Step 3: Boil All Water - Fire Starters

Picture of Boil All Water - Fire Starters
Water Will Be A Major Issue! Humans are Walking Bags of Water.
In a major disaster, you may be faced with drinking from questionable sources. Your Best Rule is Always Boil Water. You must make fire. I suggest you carry at least three different methods: lighter, matches and a magnesium striker. WHY? Lighters can be defective or run out of fuel. Matches can be difficult in wind and bad weather. You do not want to rub sticks together. Even Survival Experts hate that one.

Magnesium can be carried safely in a small block, but when you scrap the edge into small grit, it will ignite with a spark. The striker is a metal bar that when struck by the edge of a knife, for example, causes that high temperature spark. The wooden handles version is slightly different. The wood is oil soaked and the scraper is used to strap the wood to form tender which lights easily, even after a half hour under water.

Another tip to accelerate fire starting is to carry Cotton rubbed with petroleum jelly. I carry them in old film canisters or prescription bottles, both of which are water-resistant.

The other benefits of fire are heat, cooking, medical, protection from animals and a signal for rescue.
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You're basically right, but please...this is meant constructively...check your spelling! You sound 10X more authoritative if you don't have misspellings littering your pages. Most web browsers (I use Chrome) will underline a misspelled word in red. Just right-click and it'll give you the correct spelling.

An added bit of info -- there are problems with cheap knockoff Chinese "magnesium" bars! They simply do not ignite, and may not be magnesium, but something like aluminum, which the sparks from a ferro rod will NOT light. It's best to spend a few extra bucks on a Doan brand magnesium block, or just get a GOOD quality, large and thick ferrocerium striker rod and use another tinder such as petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls or waxed cotton makeup applicator pads.

I just spent an afternoon learning how my firemaking tools actually function in use. The magnesium from my bar did not ignite. I need to replace it with one that WILL ignite when I need it to -- but I had vaselined cotton balls, and THOSE worked. Replace paracord pulls on zippers with *FIRE CORD*, and you'll have lots of little bits of tinder that will ignite even when wet. And a tin of Live Fire will save your butt in an emergency.