The Fox Hole is a baby sling that can be used for babies 2 months and up, in three positions. The front carry, hip carry, and back carry. The Fox Hole sling has a removable hood and faux fur or shearling liner to keep baby extra warm.

Step 1: Materials

Heavy Weight Cotton Fabric and Faux Fur or Shearling Lining 1 yd. of 60” fabric for each.

Separating Zipper 12”, Thread

<p>Really cute and easy to do, not sure if I would use this much in Southern California but I love the idea.</p>
Awesome post! Thank you! Super easy to follow! Made one for my husband to use! :-)
I love how this fox hole looks &amp; I'm trying to make it, but this step 3 really confuses me. I am new this whole sewing thing, so it's probably just going over my head. I don't understand creating &amp; using the pattern. Please help. This is just too cute! Thank you!
I'm stuck on this step. You said to &quot;pin lining to fabric&quot; but I'm not sure where you're talking about. Also, I'm a bit confused on where the zipper is going. Is there any way you can make this more clear for me? Thanks so much!!! It's really adorable and hope I can figure it out!!<br>
lining is the third fabric type that is used in the middle to make it more stable. its usually a cotton fabric of sorts. it will go in between the front and backside of the garment its never visible. You should pin it to the wrong side of the fabric ( best that you do it on the green fabric it will be a lot less of a pain to sew) you can google how to place lining and it may give you a better idea
Amei, muito lindo.... Bem quentinho.<br>Parab&eacute;ns!<br>
A sling with a hood! Beyond clever! All my years of babywearing never saw this...go you!
This is adorable and so is your baby!<br />
Subscribed, voted OUTSTANDING.&nbsp; Very thorough steps.&nbsp; Hope you continue to post :0)
Lol what a great idea! <br /> By the way, I think the baby is really really cute!&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp;Oh my goodness! This is so adorable! Way to go! I voted
&nbsp;Super super cute! &nbsp;Almost makes me wish I still had a baby young enough to carry around...
&nbsp;freaking adorable! so, we are to line up the center of the hood with the curved seam of the sling, or should it be offset some how?
Yes the Hood will be centered on the seam. We used a zipper so the hood would be removable if you wished. In step 5 are the directions for centering the zipper. <br />
How do we cut the hood pattern? I&nbsp;don't know what size or shape to cut it.<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
So sorry it looks like the hood pattern attachment did not add I will add this info tomorrow<br />
The pattern pieces have been added to the cutting step! <br />
That is REALLY&nbsp;REALLY&nbsp;REALLY&nbsp;Cute!<br />
This is gorgeous!!! I'm SO&nbsp;annoyed I didn't see it earlier, as it's just heading into spring and I'm on my last&nbsp; (4th) baby :-( I'd love to make one of these for him as it looks so cosy and he's always carried, but by the time winter comes around again he'll probably be to heavy for me!!<br /> Oh well- it's a lovely idea and I&nbsp;wish I'd thought of it!!<br /> x<br /> <br /> <br />

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