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In my class, Advanced Mechanical Drawing, all of us were challenged to come up with a design for a pocket buddy, who would be made of 3 layers of wood. My friends and I all chose one of the avengers, and we are all laser cutting our designs out. In the finished product we will have Thor, Spider man, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Wolverine. After i had made the design and printed it out, i then glued each piece together. Next i sanded the pocket buddy and sprayed it with finish. The photos attached are the final design.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-02-11

He looks great! Did you draw the design?

bracyst (author)Penolopy Bulnick2016-02-25

I just looked up Thor from the movie, and tried my best to recreate his armor. Thanks!

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