Picture of The Complete Collabororative knex war guide
A realistic war guide, by knexers that know what they are doing, for knexers that suck at knex and fail at life.

Step 1: Tactics

Picture of Tactics
Ok, tactics. 

Well first of all it depends on your gun, what works for a Tr18 probably won't work for a Wrectangle, but here's a few general tactics, we'll get to more specialized tactics a bit later on.

-Never let your gun run out of ammo, as soon as there is cover reload.
-Work as a team, you can only shoot one person at a time, so if two or three of you attack one person at a time you have a higher chance of success.
-You are not Chuck Norris, do not even try, you will fail.
-Make your shots count, don't just fire off your gun randomly, aim.
-Don't charge a group of enemies, doing so will result in failure, or death, possibly both, unless your gun has a high ROF (Rate of fire) and a lot of ammo.
-If you are going to pick up ammo off the ground, do it when there are no enemies around.
-Ambush your enemy while he is reloading.
-Use all available cover to your advantage.

I personally would be the one with MY very one one shot sniper it has great accuracy! Or I would use a turret pistol, but I forgot who made it.

The Knexer2 years ago
Prim 1 : Tr8/ Knexsayer w/8 shot turret (Compact, reliable, Doesnt jam/turret gets stuck, range , accuracy, power)
Prim 2: Untangle (Range, Power, Accuracy, Silence)

Secondary 1 : Tbos With modified Slide and removable mags ( Rof, power, accuracy, reload)
Secondary 2: Compact SRV2 Modified pistol. (Range, Accuracy, power, silence)
Now that I think about it.... Realisticly I cant hold the guns all at once.....
Primary 1: Tr8
Primary 2: Narp (Not A Rectangle Pistol)

Secondary 1: Tbos W/slide and removable mags
Secondary 2: Knex Builders Small slingshot pistol

Extras: 3 Mini Fred Da Bunny Stick type grenades. (Yellow rod length) and my Tactical knife.
What pistol is in the top picture
jamesdude2 years ago
combat arms?
RangerStorz2 years ago
primary A: own design SR-35 Sniper rifle
primary B: own design AR-35 SMG

secundairy A: Desert Eagle
secundairy B: tactical knife with mini gun inside

as you may see: im a long range fighter :)
mrmuffin3 years ago
Primary a tr36 primary b Knex wasp secadary a my luger secandary b my mini mag fed pistol
moospoos3 years ago
Primary A: I_am_canadian's Heavy cannon V5 (Handheld)-
Because of the long range and moddabble ammo

Primary B: Dual mezak-
Because the ram rods cam hook eachother and you can then load em and shoot em!!!

Secondary A: My modded meZAK with removable clips-
Because i can then fast reload and it is pretty powerfull for its size

Secondary B: The break action shell ejecting double shooting shotgun thingy-
Nuff said

kylekosan234 years ago
whait i thought this was by fred the peuinguin not dj radio
I posted it, but it was a collaberation between me and other notable knexers from this site including dj radio
one more tactic... grenades grenades and grenade launchers :D
mostly not frag but imploding ones
instruct394 years ago
Primary A- ZKAR v2 or BAW
i like the charging handle on the zkar v2 but the baw has removable mags

Primary B- any type of tr8
pretty much anything with a turret on the end of it is a good gun

Secondary 1- KLS v2 or BSW
BSW has better ammo for a war but the kls v2 is semi-auto with removable mags

