanks for the tips its about time an adult posts things like this for pepole who actualy want to make this as a profesanal sport
also bought this a while back was wondering if its a good gun or not so far it scares some of my frends but i never have shot them or pointed a fire arm at them......AGM Full Metal M4 TDW-RAS AEG Rifle w/ Enhanced Motor &amp; Full Metal Gearbox <br>
People say that AGM/ACM airsoft guns aren't that great but I had an AGM M14 that I never had a problem with.
You forgot to mention Classic Army guns, and Guns made by the actual weapons manufacturers, which are usually high quality and very compatible, but are a wild card due to rarity<br>
For the price of a Classic Army Sportline I can buy a JG and put some upgrades into it. Other than the Sportline series, Classic Army is way too expensive for the beginner.<br><br>I'm not aware of any airsoft guns manufactured by the real steel manufacturers (unless you're just referring to those licensed to Umarex).
HK makes an MP5, and Beretta makes a variety of pistols. Those are the ones I know of, but others are probably out there.
I have a crosman 1377, Shoots One bb at a time. but not those plastic ones. It shoots .177 bbs and .177 pellets as well, rifled steel, and shoots 600 ft/sec. It still shoots like it was new. <br>I grew up shooting my dad's but his only shoots .22 pellets. I'm not sure what he paid, but mine was 45 dollars in 1995, and 15 more for the shoulder stock. The rear sight it came with was junk. It got replaced the first time I sighted it in. <br><br>Yeah It shoot's one at a time, but if you miss your first shot, you lost your target at the same time. I don't know who told you to avoid crosman guns, but you shouldn't repeat their advice to anyone without checking for yourself first. Good luck finding a bb gun that shoots faster and hits its mark every time for less then 400 dollars. <br><br>
That's dangerous. On top of that, if you wanted to play at an event you wouldn't be allowed to use it. And you might possibly get arrested for assault.
it's a bb gun not a toy. <br>I don't point or shoot guns at people. that's how you're supposed to handle, and teach others to handle guns if they're real or not.
airsoft guns are made for that. what you are talking about is a pellet gun. those can be just as dangerous as real guns.
Here's my final question... <br> <br>I have afully automatic AEG in K-mart for about $50. It is clearly labeled as a beginers gun and is made by palco.Should I buy it? <br>
No, save your money. You're already about halfway to an A&amp;K.
Thanks. I didn't know I was actually close to being able to by a better quality gun :)
My pleasure, when you make that $100 check Craigslist. There are always people selling really good brand name AEG's for cheap. Just make sure he or she can Tell you everything about the airsoft gun, make sure there are pics, inspect it to be sure he or she isn't lying, that kind of stuff.
i see those at academy.aret they any good.and their $180.
Yes, well I've never heard of academy.aret so I'd say no go.
oh sorry i mest up on that.i meant academy sports and outdoors.and that was soposed to mean are they any good.
I see.<br><br>I checked them out (never heard of them before this) and I'd definitely have to say no.<br><br>Try Craigslist and ask a buddy that plays airsoft to help you find the right one.
ok.i have 2 ppl i can ask.1 has a p90(good one) and a shotgun and pistol. my other one bought the crappy p90 and has shotgun and pistol and two mini guns.not gatling guns like mini scars
my friend bought a P90 at softair for $30.it got held back a little but i here it sucks :-(
Yes, well, for $30 it's more or less obligated to suck.

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