Picture of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Replica

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Hey Instructabots!

I'd like to present to you a guide for making a Majora's Mask Replica from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask! From start to finish, this project took about three months to complete, but if I needed to do it over again it could probably be done in less than a month. Much of the time between steps was spent waiting for materials to arrive in the mail. Also, I spent lots of time thinking about the best way to complete each step in the process so that the final product would look as authentic as possible.

My inspiration for a Majora's Mask replica came from a few sources, but the main thing that kept me going through the building process was looking at all of the attempts that people have made in the past to make an authentic Majora's Mask. There were really only a few that I found that were decently authentic and none of those individuals were willing to sell a cast...sad face. I think that the Majora's Mask is one of the most iconic symbols of evil and of the adventure that millions of gamers (including myself) took over a decade ago.

In order to create your own Majora's Mask, you're going to need a whole bunch of stuff!----
Smooth-On Rebound 25 Trial Kits (x2)
Smooth-On Rebound 40 Trial Kits (x1)
Smooth-On Smooth Cast 65D Resin (1 gallon)
2 Gallons of Plaster of Paris
A 4'x1'x1" piece of soft wood (I used pine)
Sculpey Terra Cotta (about 2 pounds)
Melamine (2" square should do)
3M Bondo Autobody filler
3M Glazing Putty
Several cans of the cheapest primer you can find (mine was $1.50/can at Walmart. You want it to come out thin and dry fast!)
Three feet of 1/4" Polyurethane tubing
Wooden dowels (3/8")
Hot Glue
Acrylic Lacquer (I used Dupli-color)
A 3" Clear Plastic Christmas Tree Ornament (Found mine at a Hobby Lobby)
Sandpaper, and lots of it--(40, 80, 100, 150, 180, 300 grit)

I tried to for each step list the tools that I used. Since this project took me a few months, I may have forgotten something, but I'm pretty sure it's all there. Let me know if there's any confusion.

Thanks for taking a look at my second Instructable! Hope you're able to use it effectively as a guide!

LuizM11 month ago

i want one of these but without the things blocks my eye so i can see something and use the mask too

twilightfox6 months ago

Hey can you see and breathe through it?

Is this hallow or wearable?

im a bit of a noob when it comes to this but i still wanna know, how did you curve the wood into the right shape in step 1?

gravityisweak11 months ago

The craftsmanship on this is jaw dropping. Attention to detail and meticulous work and patience turned out a perfect product. Incredibly impressive. This looks flawless on every level.

Just out of curiosity what does the back look like?

Qwkredfox1 year ago

WOW, spectacular detail. Amazing tutorial. I loved this game, and you hit the ball out of the park with this one, its perfect. Thank you!

dbooth21 year ago
Would I be able to buy one?
TA123451 year ago
This is so damn good, can you make me one, or at least tell me where you purchased the materials ? and did you use the pine for the real mask or the clay, I got confused because there were so many types
firos72 years ago
This has a high level of awesomeness
bill3frafra2 years ago
bty, how much does it cost?
bill3frafra2 years ago
if so, plz respond in the chat thx!
bill3frafra2 years ago
i have a favor to ask you, if i bought it, would you plz drill holes in the pupils of the mask?it would really make my day if you did.
benjiii2 years ago
Might i say this piece of work is very fascinating. I have been searching quite a while for this mask and might i say this is the best skull kid's mask  I personally have ever seen. I was reading though the comment list down below and happen to see that you have a site, sadly it is down! but no matter! is it possible to still purchase this fascinating mask? 

My email is: Bensu9393@yahoo.com

thank you so much for your time!!!!  :)
rkydney2 years ago
I'm fairly interested in buying a mask if there are any available. I'd appreciate it if you could email me some info. Ray.Kydney@gmail.com
enels2 years ago
I, too, am very interested in purchasing one of these replicas if there are any available (iamerinnnelson@gmail.com)
firedud152 years ago
i would like to buy one but dont know the price. plus link is down. i would love it if you could email me the info. Downandcold@yahoo.com
Dave89862 years ago
I would love to buy one. But I cant get the link to work. Please email me if you are still selling them. dp8986@hotmail.com. Cheers it would really make my day.
Dave89862 years ago
I would love to buy one. But I cant get the link to work. Please email me if you are still selling them. dp8986@hotmail.com. Cheers it would really make my day.
Link5852 years ago
are you still selling them?
josh13243 years ago
Oh noes! The etsy link is broken D;
Hi Riley! Thats the most Awesome replica of th mask I've ever Seen! I coulden't happen to see that you've made a mold of the mask...Did making etra copys of the mask and selling them ever come scross your mind? Bcause I'd totally be wlling to buy one from you! lol
A really beautiful result and a nicely documented project. I don't know the computer game, but I'd be quite happy to have something like that on my wall. Well done, and thank you for sharing it.
Riley Planalp (author)  Dream Dragon3 years ago
Thanks Dragon!
TekoMuto3 years ago
too bad you can't see out of it :/
Riley Planalp (author)  TekoMuto3 years ago
Majora's Mask does the seeing for you. It's an evil mask, remember? ;)
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is stunning! Fantastic work, you totally got my vote for the gaming contest! Good luck!
Riley Planalp (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
Thanks Poofrabbit!
3ddementor3 years ago
Very Nice!
I love the smoothness and the glossy appeal. This deserves a prize!!!
Riley Planalp (author)  3ddementor3 years ago
Awesome! The detail is just amazing :)
Soupraok3 years ago
5 stars! I would give more but instructables wont let me! This is Awesome! I want this so badly!