I always wanted to shoot things in virtual reality but I'm broke so I did what I could. This is my attempt at an Oculus Rift style experience with Google Cardboard. This is actually a really fun project and its extremely easy to replicate. The parts cost around $15 total and will take about 45 minutes if you are new to Arduino. It utilizes the smartphone that you already have, the only caveat being it must be compatible with google cardboard. The game was made in Unity 3D with the Vuforia augmented reality plugin. You do need a virtual reality headset which can be had for around $15 as well. This is the one I use: http://amzn.to/296KwbJ

The Android App and iPhone xCode project can be downloaded here as well as the Arduino code (there is also a list of parts with links to exactly everything I used): http://www.wirebeings.com/virtual-reality-gun.htm...

Stay tuned for some updates by subscribing to my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClm2DY6pj3ygKoKhE...

I will be posting the .stl files for 3D printing a more user friendly version of the gun soon, as well as making the tracker smaller and making a better game.

Consumer version coming soon!
Want to buy one? Sign up for the preorder list here: http://www.wirebeings.com/virtual-reality-gun.htm...

Step 1: Gather the Materials:

You will need:

-A Google Cardboard style virtual reality headset.

-2 pieces of cardboard. (8.5in by 11in and 6in by 12.25in)

-ESP8266 ESP-12E NodeMCU

-2 small buttons

-2 male to female jumper wires

-4 female to female jumper wires


-A printer

-Printer paper

-A 3.7v rechargable lithium ion battery


Links to all the parts are here: http://www.wirebeings.com/virtual-reality-gun.html

<p>Hi Mat,</p><p>I'am currently preparing for my graduation project and it will be something similar to that.</p><p>i have 2 years of unity experience but i didn't know how to make the arduino communicate with unity3D :(</p><p>So, please if you can can you share with me the unity project to take a look at the scripts and how you make arduino and the game comminucate ?</p><p>Thank's Very Nice project :)</p>
<p>Matthew, Wow! That's awesome!</p>

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