Remember those cool weapons that pretty much every alien in every sci-fi movie has? That awesome laser weapon he got straped to his arm and shoot without even tuching?
well now you can have one too!

The Tunnel Glove has two modes, tunnel AND dot, and the best thing is that it's activated by clutching a fist
so you don't even need to tuch it, just like in the movies!


For the making of the Tunnel Glove You WILL need a Laser Pointer if you don't already have one, I'd recommend wicked lasers, they are the best out there.


Step 1: Materials

all right! most of these you can find around the house,
you'll need..

1. a video camera cassette box.
2. a thin plastic mirror(can be found in your local arts & craft store)
3. about 15cm of fishing line (the thin kind)
4. a box cutter (needs to be very sharp)
5. a piece of sand paper.
6. a soldering iron.
7. some solder.
8. double sided tape.(art & craft store)
9. superglue.
10. scissors.
11. 2 Zip Ties
12. 1 electric wire
13. a AAA battery house(removed from a tape recorder)
14. elasic band.(arts & craft store)
15. a continues on-off switch (also removed from the same tape recorder)
16. 1 Styrofoam board (arts & craft store)
17. 1 glove(can be any glove)
18. double sided fabric-hooks tape, seen on the secound picture, (arts & craft store)
19. 1 toothpick
20. 1 chopstick
21. small pliers
22. 1 AAA battery
23. 1 mini motor (this is very importent! it must be small, this one was removed from the same tape recoder as the above, CAN BE ALSO FOUND IN OLD WALKMANS.)

If you have a walkman that you dont need then
your probebly set, everything you need is in one of those.

ok, if you have all of these then your ready for step 2.
Do cats only like circles and not dots my cat doesn`t run after the dots either if you have any more ideas send it via email-joseph.abhi@rediffmail.com
i might have missed it but i didnt see where you said how to make it go between a dot and a circle, thats cool, too bad i have one of them cheap laser pointers it wouldnt work to well, nice instructbale
the red switch controls the transition between dot and tunnel, and a red laser will work too..
might want to actually explain that better to avoid confusion...like "when the motor is on, the mirror will spin and create the "tunnel" beam, when the motor is off the mirror doesn't spin so the beam of the laser just exits without modification to it's path" or some junk next you need to make the nifty "predator" targeting system (remember the 3 triangle deals?)
Just added an explanation in step 4, the "predator" targeting system is something a thought about making a for a long time.. and it the next order of business!
I was there years ago when the special effects person asked how to make three laser dots project in a perfect triangle. Back then the solution was to tape three cylindrical Helium Neon lasers together and the triangle dots was automatically projected because the tubes were parallel.<br><br>Sorry I don't remember who the movie person was.<br><br>Nowdays a person could just tape three pen laser pointers together and get the same effect with a tighter triangle of dots.
Just tossing in my $.02 for design of the triangulation shoulder targeting system: Build the 3 lasers in a triangular harness where all lasers pivot toward the center or away from the center. Add mechanical linkage so they all pivot at the same time. Moving this linkage basically sets the distance from your prey. Design of this linkage will take some trickery and creativity. Run a shielded cable from your shoulder to your Power glove. Think along the lines of bicycle brake cable. Use this cable to control the linkage on your shoulder. Have a power switch on the glove to turn on the lasers. Move your shoulder to actually target your prey while fiddling with the cable to zero in on your target. Then fire your glove laser to kill your prey. Yeah, it's a 'cheat' to aim with your shoulder, but hey! I'm on a budget. Perhaps add a 4th laser to the shoulder harness that always points to the center of where the 3 lasers cross. Have it a different color so it will be recognized as the weapon and not part of targeting. Building the harness will be a bear, and having the lasers actually line up will take a bit of tweaking, but it will look VERY cool in the end. TO THE WORKSHOP!!! MWAH HA HA HAAAA!!!
somebody likes his roleplaying, methinks
just use 3 laser pointers the ring would look diff but so what
What I have noticed from watching a cat entranced with a laser image is that it will stalk and try to capture something as if it was where the image appears.&nbsp; It usually doesn't realize that it is being projected from somewhere else.&nbsp; The only problem is that if a cat realizes that it can have no effect on the image by pouncing on it, it will quickly give up and ignore it.
Do you actually have a cat? Because both of mine can clearly tell what is projecting the image, and they'll often carry my laser pointer in their mouth to me just so they can play. It could just be that my cats are really dumb, or all cats are like that. Hmm....
No, I don't have a cat, but I regularly visit a friend who does for a monthly club meeting. One other guy who usually shows up, (he has to, since he's a club officer) usually brings a laser for the cat to chase. From what I have noticed, however, many dogs will chase a laser dot with idiotic abandon.
thats nice! I like your cat by the way : )
um the cite u gave for lasers is good and all but wat if ur like me and want a cheeper laser say around 10- 20 dollars, were would i might find one
so ive been doing research you cant get any of the wicked lasers if you live in the usa becuz they are above 5 mW and thos are illegal<br />
Hell?<br />
Only thing, who has 50 bucks to spend on a laser pointer? They are cool though...
ya ther cool but 50!!!! i carry 20 around thats it lately
50 isn't that much. i'm buying one right now!
5,000 isn't much.... For a 6500 mw =D<br />
or a noname model from ebay for 5$.. i bough a green one and it is as bright as my 49.99$(the most cheap one) from wickedlaser.
this is AWESOME! i might do this. most likely. we'll see. (favorited)
<p>I lost my job...IN&nbsp;APRIL!</p>
get a fog machine or just spray air freshener. then you got an actual tunnel. that wuld be badass.
How far can the "beam" go?
light goes on forever
Ehmmm your cat will get permament eye-sight damage. Are you aware of that?
Yes, i am.
Yeah, your cool "lets blind fluffy with laser"
Well said.
muahahahahahaha......*runs out of room with evil plans*
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-Finger-Stylus/">this</a> Combind w the glove makes me laugh evilly in my head<br/>
hahahahahahah nice
yea a steam punk laser glove is just 2 awesome for words
Awesome man! I'm <strong>so</strong> going to try this!<br/>btw, what you did to the stranger in the last video was just plain evil! And pretty d*mn hilarious, as well! : )<br/>+ and Fav.<br/>
Wow that looks fun, making a giant green circle around people and following them, scaring them =] +5<br/>
thanks dude it is realy nice i wana try it!!! nerd12
Could I use a 2.5in. long motor? Also about how much does this cost?
About how many mW would you suggest the laser have using for this?
how powerful is it?
<strong>Nice idea, and I know my cats love to &quot;play&quot; with my laser pointer, but isn't it a bit crazy to point lasers on an apartment building??</strong><br/>
I am planning on making one and i wanted to know how much did it cost to make?
it cost about $10 to make (not including the laser) good luck on your build! if you need help just ask.
WoW that pritty cool, always wanted one of those..
ooooohhhhh! it's a pulley system...the finger zip tie goes down, so does the lasers. the laser's zip pushes the button and.... ZZEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!
how far can your laser pointer go? point?
sssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooool O_o but can you make it red or blue?
the color depends on the laser your using, i just happen to have a green one.
OMG. SO COOL. Maybe I'll make one of those for my little brother next Halloween. Now, if you could only either make it more powerful (muahahahahahaaaaa...) or else make it less bulky :D

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