I love paper airplanes. And so, I have decided to show my love with this paper airplane tutorial.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

You will need:
1 sheet of blank white paper
1 field to test your plane on
1 dry, low humidity and medium temperature day (Somewhere around 80 degrees)

Step 2: Fold

Fold the plane...if the video is too fast then refer to the pictures for further reference.

Step 3: Fly

You will need to go to your field for this step. Take the plane and throw it upwards but not at 90 degrees or 80 degrees.

<p>sorry I made it upside down</p>
<p>a bit hard it looks ugly </p>
<p>Crazy stuff but not that bad</p>
<p>It's cool,I really like how far it flys!</p>
I made zillions of the same model when I was a child !&hellip; <br>Used to fly them from our 4rth floor flat down to our neighbors' garden. <br> <br>Thank you for reminding me fond memories !&hellip;
great plane flew for meters at a time will make again <br> <br> <br>cheers <br>
This airplane is awesome!
Thank you.
You're welcome!<br>Here are the results of me flying mine:<br><br>1st try: Flew straight, and FAR! (About 50 feet!)<br><br>2nd try: Curved to the side, and then back around. <br><br>3rd try: Zoomed through the air, up and high. (About 55-60 feet!)<br><br>Overall, this airplane is totally AWESOME!
Try beating the world record for time: 27.9 seconds.I have at most gone 12.
This plane was totally cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>I love you so much make more picturees
I tried my best to make this plane <br>But my parents beat me <br>The plane was not a succes
I used to fold this paper airplane all the time when I was a kid; but have forgotten how to do it!<br><br>Now I can fold one for my son.<br><br>Thank you so much for the tutorial!!<br><br>
&gt;sigh&lt;<br><br>&gt;smile&lt;<br><br>You're welcome. What did you call it as a kid?
Either way...glad you liked it.<br><br>Check out my Flying Ace.<br><br>
I didn't know a name for it neither but I remember spending many hours flying this! :-)

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