The Justice Lego League of America Saving the World, One Lego Block at a Time.





Introduction: The Justice Lego League of America Saving the World, One Lego Block at a Time.

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This is my entry to the video category of Instructable's Halloween Contest! The Justice League, unite!



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    I might take a while to upload the rest because i have an exam from a microbio in a couple hours and i haven't slept yet haha, but don't worry it will be up in a couple hours...more like 12 hours :P

    But hopefully the pictures should be clear. Once of the pictures have a rough plan of the body and the head measurements, but since you already built the head and from what i can see, looks good!

    Where did the lego body come down to? the waist or lower?

    Yes, I used an x-acto knife and a box cutter. About hip level, if you go lower it might start to look weird.

    I will be posting the instructables soon, so just check in soon

    There's the instructable! I might need to edit the typos later, i'm to sleepy to do so right now. Enjoy!

    done with body. Here it is.
    BTW I got white screenmesh and a cape.

    I don't see the picture. What kind of spray paint did you use?

    going to the LEGO store today with my cousins in our lego costumes and im kinda nervous. got any advice?

    Did you use any lacquer? The paint job looks really good and shiny haha.

    Now that's awesome, you should just stand around and see what people do. It sounds like fun! If we had a lego store, i would love to do something like that.

    I made my first instructible on how tomake a lego Green Lantern Minifigure!