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My little girl loves Thomas the Train and all his friends so I decided to make her the Engineer for Thomas on Halloween.

Step 1: Step One

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Start with a box appropriate to the size of your child. Cut out bottom and top where child will be so that box slips over child. I started to sketch out embellishments with a sharpie to plan out my Thomas. Bend and mold the shape of Thomas and use packing tape on the inside of box. Use hot glue on the outside of box when needed to seal seams.

Step 2: Step Two

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Next I decided to add the back hump(Engineer room) area of Thomas by using additional boxes that I purchased from my local hardware store. I taped and hot glued them to the box.

Step 3: Step Three

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I purchased a sheet of foam board at my local craft store to create a lip around the bottom of Thomas. I cut and hot glued them together to create that lip which will be used to attach the buffers and the wheels later.

Step 4: Step Four

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Next, my husband got me an 8" construction tube from my local hardware store. He cut it to shape the front of Thomas and I attached it using hot glue. He also cut out a whole in the top of the tube using a whole saw, I think it's called, to attach the smoke stack. I made it this way so that the candy will go down the stack and collect in the front compartment of Thomas. If you look closely you will see that I used my daughter's toy cylindrical block for the smoke stack. Maybe she won't notice. I also cut up a paper towel tube to create the buffers in the front which I will attach two circles I cut out using the foam board. You will see these later.

Step 5: Step Five

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I wanted to make sure the fit was right. Looks good.

Step 6: Step Six

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Primer Thomas to ensure the wording from the boxes doesn't show through.

Step 7: Step Seven

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Paint Thomas using spray paint. I taped off the stripes for the curved area of Thomas.

Step 8: Finish

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I found a picture of Thomas' face on the internet and printed on photo paper then attached with spray adhesive I got from the craft store. For the rest of the embellishments I used a drawing program on my computer to create them and then printed on photo paper, cut out and glued on. You can use construction paper for the embellishments but I wanted them to be shiny.

For the wheels I used Folgers lids. I painted them and attached nuts and bolts for a cool look then hot glued them to the inside of the lip I created earlier.

I cut up some suspenders and attached them using the nuts and bolts for a cool look as well. These are used to hold Thomas on you little one's shoulders. Now you are ready to go Trick or Treating!


KatelandV (author)2016-04-14

looks very

bb_squared made it! (author)2015-11-01

I would say this took me between 15-20 hours including trying paint with hair dryer.

How I made it....

I used the following:

a stroller box (body)

diaper box (back piece)

concrete form (center)

Quaker Oats container (stack)

toilet paper rolls (bumpers)

misc pieces of cardboard (for weight & for the bumpers)

plant trays (wheels)

backpack strap (from amazon)

bolts with washers (for the wheels)

screws with washers (for backpack straps)

hooks from backpack straps (for candy bag)

bluetooth speaker

a push light

face was image from google printed on sticker paper at FedEx/Kinko's



painters tape

Oh and someone I work with made the window, circles, and the number 1's. For the rest of the paint I used a stencil I made from thin cardboard, and tape. The paint was not the cleanest, but I was happy with the end results.

I drilled all the way through the center so the stack went all the way through, put a tray (thin cardboard shaped in a half circle) angled down, and had hooks on either side for a candy bag. This way people could drop candy in the stack. I hung the bluetooth speaker from the backpack strap with a carbine hook. I played Thomas's whistle over bluetooth on demand. I hooked the backpack straps to one center point on both ends to make the straps narrow. I used big pieces of double sided tape to attach the back window to the body. I did this so I could anchor the backpack strap, and felt that hot glue would not be enough. I used velcro to attach the wheels to the body (for easy removal during transportation as these are fragile). Everything else was hot glued.

This was by far one of the best costumes in the neighborhood. We had compliments from kids and parents passing by and from home owners. My son was super happy to have this costume.

Sheri.lax, thank you for the idea!

Cburghardt made it! (author)2015-10-17

Took me a week during the kids nap time but I finally made it! Not quite exactly yours but your instructions were very helpful, thank you!

Cburghardt (author)2015-10-08

Might i ask what was the name of the blue spray paint you used? It looks very true to the character

JamieR22 (author)2015-09-14

any chance you'd be willing to sell yours or create another one for sale? Thanks!

artworker made it! (author)2014-10-10

Made Thomas for my 3 year old. Not very detailed but decided to let you know that as soon as he saw this he recalled this project and said "Baby Thomas". Your Thomas is the daddy Thomas!

sheri.lax (author)artworker2014-10-13

That's awesome! I love your Thomas. It is so much fun creating for our little one's!!

MarkC5 (author)2014-10-07

This Thomas costume it SUPER cute!!! I was going to attempt it for my little man. Just wondering what the dimensions of the toilet paper box were and also what size folger lids you used (the extra large can or regular size)? Thanks so much for posting! You have my vote for sure!

Thanks, Jamie

sheri.lax (author)MarkC52014-10-08

Hi Jamie and thanks so much! The box is 11x23. I buy t.p. from Sam's club and it's some off brand. The Folger's lids are the large one's, they are about 6 inches in diameter. My daughter is two and really this is a bit large for her but I used resources that I had on hand and we will make it work even if her father and I have to carry her hand in hand ;). I suppose I should post a pic of her in it completed soon.

poofrabbit (author)2014-10-04

This is BEYOND adorable! nicelly done!

sheri.lax (author)poofrabbit2014-10-04

Thank you!!!

scannon8 (author)2014-10-03

Your welcome, I voted for you in all three categories.

scannon8 (author)2014-10-02

I love it!!!! So creative!!!

sheri.lax (author)scannon82014-10-03

Thanks so much!!

egladwell (author)2014-10-02

This is amazing, my nephew is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, I think I have to give this a try, I would be happy if it came out half as good.

seamster (author)2014-10-01

Excellent work!

This turned out very well. You'd never know it was just made out of random bits of cardboard!

sheri.lax (author)seamster2014-10-01

Thanks for that!! I worked very hard and was amazed at how well it came out.

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