Picture of The Pogo Stick of Insanity
Well the title says it all. This is a quick Instructable of a project i do with my grade 8 metalwork class.  Each step of the Instructable will be one day in the class. I will start with a daily tools and materials list as well as a detailed description of what you'll need to do the project.

If you spend about 4 seconds searching youtube you'll find this..


This is good inspiration for the kids although it has one small typed vernacular at the top of the comments... welcome to youtube... they still haven't managed the good-natured kindness and sensibility of Instructables.

I started this project because a student suggested it. He showed me a few clips on the web which inspired me to try it. This project is SO basic that it is really quite deceptive in its trickiness so i'll go over a few stumbling blocks I encountered and the ways to get around them.

The best part of this project is that it encourages kids to THINK about how a project will fit together and work.  The end result is a project that is REALLY FUN. Students were lining up to try the prototype. Once the first student built one he was helping his friends in my class design and build others.

Learning Objectives:
-Students will learn to apply basic design to solve a problem
-Basic measurement of spring compression to discover spring rate will be learned and applied in the project
-Students will learn to Measure, Cut, Grind and Weld steel to create an interesting project.

Tools and Materials:
-I usually offer alternatives in my Instructables to some of the big and expensive tools but in this project you really will need a good welder. I use a MIG with the kids.
-Angle grinder with basic grinding disc
-Hack saw or good horizontal metal band-saw
-Files and finishing tools
-Drill press with assorted drills, centerpunches and clamps.

Materials depend on what you have on hand...
-A whole bunch of big springs (i have ideas for you to get them free or cheap...)
-Steel tubing that matches the springs.
-Steel tubing for bars and foot pegs.
-paint, brushes
-5/16 bolt about 3" long, nut and washer

Take a quick look over the instructable and try it!
I think it would be an excellent addition to any curriculum.
Insanity... want to make one now :-D
you should make one with a car suspension spring. boo yah!
Yeah Pogo Da Car Down Da Road !
Attmos3 years ago
Metal shop in 8th grade? I wish it was something offered when I was in school. Your students are very lucky to have you.
stumitch (author)  Attmos3 years ago
thanks! it really is a fun class to teach.
rimar20003 years ago
Congratulations! You deserve the prize.
devonfletch3 years ago
In the last para above (THE TUBES), you say '...that was what we cut the big spring to'. You mean '...the big tube to'? Or perhaps '...to which the big tube was cut.', which would avoid having the sentence end with a preposition.
Great 'structible! And that youtube clip is inspiring!
Bork, you're a Federal Agent. You represent the United States government. Never end a sentence with a preposition.

From B&B do America... my main authority for this foreign(to me) language.
Just joking, of course.

Nice instructable
stumitch (author)  devonfletch3 years ago
Thanks for the grammar check... heres what i changed it to...

all we did was measure knee to chest for the kid than use that measurement for the length of the long tube.

I'm not an english teacher for sure!
When don't pogo sticks deal with insanity?
stumitch (author)  Noodles For Free3 years ago
Excellent point.
Microbe3 years ago
I'd love to see a video
AndyGadget3 years ago

Man : Eternally inventive when it comes to new ways to injure himself.

Brilliant.  Love it!

(All I made in metalwork was a trowel and a bottle opener ;¬)
stumitch (author)  AndyGadget3 years ago
ya thats what i made, too.
yoyology3 years ago
Man, I wish I'd had the opportunity to take metal shop in 8th grade!

You, sir, are the quintessential "cool teacher". Awesome!
stumitch (author)  yoyology3 years ago
Thanks! very nice comment! i love my job for sure.
Totally seconded ;D i wish i had one too.
Try and make a pogo chair.
stumitch (author)  vroom...vroom...3 years ago
THAT would be REALLY cool! I have kids who are trying to come up with "pogo shoes"... should be interesting...
are they planning on making them?
stumitch (author)  vroom...vroom...3 years ago
ya never know :-) i'm a bit worried about potential hospital visits. If students come up with a solid plan i'm usually open to whatever they come up with...
Wow, if I weren't homeschooled I would defenetly take your class. By the way, what do you teach?
stumitch (author)  vroom...vroom...3 years ago
I am a shop teacher... After 10 years of electronics and automotive i moved to middle school where i have now been teaching woodwork and metalwork for the last 4 years. best job EVER.
caitlinsdad3 years ago
Cool! This is also an opportunity for the math/engineering geeks to figure out all of the forces of the springs and predict how high a person or persons could jump. Nothing like having volunteers to be test crash dummies.
stumitch (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago
Exactly my thought with the math behind it! what a great way to connect the areas.
The sticks in the video don't use springs though. http://www.vurtegopogo.com/

It is cool to see how simple it can be to make a sturdy built to last pogo though, thanks for a cool Instructable.
rimar20003 years ago
Without words.... WOW!