secondary 2- TJOS or some other oodamo pistol
tjos has removable mags witch makes it better than most oodamo pistols, any other oodamo pistol would be sufficiant though
tytiger334 years ago
Here is a senerrio in a war. 2 guys stumble across a heavy cannon v1 with an enemy siting in front of it headphones in. The stand is only 6in high...  "Hey what is that. Looks like an arrow.  Yeah you're right. Or a.. I don't want to hear it. Is that an enemy in front of it? Yep, looks like he has headphones in. 'Checks the cannon' Looks like it it's loaded with one big round and 12 flat rounds.Giant shotgun? Yep. Well lets not let a loaded gun go to waste. On the count of 3 we pull the handle. But that could.... 1 kill... 2 him. 3 oh-well FIRE!" You see blood splatter over the gun and the enemy's upper body is nowhere to be seen. All that's left is what is below the muzzle of the gun. Both guys look at eachother, nod and run to the organiser of the war.They told him that they had found the guy like that. The war is shut down and the cannon's owner didn't want it back. So the 2 that caused the accident greedily took the parts and split them between eachother. They both had problems with any guns made with parts from that cannon, they always..... misfired when they were pointed at them selves unfortunenlety the first guns they made were NARs with 10 bands and sharpened ammo pointed at eachothers hearts..... 
kylekosan234 years ago
ik just a week a go i thought knex guns were stupid but now i know that they have WARS and fire RUBBERBANDS kinda like a airsoft gun war i luv airsoft wars but i got bannd idk y my dad said:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
LOL someone forgot the "L" in flag XD
what is the name of the gun in picture3 step 8 on the bottom
The ZKAR. But build v2
rec0n5 years ago
TJSTR 2 is pretty versitile. and it shoots better than all of the other non-bolt action mag feds. shoots forther than my AR4- V3 ever did, too.
tytiger33 rec0n4 years ago
Where can I find the TJSTR 2?
DJ Radio (author)  rec0n5 years ago
If you put all the mods I made on it on the gun, the AR-4 v3 goes around 70 with 3 bands.
No it isnt i build it its a rather nonversitile gun.
It gets 40 feet in range then drops.
how many bands did you put on? mine goes 55-65 ft with 3 sets of 2 tied together #64s.
shimanto4 years ago
im the first subscriber at this page!!!
Dirtyboyy5 years ago
this is teh ultimate war gun

Isn't that a Double TR-18?
yes, it is
Love it ^^^
talk about a mutant of a gun! that is sick
An Villain5 years ago
IT'S OVER 9000!
tahts impossible
 What does the scouter say about his powerlevel?
Lol Ytp for ever
biggity boggity boogity bob
jmm72 H1T4TCH15 years ago
H1T4TCH1 jmm725 years ago
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jonnok jonnok5 years ago
Uhmmmm....... wtf somebody saying Yes!!!!?
YEAH I GOT STREET FIGHTER 2 FOR THE SNES! ROFLMAO! the second streetfighter!!!!! whoa!
ytreza4 years ago
yeah nice mooi zo dutch guyy ben je nederlands stuur message naar me
H1T4TCH14 years ago
it looks a little bit like a 'nade launcher :)
instruct395 years ago
hey wat is the gun called that is in the middle of the rifles? it kind of looks like a musket. and can some one give me the link to it if you can.
its Killer~SafeCrackers, he never posted it.
I posted a slideshow.
haha yeah i know, i posted a comment on it
thanks im glad i didnt start looking for it
no prob
on K~SC's picture, what is the gun in between the ZKAR and the Kentucky long rifle?
a modded rectangle
Skreetsha5 years ago
Damn.. not on the list, lol.
what's not on the list?
Nvm, lol. I saw my A.D.U. Guess i'm not dead to Ibles completely.
spricer9885 years ago
i go for cod mw 2
instruct395 years ago

in the last picture on this step, what is the pistol at the bottom center?

Jammy's TJOS
Thanks, you should put the name next 2 the guns so people know wat they are. All of them look really cool but half of them i dont know their names.
P.S. sorry it took me a while 2 reply, my computer wasnt letting me bring up instructable until now.
1825155 years ago
Combat arms Rocks!
Merugop 1825155 years ago
 Lol get a life
A Appelpie-that-has-been-delivered-by-a-45-years-old-South-Culombian-Travesatite-that-lives-with-his-dead-mother-and-doesn't-like-Vanilla-icE
Now oyu again rofl :p

