Picture of The Peep-Hal: A Peephole sized HAL-9000
As I was walking through the hallways of my dorm yesterday, I realized how the light shining through the peephole looked almost exactly a white HAL 9000 light. So, I decided to make a small LED light that would fit inside the peephole, and make it look like one of HAL's "eyes".
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Step 1: Requirements

Since I live in a dorm, there were multiple constraints that I had to work within.

  • The design must not limit the functionality of the peephole. Thus, the device must be either transparent, or easily removable.
  • It must not modify the peephole in any way.
  • The design must be low powered, I don't want to have 50 watts of power pumping into my dorm room.
  • And of course, since I am a poor college student, it must be low-cost.

Step 2: Parts

Picture of Parts
This project is very simple, and only requires 6 parts.
  • Wall wart: I used a 3.3 volt wall wart to power the entire device.
  • Wire: Some small gauge wire, preferably stranded for flexibility and durability.
  • Resistor: A proper dropping resistor for the LED.
  • Red LED: The most important part of the device, it needs to match the color of HAL's light. I managed to find an LED that matched the color of HAL's eye very well.
  • Rubber Stopper: This holds the LED in place inside the peephole.
  • Heat Shrink: I always use small gauge heat shrink to insulate the bare wires. You could always use electrical tape instead.

Step 3: Prepare the Rubber Stopper

I used a rubber stopper cutter to cut a hole big enough to fit the cable in. It took several bores, with me ending up using a massive cutter because the stopper was ancient and hard as a rock.
DrRedu1 year ago
Very cool, but I don't think I'll try it, being my name is Dave.
pjensen (author)  DrRedu1 year ago
I'll admit it, I laughed at this comment. A lot. It's too early to be reading comments... Thanks for making my morning!
dougjensen1 year ago
Probably looks awesome at night too.
A HAL bezel would be a great addition, but there is probably a policy that prevents attaching *anything* to the exterior of the door...
Open the Pod Bay Dorm, HAL.
wingman3581 year ago
I'd do this but I don't have a peeophole on any of my doors...

Hal-9000: 0
Me human: 1

Good project still.