This is my entry to the video category of Instructable's Halloween Contest! The Justice League, unite!
Oh my gosh! My son will love this!!
Great for the kids!
amigos, I loved your instructable so much, I used it to make costumes for my kids... check out the instructable I did for it... <br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Lego-Man-Costume-for-kids/<br><br>
what did you use for the eyes? how much was it and where did you get it?
We used mesh wiring to put over the eyes. If you don't add the mesh, then people can see who's inside. Lets see the cement tubing was 16 dollars for a 4 feet roll (divide that among 4 people that equals to 4 dollars), 1 large box from Home depot ($1.79), 2 cans of spray paint ($8.00). So all in all the costume cost each member less than 20 dollars. Took us about us about 2 weeks to complete, in all 30+ hours
I'm looking at making a lego figure for halloween this year. I've got it planned out, but I just have a question or two.<br>What did you use for the heads? I've seen that tubing somewhere but now I'm not sure where<br>Did you use one big sheet of cardboard for the body, or piece it together?<br>Any tips for painting?<br>This is such a cool video and its great to be able to ask someone who's actually made something like this before. Thank you!
Do you have a copy of your plan online? Maybe you can message me it so i can take a look at it. <br><br>But for the heads, it's just cement tubing and it shouldn't be that hard finding it. I got mine at Home Depot. 4 foot tube 12&quot; diameter cost me only 16 dollars and that was good for 4 heads.<br><br>The body took a while to design, since all of our bodies are different. But we made it and used it as a template for the other 3 bodies. The only thing we had to alter was the shoulder width and the inside support. Actually for the body, well for the first 3 costumes we made it out of several cardboard boxes (about the size of the large USPS boxes). Then, one day buying spray paint at home depot, we came across huge cardboard boxes they were selling for $1.49, and it clicked to me; they are PERFECT for one body. All you need to do is take them apart, and if you cut it right; cutting the box vertically while leaving the top flaps intact, you are left with a template of a body that you can modify and cut into that lego body.<br><br>And thanks for viewing! I really appreciate it. If you need any other help, just message :)
your welcome for the great idea
where are the girls? as in wonderwoman and hawk girl <br>
You know what, you're right! We should've made them too!
Congradulations!!! :D
Thanks! Im very greatful
What did you win?
A shirt and an HD Flip Mini Camcorder
Awesome costume! :D
Hey, I saw this in the PDN! Great job on making them :D
Sweet a fellow local! Thanks man!
Love it a lot. Excellent work. I'm totally gonna steal this.
Great costumes!
Thanks man!
great costume, <br>got to admit anything lego looks cute, (even on a grown man?)
We're all 19....not that old :P
Those are GREAT lego costumes!
...<br /><br />Wow. That's excellent!

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