bighead54545 years ago
heatblast5 years ago
You know what would be really cool for the rules of this war? Think of the war as a Duke Nukem 64 Deathmatch. Instead of it being: "get hit 3 times and you're out", it should be: "every time you get shot your health goes down". And if your health reaches 0, you're dead or, out for good unless the game starts over. Everyone's health should start out being at 100. And on each level or battlefield, there should be hidden places or secret areas where there's weapons,ammunition,inventory items such as:portable medkits, atomic health,scuba gear,a jetpack to get from place to place,bags of #64 rubber bands,coils of surgical tubing:so when the elastic power on your guns snaps or breaks you can replace them and that goes for all weapons on the battlefield,black electric tape,duct tape:to strengthen the ram on any gun, when it's necessary,protective boots when you're walking across something hot,chemicals or spilled substances that could hurt you or your health,extremely cold places, such as floors or surfaces that have a negative or sub-zero temperature,dangerous liquids like acid or hazardous materials/slimy substances such as radiated sludge or toxic waste. And all weapons,inventory,health items,special objects will be all over the battlefield, as they will also be in the secret areas in all locations. This goes for every level/battlefield. There are is also secured or locked areas that require the special objects category such as access cards, keys,password codes, and electronic access chips if the security systems are complicated. This also goes for the two opposing tactical teams headquarters, special ops database,their co,arms and munitions storage buildings,and heavily armed backup troops or reinforcements. These places should be strongly secured and heavily guarded, so that  no spy or enemy tactical assault troop can easily gain access of the opposing teams special arms, tactics and munitions or the team's data that they honor and guard with their life. And there should be no limit to how many weapons you have, ammunition you carry, or how high your health gets, but be warned........ the higher your health is,the faster it drops. Remember newton's law or theory? "Every action has an equal or opposite re-action." Logic Boy, please add this to your war guide because every one on this site needs to hear me out,this is a good idea......... so I would appreciate if you did. If you do I will give you a raise of five stars on any one of your ibles. :)
Thats the longest non-spam comment i've ever seen! :-P
DJ Radio (author)  Jesus.5 years ago
I've seen longer.
sandmman Jesus.5 years ago
 i like the idea with cases with ammo, rubber bands, health enz.!
DJ Radio (author)  heatblast5 years ago
Uhm that would require a bunch of honesty and honor than most people would give credit for.  This only really works in video games.
Keep dreaming.  (No offense, cool idea)
rating is 3.88 now........ :).
4.06 now, thanks to me................5*
zack attack5 years ago
what do u mean by chuck norris?
 goin rambo on their butts
personally I run around with a cheytec intervention and a pp2000
knektek5 years ago
lol step 8 my pic, avatar wu2eva.
TR18 and the assassin
'nuff said
DJ Radio (author) 5 years ago
Ok so after fixing my choices and getting rid of Jammy's spam on there, I noticed the sidearms step was missing.  Who removed it?
Late reply. Weren't you part of the conversation. Few agreed with my suggestions. I don't agree with much of the guide in general so instead of compromising my section with you guys I was just going to let you make it yourselves according to how you want it.
TigerNod5 years ago
Does de OSNJCKMAEH falls in this catagory? It is compact and has a high rate of fire (I manage to get 2 shots every second max, but usally I can fire just one), and it reloads fast , and has medium range.
knexpete5 years ago
 please note:
DJ Radio (author)  knexpete5 years ago
Actually the ZKAR gets marvelous ROF (1 round per second) and it's bolt action.  The AR-4 doesn't have that great ROF, but it's comparable to a pump action like the knexsayer or a slide action TR.
What gun specifically are you referring to?
 AR4 v3
DJ Radio (author) 5 years ago
Up yours Jammy, shame on you for changing my secondary to your TJOS.
yerjoking5 years ago
What? You didn't even credit the people that had the first "true" knex war.

You used someone elses gun as an example (which is used as a primary) and never credited the maker.

I've been having knex wars for ages. I made the first ible on it :)
Want a medal?

Nobody said you hadn't. I said the first "true" knex war as it was the first War which was recorded and involved other members of the knexing community, from 'ibles or KI.
No I don't want a medal. I was merely stating a fact.
I put up the names of the collaborators, the list would be massive otherwise.
there was only 8-10 people at the ki war thingy
KnexFreek5 years ago
 WTF no offence but im not in there? i mean the hellslayer, the freekiller, the mag fed shotgun, the k f s a,????? wtf
 the desparado... the list goes on
Idk, I just did the intro, tactics and my choices.
 dude cmon. imean really?? srry but, man


