The Death Star Baby Bump





Introduction: The Death Star Baby Bump

This is the costume I made for my pregnant wife to hand out candy on Halloween 2012. No, that's no moon, it's a space station! I call this costume "The Battle of Yavin." The death star was painted on with costume makeup paint. The shirt is just black (turned inside out because there was a design on it) with white acrylic paint for stars and paper cutouts of the ships taped on. It was quick and easy but very effective; it took about 20 to 25 minutes total, 2 tubes of paint, white acrylic paint, a computer and printer and just a smidgen of artistic ability. I just google an image and went off that.  I had had an idea about sticking one of those thin green glow stick necklaces in her belly button (which is at the center of the superlaser disc) for the superlaser beam but we never came across one in the store. Hope you enjoyed it and may the Force be with you, always. (That's our first wee jedi in there, so may the Force be with us as well!)



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    My ex-wife would have killed me for even suggesting that!!

    Cool idea.... and a super way cool wife!

    LMAO, your wife must either be REALLY into STAR WARS or love you ALOT.... If my husband(big star wars fan) had tried to talk me into this, it would have been a NO!
    You did a really good job on the Death Star though

    my wife and I are doing this tonight!!!

    That's no moon, it's a son!!!

    I am totally doing this in a few years. :D

    Oh, that is awesome!

    (I hope you're entering it in the Hallowe'en contests?)

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    And I assume I can thank you for the feature, so Thanks Kiteman!

    Use it wisely...