Introduction: The Box Transformer

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this is a box transformer. it transforms into a box again. all out of cardboard and hot glue and a few cardboard staples i found on a box. (99% recycled) the hot glue isn't recycled.

Step 1: Items

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you will need a cardboard box you can fit in, a knife, hot glue, and 8 cardboard staples.

Step 2: Body and Legs

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cut along one side of the box so its as long as possible and flat. put one flap up and mark were your feet are going to be. then cut a line in the middle to where your thigh so you can walk. then put a piece of card board over the feet (see pic)

Step 3: Arms

Picture of Arms

cut off 2 flaps ether side of each other around were your arms would be. the get 2 strips of cardboard  a little longer than the width of the flap.

Step 4: Head

Picture of Head

take the 2 flaps where your heat will be and fold them so you can put a square on top and glue it.

Step 5: Tansforming Back Into a Box

Picture of Tansforming Back Into a Box

just crouch down and let every thing fall in  place


maximus197619 (author)2010-10-10

its cool but its kinda a bad tut

aprille1 (author)2009-12-14


Kiteman (author)2009-10-28

On behalf of #2 son, I'd like to say; Coooool!

2bigbros (author)Kiteman2009-10-28

on step 2 im going to get more pix to help explain it better once my camera starts working

gmjhowe (author)2009-10-28

 No video?

hint: we need a video.

2bigbros (author)gmjhowe2009-10-28

ill have a video soon

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