 ? wat

prove it.
 prove wat?
Would you consider the tank bow to be a cannon or something else?
 no, cause it fires regular sized ammo..... and its not classified as one because you can use it in war :)      (using only a few bands)
Really? Oh I didn't know that.
And you can use cannons in some wars. Most people ban them, but not all.
Lawl... I'm not in here either. And I am practically jesus.
 well now im beginning to gain ground and im in this instructable a bunch of times now
tthomasvd5 years ago
call of duty modernwarfare2 rocks even more
Speedmite5 years ago
Could you give links for step #3?
Seleziona5 years ago
Primary A: TR8, awesome. completely awesome. Good ROF, easy loading, easily the greatest war gun ever.
Primary B: Hellslayer, completely amazing gun, shoots oodammo, and it's just the best.
Secondary A: Sipriani rifle V3, it's a slingshot, gets good range, it's good everything except for the ROF.
Secondary B: TBOS, pretty much as amazing as the hellslayer! It's small, gets good range, and is very comfy..... I like it!
Okay, shame on who ever placed that image in step 1.
KnexFreek5 years ago

Primary A: TR18
reason: high ROF, great range, 18 rd turret, reliable

Primary B: Logic bow 
reason: great range, reliable, turret

Secondary A: Hellslayer 
reason: its an oodammo shotbow! Nuff said

Seconday B : a double barrel single turret shotgun pistol
reason: The title says it all (picture below)

Here is a link to the idea by oblivitus: www.instructables.com/id/New-Knex-Concept-Notification-3/

Picture of the gun built ....    by me :)

what does it do? shoot 3?
 click on oblivitus's link above in my message where i chose guns
? I don't understand. What does your gun do? It doesn't just tell on the picture!
 it has 2 rams, 2 connected  triggers that you can pull separately or all at once, and one turret. you pull both rams and it fires out 2 shots from the turret. Or pull one ram and fire out a shot. ITS A DUAL BARRELED SHOTGUN REVOLVER
AWESOME! Will you post :(
(i'm sad if you don't)
 I wont, its too much work and not innovative enough LOL
That's fine :) 
Any guns coming out soon from you?
 WHOA!!! thats one beafy pistol are you posting?
 i dont know when lol
Are you asking to put that up on step whatever?
yea the step where all the top knexers posted their weapons of choice :)
KnexFreek5 years ago

no offense meant
actually i was part of the collab. i was asked awhile back if i wanted to be part of a huge war collab thing that someone was making. the disscussion was on someones ob (ill try to find it) and i think (im serious!!) that the conversation was between me and you!!! it was only like a 3 part conversation. you asked me, i said yes cool, and that was kinda it. (ill find it!!!) also can you add the pic of the gun i made? thanks.
yes but you never officially joined [linkity]

I never added any pics except for the one of my gun, I'll tell you what I'll add you to the collab and you can put it up yourself, maybe you could add some stuff as well.
TigerNod5 years ago

Um... Logic? I'm afraid your intro has... um... suddenly disappeared!

Seleziona5 years ago
Good job on this! 5*
ant ant 335 years ago
 What would you class as the perfect or best sidearm 

DJ Radio (author) 5 years ago
To me, it seems like a bunch of people having opinions on what they like to use for a war.  Your opinion isn't the only one that counts here.  That's the point of a collaboration.
Alright, fine I'll delete my section and the rest of you can give better recommendations.
heatblast5 years ago
whered this war take place i wunder?
DJ Radio (author)  heatblast5 years ago
travw5 years ago
Don't forget the Untangle.
it was not posted when this was made, not by me.
Ok, then just edit it. What do you mean by "Not by me."?

You don't like it?...
I actually do like the untangle, I did not make this step, that is what I meant, I tink DJ did.
Oh, my bad. Can you not edit it then? If not, you should have him. Mine shoots 300 feet+ with 5 bands and fins.
DJ Radio (author)  travw5 years ago
I made that step before the untangle was made.  I just forgot about it lol.
travw DJ Radio5 years ago
Gotcha. No harm done. =)
ok I will

(I wonder if I can incorperate the design into L Bow Elite)
Quite possibly.
that would be epic
Extremely. You know what'd be cooler than that? Fully automatic L-bow with Untangle power system. PWNGE
dude.... How about a shotty with removable shells that all use that system inside the shell
yeah wouldn't that be cool? I need to finish the untangle...
It's totally worth it. But, if I caught you before you finished it, I'd like to give you some advice.

