The Ultimate Paper Airplane


Introduction: The Ultimate Paper Airplane

About: I love building things and taking pictures. If you want me to build something...I'm open to ideas. My motto? "If you want something to be done in this world, you must do it yourself.

I love paper airplanes. And so, I have decided to show my love with this paper airplane tutorial.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

You will need:
1 sheet of blank white paper
1 field to test your plane on
1 dry, low humidity and medium temperature day (Somewhere around 80 degrees)

Step 2: Fold

Fold the plane...if the video is too fast then refer to the pictures for further reference.

Step 3: Fly

You will need to go to your field for this step. Take the plane and throw it upwards but not at 90 degrees or 80 degrees.




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Quite complex, but very good. The wing design makes it a glider and I like gliders, so thanks.


It's cool,I really like how far it flys!

I made zillions of the same model when I was a child !…
Used to fly them from our 4rth floor flat down to our neighbors' garden.

Thank you for reminding me fond memories !…

You're welcome!
Here are the results of me flying mine:

1st try: Flew straight, and FAR! (About 50 feet!)

2nd try: Curved to the side, and then back around.

3rd try: Zoomed through the air, up and high. (About 55-60 feet!)

Overall, this airplane is totally AWESOME!

Try beating the world record for time: 27.9 seconds.I have at most gone 12.

This plane was totally cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you so much make more picturees

I tried my best to make this plane
But my parents beat me
The plane was not a succes


I used to fold this paper airplane all the time when I was a kid; but have forgotten how to do it!

Now I can fold one for my son.

Thank you so much for the tutorial!!

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You're welcome. What did you call it as a kid?

Either way...glad you liked it.

Check out my Flying Ace.


I didn't know a name for it neither but I remember spending many hours flying this! :-)