Introduction: The Nuts N Bolts Erecting Removable Shade Cloth

The Nuts n Bolts erecting Removable Shade Cloth


PhillipR6 (author)2016-07-05

video does not exist

eight (author)2010-12-06

It gets bl00dy hot here in Perth and this works really well.
Thanks heaps !

trampus (author)eight2011-06-19

Australia sells the best shadecloth in the world. We are in Phx. AZ and love this product. Can't remember it's name ...

eight (author)trampus2011-06-20

Is it coolaroo ?
If not, I'll check out what brands we have and get back to you.Az and West Australia share a hot dry climate. I guess that makes us cousins ! ;)

KnexFreek (author)2010-03-22

 SWWEeet!! i want one on my house :P

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