The Justice Lego League of America saving the world, one Lego block at a time.

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video The Justice Lego League of America saving the world, one Lego block at a time.
This is my entry to the video category of Instructable's Halloween Contest! The Justice League, unite!
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jabronie25 (author)  mr.cardboard2 years ago
I was flash
what did you use for the batman cape? was it cheap? and where do you get it?
jabronie25 (author)  mr.cardboard2 years ago
Batman cape was just a simple table cloth you can get at any discount stores. It's those kind
What did you use for the ears. I used a circular box for the head it is like this. Is that OK.
jabronie25 (author)  mr.cardboard2 years ago
Looks good! We used 10 inch cement tubes from home depot...i believe it was $16

For the ears, i used cardboard, shaped like a triangle, but a bit more curved. You can also use posterboard.

And for the eyes and mouth, we used screen mesh from home depot. You should be able to find that at Lowes or any home improvement stores. We don't have a Lowes here so I can't really help you find it, but since it's a major store, you won't have a hard time
O MY GOSH THANK U! BTW what kind of yellow would you recomend?
jabronie25 (author)  mr.cardboard2 years ago
I love legos! Loved them as a kid and still like them now...even though i don't have any :P
jabronie25 (author)  jabronie252 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
jabronie25 (author)  jabronie252 years ago
I might take a while to upload the rest because i have an exam from a microbio in a couple hours and i haven't slept yet haha, but don't worry it will be up in a couple hours...more like 12 hours :P

But hopefully the pictures should be clear. Once of the pictures have a rough plan of the body and the head measurements, but since you already built the head and from what i can see, looks good!
Where did the lego body come down to? the waist or lower?
jabronie25 (author)  mr.cardboard2 years ago
Yes, I used an x-acto knife and a box cutter. About hip level, if you go lower it might start to look weird.

I will be posting the instructables soon, so just check in soon
jabronie25 (author)  jabronie252 years ago

There's the instructable! I might need to edit the typos later, i'm to sleepy to do so right now. Enjoy!
done with body. Here it is.
BTW I got white screenmesh and a cape.
jabronie25 (author)  mr.cardboard2 years ago
I don't see the picture. What kind of spray paint did you use?
Kylic yellow sunpaint!
going to the LEGO store today with my cousins in our lego costumes and im kinda nervous. got any advice?
jabronie25 (author)  mr.cardboard2 years ago
Did you use any lacquer? The paint job looks really good and shiny haha.

Now that's awesome, you should just stand around and see what people do. It sounds like fun! If we had a lego store, i would love to do something like that.
I made my first instructible on how tomake a lego Green Lantern Minifigure!
heres the link to my first one.
heres the second
Can you check out my first two instructables! And comment! And Follow me.
Almost dome with body. Did you use an X-ACTO Knife?
jabronie25 (author)  jabronie252 years ago
If your just painting the mouth of batman...then just use yellow acrylic or tempera paint and spray a layer of laquer.

But if you want to use spray paint to paint like the body, i used Sun Yellow from Rustoleum
Im gonna suscribe to you! Love that costume! That was so original!
jabronie25 (author)  mr.cardboard2 years ago
And for the body, we actually made another lego costume this year, I will be posting the instructable with pictures later on today so just stay tune! Unless you need them now.

Home Depot sells packaging boxes in sizes: small, medium and large. The large boxes is the perfect size for anyone..unless you're taller than 6'2 or else it might look short. But i will post the measurements later on so i'll link you it
Could you link it to me? that wouyld be awesome. Do you like legos?
Where did you get the mesh for the eye holes and how did you get the boxes at Lowes to look like the lego bodies? Im having trouble with that.
spikelvr412 years ago
Oh my gosh! My son will love this!!
jabronie25 (author)  spikelvr412 years ago
Great for the kids!
cenzi3 years ago
amigos, I loved your instructable so much, I used it to make costumes for my kids... check out the instructable I did for it...

jmurdock3 years ago
what did you use for the eyes? how much was it and where did you get it?
jabronie25 (author)  jmurdock3 years ago
We used mesh wiring to put over the eyes. If you don't add the mesh, then people can see who's inside. Lets see the cement tubing was 16 dollars for a 4 feet roll (divide that among 4 people that equals to 4 dollars), 1 large box from Home depot ($1.79), 2 cans of spray paint ($8.00). So all in all the costume cost each member less than 20 dollars. Took us about us about 2 weeks to complete, in all 30+ hours
Poehls053 years ago
I'm looking at making a lego figure for halloween this year. I've got it planned out, but I just have a question or two.
What did you use for the heads? I've seen that tubing somewhere but now I'm not sure where
Did you use one big sheet of cardboard for the body, or piece it together?
Any tips for painting?
This is such a cool video and its great to be able to ask someone who's actually made something like this before. Thank you!
jabronie25 (author)  Poehls053 years ago
Do you have a copy of your plan online? Maybe you can message me it so i can take a look at it.

But for the heads, it's just cement tubing and it shouldn't be that hard finding it. I got mine at Home Depot. 4 foot tube 12" diameter cost me only 16 dollars and that was good for 4 heads.

The body took a while to design, since all of our bodies are different. But we made it and used it as a template for the other 3 bodies. The only thing we had to alter was the shoulder width and the inside support. Actually for the body, well for the first 3 costumes we made it out of several cardboard boxes (about the size of the large USPS boxes). Then, one day buying spray paint at home depot, we came across huge cardboard boxes they were selling for $1.49, and it clicked to me; they are PERFECT for one body. All you need to do is take them apart, and if you cut it right; cutting the box vertically while leaving the top flaps intact, you are left with a template of a body that you can modify and cut into that lego body.

And thanks for viewing! I really appreciate it. If you need any other help, just message :)
christinw143 years ago
your welcome for the great idea
christinw143 years ago
where are the girls? as in wonderwoman and hawk girl
jabronie25 (author)  christinw143 years ago
You know what, you're right! We should've made them too!
homestuck4 years ago
Congradulations!!! :D
jabronie25 (author)  homestuck4 years ago
Thanks! Im very greatful
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