I'm one of those mother's who LOVES for the family to dress up together! I also LOVE to make the costumes myself :) I thought I would share how I quickly (and inexpensively) put these family costumes together.

Meet the Flintstones?! http://phar-ma.com/meet-the-flintstones

Isn't Fred a good sport? For this costume I used 2 oversized orange polo shirts from Wal-Mart. I cut a sponge and used fabric paint for the print. The sleeves were cut off and I cut just below the arms on the 2nd shirt to add length to first shirt (see below for full length picture). The tie is actually a fleece scarf (also from Wal-Mart) that I cut to give it a more ragged feel.

The Wilma necklace was made from felt "rocks" attached to white ribbon...the dress is store bought (can you tell I was running out of time?

We couldn't be The Flintstones without a Dino, right? I sketched a Dino pattern and cut him out of felt (and the Ribbon Bracelet was born). http://phar-ma.com/ribbon-bracelet I found a green t-shirt in the young girls section so I had enough fabric to turn it into a baby's dress. I also used my sponge to create the pattern on her dress. Pebbles' bone was made out of felt and attached to a white hairband. I mean...how cute is my little Pebbles?
And there you have it....hope you have a Yabba Dabba Do Time this Halloween!!!

-The PharMA :)

For more information on this project (or others) please visit my blog: http://phar-ma.com
Is that Aaron Rodgers!? Nice job on the costumes!
I can't stop laughing right now! My husband gets mistaken for BJ Novak a lot (Ryan from The Office) and our neighbor swears he looks like Aaron Rodgers too! Guess he's not alone :) Thank you for stopping by!
Haha! I see Ryan from the office now. Good stuff! Well tell Aaron to keep up the good work.
Very cool
Thank you mikeadsaurus :)
Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects here!
Thank you so much!<br>
Thank you so much scoochmaroo! :)

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