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About: Retired, doing art work now. Great. Have the time and the money to spend doing what I want to do.

I've been doing these types of things for some time. I use styrofoam as tile, but can incorporate real ceramic pieces if the piece calls for it.  Real grout is used, and the base can be cardboard, pressboard, plywood, or any material that can be cut to the size wanted. 



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    SO EXCITED to show you this, Creativeman!  Here's my first project (a door porthole) using styrofoam mosaic "tiles"! 

    I bought an inexpensive wire foam cutter on ebay (but will be buying a much better one very soon!).  For the tiles, I recycled styrofoam to-go containers and glued them onto an old wooden frame that was also salvaged.  lol... intricately painting the styrofoam tiles made me feel like a real artist!  It turned out gorgeous!  (if I do say so myself!;-)

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, CM.  This was SO MUCH FUN!!!  I will definitely be creating more styrofoam mosaic pieces in the future! 

    Cyber (((hug))) for you!


    Mosaic Porthole.jpg
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    I think your project is gorgeous as well. I am flattered that you used my lead for your inspiration! Now if I were you, I would do a mosaic of that beautiful horse of yours, much like the one I did of the zebra out of real tile...I like black and white as in zebra, killer whales, skunks, penguins, etc... I would do it but the time thing, yanno? Stay in touch!

    I so love your work, CM. All of your Ibles are so well-done and beginner-friendly.

    I may just have to print the picture of Oreo and turn him into a mosaic. Your zebra is one of my favs!!!

    lol... I was so excited to post a pic for you that I forgot the paint over the screws. Running outside with my paintbrush now! ;-)

    Hey Creativeman... Can you tell me your source for the styrofoam and the thickness you use? I love this entire concept!

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    Thanks for your interest, bajablue. I don't know what I was thinking when I made this ible, as it doesn't have much instruction to it, does it? I use styrofoam from many sources, such as: packing materials, insulation pieces, food trays, etc. A hotwire machine is necessary to cut these materials and you can find many of those on this site, and I did post one "Making The Mighty Goliath." I cut the "tile pieces" to the same thickness of real tile, and sizes can be made to mimic real tile as well. Hope this helps, and it is fun to do. Good luck.

    Thanks for replying so quickly CM. Can you recommend a hobbyist foam cutter? I'm afraid the mighty goliath is out of my league.

    A good source would be Hotwire Foam Factory....HWFF.com I believe. That sure is a good looking horse! Yours?

    TYVM for the link!

    Yes, the horse pictured was one of our herd sires, APHA Dixons Oreosupreme. Sold him to a friend when we retired from the breeding business a few years back.

    Here's an older picture of him (and me) when he was a long yearling.

    Mary and Oreo 001.jpg

    how fun can this be and something most people could make nice job!!!

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