1) Use 2 or 3 white connectors instead of gold connectors to hook the bands on.
2) You don't need the 2 yellow rods on both sides of the chamber. Leave it off, it'll be fine. It hurts a lot to put on.
3) Put a decap'd rod in the ball socket, and goop some hot glue on it. Let it dry, then sand it down.

Hope this helps.
thanks. I was working on the tr part of it and hadn't done the front yet. I still haven't I will take your advice but what does #3 do?
Keeps it from breaking. Theoretically at least. ;) It technically still works with it broken, but it kinda bugs me.
DJ Radio (author)  shadowninja315 years ago
I'm building it too lol.  It doesn't hurt too bad, but then again I modded the chamber to not hurt so much when building.  I might have to disassemble the knexsayer though... Hope not.
or have 8 untangles connected together like an oodagat.
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
That would rule but reloading would hurt.  Besides, if you set it up oodagat style, you would be limited to the bands you have because you would lack a pin guide.  I suppose you could set it up to have a pin guide, but that would take up a bunch of space.
I put it in, however I think it is a bit too overpowered for a war...
With 5 bands most definitely. But you could use 1 or 2 and it'd still pack a huge wallop.
exactly, I reckon that you could kill someone if you had a well placed shot with a sharpend rod with 10+ bands, possibly 10m away (30 feet) if the rod had fins.
Most definitely. Have you built it? (The Untangle)


But make sure to reinforce the stock like Baken.
DJ Radio (author)  travw5 years ago
I should make a video of my knex inventory soon.  I need someone to determine if I have enough for both the Untangle and the ksayer at once.
travw DJ Radio5 years ago
Untanlge takes approx. the same as BR, but minus the turret. Toss in a few extra for strengthening the stock, and that's it. Not much, really.
DJ Radio (author)  travw5 years ago
Apparently, I just ran out of red and yellow connectors, and white rods.  I'll order some more soon.
travw DJ Radio5 years ago
What do you have built? Just Knexsayer? I'd take a crappy Untangle over an extremely well firing Knexsayer any day. Seriously.
build the knexsayer first then build the untangle
yeah I have seen it, and I probbably will build it, or just mod the system to fit my LSS design.
travw5 years ago
I disagree with 5/9 of these.
hmm which ones do you agree with...
k sayer
and tbar?
I agree with:
And Knexsayer (Barely)

and the last one is?...
Oops, AR4-v3.
oh ok, if I had done this page it would look alot different, more like

use a Tr18

and then a picture of the tr
LOL. Yep, me too.
L Bow 18 got better performance for me than the Tr, but it was quite heavy, unwieldy and still had the long firing interval.
Gotcha. Looks better though. =P
L Bow or Tr?
L-Bow. I like the looks of the 'Ultra' or 'Elite' or whatever it is.
the "Elite" variant has not been seen on ibles yet, it uses a dual ratchet system in place of the single one n the original, it also is meant to have the 18 turret, I borrowed my mates 18 turret to see how it did.
Oh, ok.
yup, I modded my L Bow to a singled version with the untangle system, a longer slide/pin area thing and a modded it so it used an anchoring system like the untangle, it shot well over 100 metres, (I tested it at the athletics track, standing at the start of the 100m line part, it went like annother 10-20 after that, preheps more). I had (I think) 7 #64's on it,  
Pretty amazing. Though I'm forced to ask a question: If the Untangle shoots that far, what's the point of further reducing the ROF? I'm not knocking your version, just sayin'...
I know, that in my opinion is the L Bow's only real major flaw, but its real advantage over the untangle is that you dont have to pull back the pin with all the bands on it, you can just pull back the bands a couple at a time, but that only decreases rof even more, so its a trade off.
True. I didn't think about that. =)
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
does your gun shoot 50m+? does it support an 18 shot turret? does it have a tactical rail on the bottom? did it ever reach number 6 highest rated knex instructables? the answer is no.
DJ Radio (author)  travw5 years ago
travw DJ Radio5 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
It could, it could, I could add one, it did.  It's also older than your gun, it was made BEFORE the TR turrets.

