What nerdy kid born after 1940 was not influenced by Dr. Seuss? Who here did not want to grow up to be a character in one of his books, or have a Brown Barb-a-loot as a pet?

Well, now you can live your dream with your very own Seuss-a-phone.

My apologies to the estate of the late Theodore Geisel. But since I am not making any money on this, and maybe this Instructable will sell a few of his books, I hope you will forgive me for using the name...

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

This is the easiest Instructable you will ever do. I purchased my materials for less than $50, but you can find them for free or almost free at garage sales and junkyards.

1. One trumpet mouthpiece. I selected the Belmonte 7c $19.99, as it is the most inexpensive around. If you want to add some color, Kelly Mouthpieces makes Lexan transparent mouthpieces in many colors and they are less than $20 on-line.

Also available on eBay and at garage sales.

2. 10' of copper coolant tubing 1/2 inch OD (outside diameter) $19.99. This will fit the trumpet mouthpiece perfectly. Available at any hardware store.

3. One Plews LubriMatic Utility Funnel $4.95. A galvanized metal funnel for oil and hydraulic fluid. The metal carries the harmonic resonance better than polypropylene, has a gooseneck for visual effect, and, coincidentally, fits over the copper tubing perfectly. I bought this at Home Depot in the hardware department.
You can get an $8 7c gold trumpet mouthpiece on Amazon
It would be cool if when you played the Suess-a-phone bubbles came out of it. It would be even more fun! :D<br><br> But...the bubble solution would get all messy and stuff...
This instructable should have been written in rhyming verse. Duh.
True... But I have a full time job that takes precedence. Why didn't you write your comment in rhyming verse? ;)
but a rhyming comment my friend would take more time than he can lend and he was a bit like a hypocrite in his comment, what's up with it? wow this is quite weird and it took so long I now have a beard.
I'm so bored.
you should make one with an actual sousa mouthpiece but then again they are really freaking expensive i lost one that the sschool let me use and my mom had to paaay for it(it was like $60)
thats pretty cheap, My trumpet mouth peice cost theat much.
me too. curry precision =P<br/>
Well, I am way to cheap for that. In fact, I am trying to figure out how to make a usable mouthpiece out of PVC.
I was about to say the same thing. They also make plastic ones though. They're probably cheaper. Idk how much they cost, but they can't be nearly as expensive as the metal ones.
You should make one. It is easy and inexpensive. You might even be able to borrow a mouthpiece from the school's band instructor, if you're nice. I bet if you look through some Dr. Seuss books, you could find lots more inspiration for simple instruments. I think I might do that.
Question: Are trombone mouthpieces the same size as for a trumpet?
I believe they are slightly larger. However, the copper tubing comes in slightly larger diameters up to 3/4 inch, so you could probably find a tube that fits the mouthpiece.
They are quite a bit larger. The bigger the brass instrument, the bigger the mouth peice, which is why it's easier to make a sound on a tuba then a trumpet.
I resent that, but the bigger the mouthpiece/instrument the more air...
thanks, a7xforlife
No. All my trombone playing friends curse when they try out my trumpet, because it's harder to buzz into than the trombone mouthpieces they're used to.
This is the greatest! The best of them all! All instructables rock, no matter how small. (Which in your case, its just plane great. Nice work)
lol... Thanks, Obsessive walnut!
Now how to make it have a wider range of notes? Valves seem a little complex, but perhaps a further instructable will offer insight into easy DIY valves. But at the least, simple holes one can work with fingers (like a flute) would be swell. On a 10 foot tube, what would be the spacing? And values that cover the holes like on a clarinet would be much easier.
Maybe you could make a simple slide (like on a trombone) by layering two slightly different sizes of tubes.
I was considering this, as well. I thought it might be cool to mount a yard stick to the extending part, so you can sight the notes.
I have been working out the details for a simple DIY valve system. Soldering copper is easy for the auxiliary loops. I have also been considering finger holes like a recorder, but they would probably need to be spaced pretty far apart. However, if the coils are shaped right, the holes might just wind up in the vicinity of each other.
You were just trying to sneak in instructions to make a beer bong, admit it.
Actually, a moonshine still/ beer bong combination.
the buzz is kinda like blowing a raspberry, only without any tongue, all lips. theres probably a video on youtube that teaches you how to buzz too...

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