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Let's face it, haven't you always wanted a fish in your pocket. I'm not talking smelly, slimy real fish, but nice well-behaved knitted fish with which you can charm and delight your friends. Get the knitting needles and yarn ready, for here we go! I am using leftover yarn from other finished projects using Vanna's Choice yarn by Lion Brand.

Step 1: Yarn and needles

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Choose nice brightly coloured yarn and a pair of 3mm (or larger) knitting needles. I like 3 mm needles, as they give a nice tight finish. I am using bright red to start.
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I knit mine all in one piece. I just reverse the knitting order. When I get to the part where I've got 12 sts again at the tail, then I bind off the 12 sts and leave a long tail. I sew it around, leaving the tail open. turn it out, stuff, sew tail closed and embellish. Leigh MacD P.S. I'll post pics when I get it all sewn up.

Hi! 5 years ago... oh well, it's five minutes old to me, so I'm going to try asking :P

Could you explain exactly how you reversed the
knitting order? Specifically, how you start off after the end of these instructions?

My guess is you go as far as the cast
off part, but instead of casting off, you cast one on? And then purl,
and then continue with your stockinette stitch up to the 24?

Thanks! :)

stinkymum (author)  tldudenhoeffer6 years ago
sounds good to me.
Okay! Here's a pic of the blue fish knit in one piece and one of it finished; and a pic of the red fish I started. The tail is ribbed and the body is seed stitch (R1: k1p1, R2:p1k1) Leigh MacD
stinkymum (author)  tldudenhoeffer6 years ago
I love them

:) They are all so pretty! ...what about knitting them in the round??

Laujomi11 months ago

Cute! Just the kind of nice easy thing I'm looking for since I'm just starting out :D

I'm going to leave a reply below, but since this is five years old, asking two people betters my chances - could you explain how to reverse the knitting order, like tldudenhoeffer says? Specifically, how you continue after the end of yours?

My guess is you go as far as the cast off part, but instead of casting off, you cast one on? And then purl, and then continue with your stockinette stitch up to the 24?

Thanks! I'll post a picture when I'm done, if I decide it's good enough. It's only my second project :P

Oh my gosh HOW CUTE!! I don't know how to knit, but this makes me think I should add it to my list of skills! I'd LOVE to make some catnip fish!!
rphillips152 years ago
Just what I was looking for! Thank you, you have saved me the hassle of working out the pattern myself
delligirl2 years ago
A wonderful project! Absolutely charming! Thanks for being so generous with your patterns and ideas!
Nice project...I love how they turned out. I will have to make some..The catnip fish is a great idea. Thanks for all great comments too.
dneill6 years ago
Does anyone know why when I try to print any ideas from this site half will be in english and the other half is nothing but letters and symbols. Am I doing something wrong.. It happens all the time no matter what I try to print
are you downloading the pdf and printing that, or just trying to print the page?
stinkymum (author)  dneill6 years ago
don't know the answer, might be a good idea to contact one of the administrators of the site
Ever so cute...  I might knit one side....  Attach it to one of my knitted hats and make fish hats!!!  Love it!  Thank you so much!  My gram says she's going to make a bunch of these for the kids at church!
Oooh! So much fun!! ^_^ I'm gonna have a blast making these, thank you! I'm a cat lady/ knitter, and plan on making some stuffed with catnip for my two little boys.
Kathy1866 years ago
These are adorable!! I can see them hanging from a mobile in a baby's room. Very cute! Too bad I can't knit.
hohum Kathy1865 years ago
Hi Kathy, You can knit, go to Michael's or JoAnn's, get a knitting for kids book, there some yarn in there, big needles, just follow what the book says, you will do just fine in a short while jack g
stinkymum (author)  Kathy1866 years ago
it's never too late to learn to knit, there are some great "how to" books around, and even "how to" CD's. These fish would make a great first project. I agree they would look good as a mobile for a baby. My niece is expecting her first this year, so I think I may turn them into one for her.
You've really inspired me to make some! I teach the ecosystems unit in 4th grade. It will be a great tie-in to the unit. Perhaps I can make one for each child to welcome them back to school!? Hmm... :-D Thanks for the instructions. You do a beautiful job!
Gadisha6 years ago
Here's my creation: It's not as neatly done as your fish, but it's only my second knitting project... and the first one I ever finished! ;) Nevertheless I am still very happy with the result, and so is my daughter. Thanx a lot for sharing this pattern!
stinkymum (author)  Gadisha6 years ago
I think it is lovely and I love the colours. if this is only your second project, you did an amazing job - well done!
EgyptLyn6 years ago
Cute! How about a mobile of "One Fish,Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" LOL. Dr. Suess is such a big thing and who doesn't like the classics! You could also make car air fresheners for fishermen!! Got my vote.
i wish i knew how to knit lol (voted)
great scott6 years ago
i meant to say freshner
great scott6 years ago
u should put some frshner or sumthin in these and hang em in your car :D
garling376 years ago
can you switch it to crochet
There's a crochet fish pattern at MyGurumi -- not the same, but pretty cute, and another here in Japanese (but charted).
stinkymum (author)  redheadeb6 years ago
Thanks for finding these. Sorry I can't crochet for the life of me!
Same here(; I'm a novice knitter, and my fish thoroughly failed. It looked kinda special-ed, so i named it Bob.
I was also going to see if I could recycle some old sweaters to make small animals too I like the fuzzy of knit but I can't knit but thanks
oh my gosh it is so cute thanks for finding it
stinkymum (author)  garling376 years ago
I'm no good at crochet, but I am sure it can be done.....
These are awesome!!! You should be selling these on one of the handmade venues... (I can so see them stuffed with catnip & marketed as a cat toy!) I like it! Janice
Lindie6 years ago
Very cute!
Your pictures are very aesthetically pleasing. I can't knit but I certainly can crochet! I imagine it'll be much the same process...
stinkymum (author)  bad ass pope6 years ago
here's a link to a crochet fish that another user found

Wow, they're really nice, thanks for that :-)
I could definitely see these filled with fragrant herbs, too- nice for the pocket, yes? Lavender, mint, catnip, rose petals, even... :)
stinkymum (author)  doctressjulia6 years ago
Good idea!
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