Introduction: The Basics of the Lin Kit One

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The very beginning of the lin kit one

Step 1: What Is in It

The box comes with a manual , the actual thing, a battery, and three other parts

Step 2:

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this is what it looks like

Step 3: Battery

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This is a picture of the battery. The battery is a lithium battery and it is rechargeabl. Your suppose to plug it into the lin kit one board and it powers any project you try to do with it.

Step 4: GPS

Picture of GPS

This is a GPS. Your probably thinking that doesn't look like a Gps. At first i didn't think it was either but it really is. It has regular GPS capabilities but you have to program them on. I will make another instructions on the basics of coding it when i become more antiquated with it and learn more.

Step 5: GSM

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This is the GSM piece. It connects you to other phones that have it. It also lets you send text messages. This is really cool ,but just like the other things it needs coding

Step 6: Wi-Fi Also Bluetooth

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This is a Wi-fi antena . It's pretty obvious what it does. This piece connects the lin kit one onto the internet . This same piece also has bluetooth. Bluetooth lets you transfer and share different files

Step 7: Lin Kit ONE Basics Complete

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Enjoy and Happy Making


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