Picture of The Super Mario Brothers
these are my two little Mario Brothers all dressed up for Halloween and little Mario's first Birthday party!
stick them through a pipe and see what happens.
lsvara3 years ago
I did this for my little guy last year! I was able to find big yellow buttons online for really cheap (I think they were 1.50 for both) and a green puffy newsboy type cap through for about $7. Both added a lot of great detail. Oh, you can also get self-adhesive fuzzy mustaches through amazon.
Sant924 years ago

those kids are so cute!
zascecs4 years ago
Sunny1246135 years ago
 keep them faaar away from large green wells

great 3/5
=SMART=6 years ago
keep them away from the goompas !! *squish* ooooooooo too late...
your little brother is Mario the tall one is Luigi
 funny :P great costume by the way
santy225 years ago
ah man this is awesome. the only thing that i worry about is the kids jumping on pet turtles and eating amanita muscaria (mushroom that greatly resembles mario's) but else its fine. 3.5/5 because there aren't enough cute pics!
weezer19765 years ago
I love it. My 8 yr old wants to be Lugi. Sweet Cheese. Thanks for the idea.