Now let me ask YOU something.  Does your gun have a stock?  Does your gun have a sighting system?  Does yours have a bipod?  Does yours have a new concept?  Do I care about ratings? The answer is no.

But what the hell does that any of what you asked me have to do with the double ratchet part anyways?
hmm, last step of L Bow ible, it has very accurate sights, why would you want a bipod? this is the first gun to combine a ratchet system with a firing pin.

as for the double ratchet system part, you have made comarisons between the two guns in the past, The Logic Bow is not a sear trigger "sniper" rifle, and I tire of you comparing the two.
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
Not the same as a scope.  I dunno, I just felt like it.  No it isn't, mine is.  If you don't notice, mine has a double ratchet from my longbow crossbows holding a firing pin back like a sear system, like yours.  

Do you think I don't already know about that?  I tire of you comparing your FSSR to my AR-4 v3 as well.  Let's call it a day.
DJ Radio (author)  travw5 years ago
I'd place the ksayer higher up on primaries than the BR, it works very well for me.  Too bad for yours.
travw DJ Radio5 years ago
"I agree with:"
As in, it would be a pretty formidable war weapon.
What happend to the intro!!!!
Oblivitus5 years ago
Build my Ultra Pistol 2, it greatly outperforms the DD-27, it outperforms it in rate of fire, the variety of ammo that it can fire, and reliability. It outperforms KILLERK's pistol in accuracy, and stuctural strength, as well as other things. It may sound braggish to say that it's the best, but I took the best components of both of those guns and spent many hours perfecting it.
I have built the Ultra pistol 2, it felt incredibly flimsy to me, I modded it and showed you a pic remember?
Oh yeah, I remember now. I was honestly very disappointed that you modded it. It's flexible, but it's also very strong.
 damn. those last 3 pics... you have a LOT OF KNEX.
um no, the first 2 pics are ksc's and dj's respectively, the last picture is mine, if you want to see how much knex I do have have a look at my various knex stuff slideshow.
~KGB~5 years ago
yayz! my names there!
what did you do or it?
i really dunno...
Cool. It's up.
yeah I thought it was about time I posted it.
I think we should add the collaborators avatars. What do you think??
sure someone could make them into a collage type thing.
Hiyadudez5 years ago

Wow, this thing has 68, now 69, comments already! And its not even been published yet :-P

Also, if you need any underlining on stuff on some steps just say coz I IZ PRO :-)

I can do it too. :-)
DJ Radio (author) 5 years ago
Sorry guys, What I did here was an accident.  I noticed that step 6 had nothing in it, so when I tried to remove it, I accidentally removed the intro, and I tried to put another one in.  Step 7 is now step 6.

Again, this was ACCIDENTAL.
Added step 8
DJ Radio (author)  Killer~SafeCracker5 years ago
edited step 8.
Ok, sounds good.
DJ Radio (author)  Killer~SafeCracker5 years ago
I just reordered the steps, step 7 is now step 8. 
razzlekunai5 years ago
This seems like the kind of guides that people that have actually attended a knex war should create, rather than people who haven't, therefore do not know anything about them.
i have been in many with multiple of my friends
DJ Radio (author)  razzlekunai5 years ago
I've been in one war before.  And we try to be realistic.  I used the pandemonium video as reference when writing some of this stuff.
So, about pande. I see a picture of pande up in the intro. Did you even ask Mepain if you could use that before using it?
DJ Radio (author)  razzlekunai5 years ago
Do you guys have to copyright everything?  Look at me, I don't copyright my own pictures, I let people use them freely.  Excuse me for assuming everyone else is as generous as I am.

But fine, I took it down. 
"Look at me, I don't copyright my own pictures, I let people use them freely."

