Picture of The Paper Puzzle
I first made this foldable and pocket sized paper puzzle to fight against boredom during philosophy classes in high school. I ended making up to 27 for my classmates and some of them became very addicted to it, included me... so this instructable is dedicated to very bored student/worker that looks for a cure for boredom  ;D
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
There are two versions depending on available materials:

Transparent tape

Paper Template 1


Paper Template 2

Step 2: Paper Templates

Picture of Paper Templates
plantilla 2.jpg
- The longest side of the paper has to be devided in 8 parts and the shortest in 4 parts.
- The final length of the toy will be the lenght of the side devided in 4 parts.
- If you want the toy to have cubes, then the longest side has to be twice as big as the shortest, otherwise you'll get rectangles.
- It can be made in any size. The bigger it will be, the thicker the paper should be.
- The only difference between both templates are the 8 flaps for the glue. In this instructable I'll make version 1.

Step 3: Folding

Picture of Folding
IMG_8328 copy.jpg
IMG_8333 copy.jpg
IMG_8335 copy.jpg
IMG_8336 copy.jpg
Instead of drawing the lines (that dirts the paper) I fold the paper in halfs till I get the number of divisions wanted.

Step 4: Cutting

- The red lines in these templates show where to cut the paper.
- To make it easier, fold the paper half and cut it as shown in Picture 3.
- To cut the middle part just pop up the paper and cut it. (Picture 6)
- The purple areas in template 2 show where you have to stick the flaps.

Step 5: Sticking

Picture of Sticking
IMG_8346 copy.jpg
IMG_8347 copy.jpg
IMG_8349 copy.jpg
IMG_8350 copy.jpg
IMG_8354 copy.jpg
All you have to do now is to stick the extremes of the paper in the middle as shown in the pictures.

Step 6: Lets Play!

Picture of Lets Play!

The video (sorry for the quality) shows how to play with the paper puzzle. Enjoy!
Connected Sparks made it!9 months ago

Beautiful surface motions. Loved making and playing with this puzzle!

ynze2 years ago
pretty! Reminds me of the hexaflegons vibe a few weeks ago: