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Brace yourself. April 6th is coming! (Season 4 Premier) Want to throw a Game of Thrones watch party or even a name day (birthday) party? This instructable can hopefully give you some ideas. 

My friends and I love love love Game of Thrones. This was a thirtieth birthday party for one of our friends.

Instructable complete with:
& Food

Games of Thrones © HBO

Step 1: Planning

Picture of Planning
The first step was to choose the date of the party and assign tasks to everyone. 

This party had:

a Dolthraki tent 

Candy jars with etched house symbols

Moroccan lanterns 

Winterfell cake

Winter forest cupcakes

Heart tree


Tart-Geryen Berry tart

Dragon eggs

House banners

Main courses: Beef stew with trenchers (bread bowls)   and rotisserie chicken. 

and more.....


"Please no reenactments" I can think of 10 reasons why this statement must not be understated. :)

Also I am very jealous of the Winterfell cake!

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Haha. Thank You


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Thank you!