Mepain isn't you.
DJ Radio (author)  razzlekunai5 years ago

Stop being a baby.
DJ Radio (author)  razzlekunai5 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  razzlekunai5 years ago
Well excuse me for thinking that everyone is as generous as I am with this sort of thing.
I've been to a war.
well, I have attended knex wars with my friends, small ones, but wars nonetheless.
pls razzlekunai5 years ago
I deleted the pointless picture in the intro.
DJ Radio (author) 5 years ago
Who the heck removed the intro text again?
Made a comment on step 7 about the guns chosen
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
Added a free-for-all gametype on step 6.
TheDunkis5 years ago
Can we all keep track of the edits we make? Especially if they're done to another person's section?
how so?
Well either in the ible or just commenting would be fine. For example the recent edits I made were in the side arm section. Basically I removed some of the bias that got put in there by someone *coughdjcough*. I also added what is recommended for different kinds of was. I guess I'll add what set I'd use.

yup by all means, I added a new step to put in what you'd use for a war.

Alright. So shall we all just leave comments on when we make an edit so we can keep track of who's doing what? Anyone that makes an edit without notifying the rest of us should be kicked out of the collaboration.
I don't think being kicked out would be fair, but I do agree we should keep track of what we do.
Give them a warning first then. I just don't want to work with people we can't trust. No one should have a reason to not tell us what changes they made. I can understand forgetting maybe but that seems highly unlikely if you at least post before you make an edit.
I agree, someone has deleted all of my intro text.
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
I agree too, someone just censored my text.
me. I don't want swearing.
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
Why not?
Do you truly not understand why swearing isn't too commonly accepted and definitely isn't practiced by places like this? Just because you can isn't an excuse either. A lot of people don't want to see it. A lot of children will probably be stopped from seeing this by their parents. It makes the rest of us look stupid for making it look like we accept foul language. Grow up. Swearing isn't necessary so it doesn't need to be said. Just respect people's wishes.
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
Fine, you have your point.  I'll let it slide because it's Christmas.
Be nice!
it is degrading.
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
So is this an official rule or something?  Because I just edited it and fixed up some grammar mistakes in step 5, and made some changes to my own text.
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
They have a "Version history" thing that tells you who did what. 
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
What bias?
ok, sorry, just dont swear.
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
I made some notes of which guns were not posted in step 7. 
made a few edits, put a bit more into the single shot section, acted as Mr. censor to DJ
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
Someone removed the intro text, I put new text back in to replace it.  Oh, and you're fired as "Mr. Censor to DJ" (jk).  Seriously, please stop.
what the hell? who deleted the intro text?
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
For some reason, it's happened again.  I went back in the ible, and there was nothing there.
Ok, well now that we have to keep track of the edits we made I'll start posting them.

First edit: I added my choice of guns on step 6.  I have made some other edits, but I don't remember them. But it was not me that deleted the intro text.
DJ Radio (author)  Killer~SafeCracker5 years ago
I rearranged 1 step, and fixed some grammar errors on other steps.  I might have missed a bunch though lol.

Tell me when to start making my part of it.

uh nows good.
DJ Radio (author)  silentassasin215 years ago
Dude, use a spellchecker next time.  I just went in and fixed all your grammar errors for you.  Next time you're on your own.
The Jamalam5 years ago
Can you put me down as collaborator like you said you would? :)
TheDunkis5 years ago
Edit: Just added my name to the made by list.
DJ Radio (author) 5 years ago
Damnit dude, get out of the editor, I can't save my work because of you.
not in there.
DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
AFTER I posted my comment.  It said that step 4 was locked and you were editing it. 
Are you doing the single shots?
DJ Radio (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
I'm doing whatever.  I'm not focused on 1 specific thing in particular.
Oh right, then who is doing the single shots page?
DJ Radio (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
TheDunkis5 years ago
Forgot to mention the MeZak. Yeah I thought about it afterward but, not trying to sound high and mighty here, the soon to come OodAst-V3.6 is just as reliable now. And you don't need to stack up 7 bands on a side arm. I'd use maybe 3-4 at most which I know the OodAst can handle.
And exactly how was it decided on those 10 assault weapons? We didn't exactly all agree on them. The BRs aren't in there anywhere though they were the most popular weapon at the wars that did happen. The ZKAR also has a place in there. Sgt. Gumdrops and SK's shotbow are another two very excellent choices. Most of the guns on that list weren't even made for war.
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
I put the BRs and ZKAR in the assault weapons group.
hey I'm just doing tactics.