There's Something Fishy in My Pocket!





Introduction: There's Something Fishy in My Pocket!

Let's face it, haven't you always wanted a fish in your pocket. I'm not talking smelly, slimy real fish, but nice well-behaved knitted fish with which you can charm and delight your friends. Get the knitting needles and yarn ready, for here we go! I am using leftover yarn from other finished projects using Vanna's Choice yarn by Lion Brand.

Step 1: Yarn and Needles

Choose nice brightly coloured yarn and a pair of 3mm (or larger) knitting needles. I like 3 mm needles, as they give a nice tight finish. I am using bright red to start.

Step 2: The Tail End.

Start at the tail end and cast on twelve stitches and knit one row plain and one row purl. If you want a wider, longer tail, start with a few more stitches (multiple of two) If you want a very wide tail, but not a longer one. Cast on 24 stitches and decrease one stitch at each end of every row.

Knitting tip, When not increasing or decreasing, I always slip the first stitch at the beginning of the row, instead of knitting as this makes a much neater row end.

Step 3: Decrease

Knitting in stockinette stitch, (one row plain, one row purl - the plain row is the right side)

decrease one stitch at each end of the plain rows only, until 6 stitches remain on your needle. (Decrease by knitting two stitches together) Knit three rows in stockinette stitch without decreasing.

Step 4: On the Increase

I have changed colour from red to yellow, but you can continue in red, or any other colour you like.

Increase one stitch at each end of every other row (the plain knitting rows only) until you have 24 stitches on your needle. Purl one row.

(Increase by knitting twice into the first and last stitches).

You can vary your colours and knit stripes if you wish.

Step 5: Decrease for the Head

Continue in stockinette stitch and decrease one stitch at each end of every plain row until two stitches remain. Knit these two stitches together and bind off.

Step 6: Same Again

Now you have one side of your pocket fish. Knit a second piece exactly the same as the first.

Step 7: Sew It Up!

With right sides together (plain knitted side) and starting at the nose, sew the two pieces of your fish together neatly. Leave the tail end open. Turn right side out and stuff lightly with something like fibre-fill. If you want a fat fish, stuff well! When the fish is stuffed to your liking, you can neatly sew up the tail part. If you have difficulty turning the fish right side out, very gently poke the nose through with the blunt end of the knitting needle.

Step 8: Behold the Fish!

Now you have achieved fish you can decorate him in many different ways. You will need to give him an eye (one on each side) and perhaps a smiley mouth. I did a chain stitch in red across both sides to define the head section.

To create a fin effect - with a darning needle , stitch straight across the top and bottom of your fish very neatly and there your are - instant fins! Stitch through both sides.

If he is a plain little guy, it would be fun to embroider some little flowers on his sides to make him (or her) a bit more cheerful and friendly. If you choose to make him stripey, he may be cheerful enough already. in either case, he/she is all ready to pop into your pocket and your friends' pockets! If you have a cat, I am sure he or she would love a little fish like this to play with!

Step 9: Here He Is Peeking From a Pocket!

Carry your fish in your pocket wherever you go! Certainly brightens up a dull pocket!

Step 10: Variations on a Fishy Theme!

There are many easy variations you can knit to achieve slightly different fish.

For the blue angel fish in the photo, start with 16 stitches on your needle and decrease as per the instructions to six stitches, knit two rows stockinette stitch and then cast on six stitches at the beginning of the next two rows. Then you can decrease down to two stitches as before. I added a simple fringe to his tail and added a couple of stripes as I knitted..

If stockinette stitch bores you, try knitting the tail in knit one purl one rib and then moss stitch, garter stitch, seed stitch - for the body. The variations are endless. Create your own aquarium - let the real fish swim free...........

Happy fishing!



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    I knit mine all in one piece. I just reverse the knitting order. When I get to the part where I've got 12 sts again at the tail, then I bind off the 12 sts and leave a long tail. I sew it around, leaving the tail open. turn it out, stuff, sew tail closed and embellish. Leigh MacD P.S. I'll post pics when I get it all sewn up.

    Hi! 5 years ago... oh well, it's five minutes old to me, so I'm going to try asking :P

    Could you explain exactly how you reversed the
    knitting order? Specifically, how you start off after the end of these instructions?

    My guess is you go as far as the cast
    off part, but instead of casting off, you cast one on? And then purl,
    and then continue with your stockinette stitch up to the 24?

    Thanks! :)

    Okay! Here's a pic of the blue fish knit in one piece and one of it finished; and a pic of the red fish I started. The tail is ribbed and the body is seed stitch (R1: k1p1, R2:p1k1) Leigh MacD


    :) They are all so pretty! ...what about knitting them in the round??

    Cute! Just the kind of nice easy thing I'm looking for since I'm just starting out :D

    I'm going to leave a reply below, but since this is five years old, asking two people betters my chances - could you explain how to reverse the knitting order, like tldudenhoeffer says? Specifically, how you continue after the end of yours?

    My guess is you go as far as the cast off part, but instead of casting off, you cast one on? And then purl, and then continue with your stockinette stitch up to the 24?

    Thanks! I'll post a picture when I'm done, if I decide it's good enough. It's only my second project :P

    Oh my gosh HOW CUTE!! I don't know how to knit, but this makes me think I should add it to my list of skills! I'd LOVE to make some catnip fish!!

    Just what I was looking for! Thank you, you have saved me the hassle of working out the pattern myself